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Steve-O Snags Top PETA Honor

Written by PETA | July 18, 2011

In addition to being an author, comedian, and stuntman, Steve-O is also an advocate for animals—and, like everything else in his life, he doesn’t do it halfway. Steve-O’s strong voice against cruelty has earned him one of PETA’s highest honors, the Nanci Alexander Award. Nanci, a longtime PETA supporter and founder of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, presented the award to Steve-O on Saturday at a ceremony at her acclaimed vegan restaurant, Sublime.  

Photos © Andrew Goldstein

“Steve-O may be a comedian, but to animals in trouble, he’s a real champ,” said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk, who was also in attendance.

The stuntman’s comedy chops served him well in some riotous ads that he’s starred in for PETA, but Steve-O is seriously opposed to the abuse of animals for clothing, food, entertainment, and experimentation.

Being a vegan, caring about animals … all this compassion in my lifestyle is the reward in and of itself …


Congratulations, Steve-O, for giving cruelty the heave-ho.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Manel Dias says:

    Thank you Steve-O for braving this much to send the message to the world about the Sea Worlds suffering sea creatures. If the sea world innocent, helpless animals knew that what you did that way, to help them, on behalf of them, I am sure all those sea beauties would have jumped out of the waters to come & give you a big hug. So on behalf of them I must say, Thank you & I love you for the compassion you showed upon the sea animals who suffer silently behind the close doors.

  • Steve says:

    Steve-O is everything a “straight” man should be in the world. He’s tattooed, he’s funny and is a huge animal rights activist. HE is the “sexiest man alive” by far !

    He needs to do a Comic Con so I can praise him in person !

  • MissMaddiePi says:

    I too think it’s wonderful that Steve-O has earned this award. He sounds (okay, and LOOKS ;-)) fantastic; and he is making the most out of being given a second chance. Actually, he gave himself a second chance – by getting help, and getting sober, and by making positive choices – like his determined veganism – that show he’s a truly compassionate guy. In regards to all the comments about JACKASS stuff that used (and possibly abused) animals: According to Steve-O himself, it was reflecting on those experiences, and even more so, those from WILDBOYZ, that generated his compassion for animals and their well-being, and provided the catalyst that prompted his stauch veganism and animal rights activism. Like any other human, the guy reflected on his life’s choices, realized he’d made some lousy decisions, and – as too few humans care enough to do, decided to change his ways, putting effort and emotion into helping stop animal cruelty and abuse. One could almost say he’s atoning for his self-professed sins. The rest of the human species could take a cue from him; too many of us don’t have the wherewithal to not only admit we were wrong, but to then make a concerted effort to make things right in the future. Rest assured, you won’t see him doing stunts that jeopardize animals after he sobered up and began to live a vegan lifestyle. Way to go, man! Keep up the good work – believe it or not, you’re a walking inspiration, a human reminder that it’s never too late to change the tune of one’s life – and improve the world wbile you’re at it. Lots of love!

  • Andreanrc says:

    I love steve-o!we saw The new jackass when it came out and he is just amazing-i admire his strong conviction and dedication to a worthy cause.his ads are hilarious,and when he gets hit in a rather unpleasant place by a ram-he really takes one for the

  • Hunter Erwine says:

    I’m with Christine! Woohoo go Steve-o!

  • Clara says:

    i love that steve-o is passionate like this, he’s a funny guy, and he’s gone through a lot of torture himself for jackass, so he kinda knows how horrible it is, cause the animals aren’t even getting paid. 😉 but in all seriousness, i do have to ask… if, and i quote if “Steve-O is seriously opposed to the abuse of animals for clothing, food, entertainment, and experimentation” how come in jackass they use bulls, aiding in acts where they may get hurt, for the entertainment of humans, and also, in one episode, they put Bam in a hole and ‘throw’ live snakes on him, as he struggled to escape, he would have stepped on at least one or two. not that funny to me, and probably not to ‘any’ of the animals that have ever been used in that show. love you, but i’d like to know.

  • paulson says:

    steve is a hero to us all!!!

  • laurin says:

    i love him! and he looks so good these days

  • Jay says:

    “is the reward in and of itself.” Ain’t that the truth. Nice going Steve-O.

  • jenn.pierce says:

    I love seeing influential people like him standing up for a good cause. Makes my day. One day, we’ll change everything.

  • ..... says:

    Didn’t he swallow then vomit a goldfish on jackass?

  • BRGB says:

    Im so glad he won this award, but I do remind you that he and the Jackass Crew have messed around with animals…

  • Christine says:

    Way to go, Steve! You are an excellent role model for all humans. Thank you for not being a “Jackass” when it comes to all animals! Vegans rule!

  • Elaine says:

    Thanks for caring about the animals Steve! Consider me a fan!

  • gemma duggan says:

    brilliant stevo keep up the good work………….how about trying to close the horrific horse market and slaughter houses in mexico xxxx

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