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Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Stop Eating Chickens

Written by Alisa Mullins | October 31, 2013
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  • Patti says:

    Hi,Do you have any contact name or address we can write to? to protest this further horror chicken and turkeys might have to face? Thanks Patti

    • Go on Google and search for Australian officials to write as well as our US ambassador! Approach PETA, IFAW, Humane Society Int’l., SPCA Int’l., etc. to get them involved! These organizations have lots of clout and will bring the Australian cruelty to the forefront! Mulesing, cutting the skin of sheep without anesthesia, is an Australian horror story! Some organizations have brought out this terrible truth worldwide! The methods used to ship these poor animals to Asia is unforgiveable! Crammed together with no food or water, many die aboard ships! We all must write continuously and never give up! Change for the better is happening, but without the public and these fine animal welfare groups working for animals, the barbarism would continue! Good luck!

  • Egor says:

    Ive recently worked on a chicken breeding farm in South Australia, employed by a company that has an annual turn over of over a billion dollars,[they own over 90% of the chicken market in this country]. Ive seen similar crueltly here,…even their common rules for the birds are essentially cruel…and the company is very scared of the Australian public knowing anything of the industry….

    • When you witness cruelty, you must report it! Animal welfare groups will step in to publicize the cruelty and will do what it takes to end the abuse! You can spread the word through newspapers, the internet, etc. We must all take responsibility for coming to the aid of our animal friends whenever we see it!