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Steve-O Gives Charity Heat Over Meat

Written by PETA | June 1, 2011

Steve-O gave the organizers of an event benefitting the American Diabetes Association a piece of his vegan mind last weekend when he found out that the menu included dead animals. The former Jackass star was slated to compete in a celebrity go-kart tournament, but instead staged his own race out the front door in protest.

I came here because I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet as diabetes prevention and they’re serving meat there … so I’m outta here … It’s like serving alcohol at an AA meeting.

According to the American Dietetic Association, Steve-O is right—there is strong evidence that a vegetarian diet can help prevent and treat diabetes. A study co-authored by Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine found that many type 2 diabetics were able to drastically reduce and even eliminate their medications after they switched to a low-fat vegan diet.

If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, we’d be happy to send you a vegetarian/vegan starter kit to get you or your friend well on the way to wellness.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • kathy says:

    It’s great seeing him take a stand.

  • 4mula1 says:

    vegqueen. im with ya on that 1.. u go girl, CRANK EM UP.

  • vegqueen says:

    Awesome Steve-O!Not only is the vegan diet the healthiest, but above all else it does not contribute to slavery and murder.

  • Brinkley Frazer-Davies says:

    woooooo good work steve o!

  • Summer says:

    Well said Steve.

  • Jay says:

    Great going Steve-O! (the tattoo on his back is so funny) I’ll never understand why diabetics opt for insulin, blindness and amputations over veganism. Do physicians not inform their patients about this, or do the patients choose to ignore it?

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    While there’s no doubt that a healthy, low-fat vegan diet would definitely help the majority of people battling type 2 diabetes, drawing a parallel between meat/diabetes and alcohol at an AA meeting is pretty inaccurate. Steve-O’s right that most forms of veganism are helpful to these people, but neither Dr. Barnard’s work, nor the American Dietetic Association’s stance suggests that consuming a sensible amount of unadulterated meat is bad (the ADA specifically states that meat is part of a healthy diet for a diabetic). There are plenty of studies showing that many other types of healthy, low-fat diets have the same effect. The real problem is that most people cram themselves full of sugary, fatty, uber-salty, chemical-laden pre-prepared food, and lack the knowledge to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods. The ADA appreciates the fact that they need to present as many valid dietary options as possible, because pre-diabetic individuals will be best served if they can identify a strategy that will be workable for them. Not everyone can adhere strictly to a vegan diet, and sending a message that the only salvation from their condition is through a vegan diet may cause some to miss out on options (that they can handle) that would help them. Furthermore, even a vegan diet needs to be a “healthy” vegan diet to be of any benefit. There are no shortage of unhealthy vegan foods that could land a careless eater in the same boat.

  • MA Moore says:

    Way to go Steve-O! Thank MOO!

  • aclineo says:

    it’s nice to see someone like steve-o put his foot down and show that he really takes this seriously