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Stars Agree With Bob Barker: SeaWorld, See Misery

Written by PETA | February 26, 2010
ivillage / CC
Bob Barker

After the death of yet another orca trainer by frustrated, tormented Tillikum, retired Price Is Right host and outspoken animal defender Bob Barker issued a plea to SeaWorld to move Tillikum and its other imprisoned sea animals to sanctuaries.

Well, the list of celebrities speaking out against the use and abuse of orcas is starting to read like a Hollywood “Who’s Who” and includes the following stars:

  • PETA’s BFF, Pamela Anderson, linked her Twitter and Facebook fans to Bob’s plea.
  • America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon’s first tweet said “Killer whale kills again at Sea World! People need to stop messing with animals with the word ‘KILLER.'” His second? “Has anyone ever seen a Black Whale trainer? #wedontdothatsh!t.”
  • Avatar star Laz Alonso tweeted 20 times—and counting—calling for the release of imprisoned sea animals. He wrote, “Killer whales should not b in captivity & jumping around 4 ur selfish enjoyment …” and “God put that whale on this earth 2 swim freely & kill for food Not eat dead fish thrown at its mouth in exchange for splashing kids ….” He also tweeted, “We can enjoy nature without having to disturb, control, capture & confine 2 ‘closet space’ when it longs 4 freedom.”

(Laz, if you’re reading, we’d love to have you join our campaign to free whales. Call us.)

So, we’d like to know: How are you getting the word out about SeaWorld’s cruelty?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Patti Jorash says:

    You may not win 13th amendments rights for the orcas, but you are changing alot of minds about attending animal shows. Because of your information, my family won’t go near a circus or aqua park, except to protest.

  • savannah gainey says:

    Tilikum is an animal. No matter how much they are trained or taught they will still have an animal like nature in them. Its like teaching a dog to meow or not to bark at all. I dont think he and they other animals should be released because if they are they will die. They’ve been in captivity too long and its a straight forward death sentance. I love animals and seaworld and all that good stuff but abuse is bad and solves nothing for the animals. it makes them worse God put these animals on Earth for a purpose they DO NOT evolve and we can learn from them doesnt mean you have to abuse them.

  • Timothy says:

    I think it is great that people in Hollywood have taken a stance against Sea World. Zoos and circuses are just as bad. As a result of celebrities voicing their opinion more people will be educated about the misery and abuse these animals suffer in the name of corporate profits.

  • Judith Ingram says:

    This is all about making money. I hate zoos circuses and these theme parks. The almighty dollar killed this girl God Bless her. I know she was enjoying her work but what about the poor Orca? Please release him please and all the animals that do NOT belong caged penned or in tanks.

  • Toby says:

    I don’t like Cannon’s racial comment and no God put orcas on earth like Alonso claims orcas evolved but I commend their sentiments none the less!

  • Milan says:

    I am apart of the Tillikum Orca’s. I’m the leader of Tillikum Orca Texas Cell there are cells of tthis group all over tthe US! We are starting a marathon for saving TillikumLolita and other whales! I a going to SeaWorld soon and I will show the crowd that Orcas are being wronged humans were never ment to own creatures like whales and dolphins! Thanks everyone who dose not support SeaWorld. Also I am 14 and If i can do this so can everyone else…that means YOU.

  • Dawn says:

    It is such bull that they took this beautiful majestic creature away from his family and placed him into an over sized watery prison to do tricks for the ignorant uninformed masses!

  • Tricia says:

    Drex from the 1 rated morning radio show in Chicago and his co host Angi Taylor Backstreet boy Nick Carter’s ex girlfriend also agree whales should be kept in the wild!

  • Tyeise says:

    I don’t think its right to treat these animals like they were put here for our enjoyment. What if someone put you in a small room with a glass and made you flip and do cartwheels? I will not patronize sea world.

  • michelle says:

    I have always been an animal lover and therefore enjoyed visiting Seaworld parks. But PETA educated me and I will never visit parks and zoos that confine animals. I will never take friends visiting from overseas to these places as well. I’ve boycotted Seaworld and zoos for the past five years!!! Yea!!!

  • Lisa says:

    I would be happy to boycott or join an organization. Not just to join but to go forward with some type of action to help free the whales into a sancuary and watch them under close observation. I say Tilli and an offspring together first then one by one. It’s mean and painstaking to keep them confined in such a small area.

  • Joanne says:

    I agree with Ted. I have been part of boycotts before they work. I will keep on suggesting this nonviolent way of bringing attention to the abuse of these wonderful marine mammals. Let’s organize a boycott of all Seaworlds other businesses that imprison oceangoing mammals for profit. No need any longer. We have virtual reality now we have collected enough data about them that we don’t need to be stealing their lives from them any longer!! Joanne Bryan

  • catherine eure says:

    we will not back down!! this will help expose everything this needs to be a changing point in history its about time society comes to terms with the consequences of animals being used as entertainemnt we will fight this!!

  • Ted says:

    We have to remember that SeaWorld is all about profit. All that matters is the “bottom line” and if someone or some animal is injured andor killed it’s just the “cost of doing business” to them. The only effective possible strategy to end the cruelty and human nonsense is to organize BOYCOTTS of SeaWorld and every other business that is associated with their parks. If anyone has a better idea I would surely like to see it implemented.

  • emily says:

    It is wrong to have any creature live an unhappy unnatural exsistence for somebody’s enjoyment.

  • Hayley says:

    I’ll admit that I’ve been to a Sea World park about 4 or 5 times in my life I’m 28. I started my college career as a marine biology major I ended up getting my Masters in Statistics who knew because I was so fascinated with dolphins but mainly orcas. So being able to see them at Sea World was like a dream and I found them so captivating. But like the elephants in the circus whales and dolphins and other marine mammals swimming around in a small pool for them just seemed very wrong. When I heard about the death of the trainer this week my opinion of this park and any other marine animal park swung from bad to worse. I’ve sent emails links web pages information to my friends and family and coworkers. I’ve been getting great responses because these people know I love these animals and being able to actually see them means the world to me but the fact that I am speaking out against it has told them that I do not agree with it and it is not right. Sea World does a lot for animals with the ones they rescue rehabilitate and release back into the wild. Why can’t these whales and dolphins be released to sanctuaries? It’s time that the almighty dollar stops driving animal abuse and confinement.

  • Ralph says:

    Marilyn Orcas are community animals meaning they live in pods. Unfortunately things like what SeaWorld did make it hard for them to readapt to the wild.

  • CAROLYN says:


  • Andre Inglis says:

    Keep the pressure on! Maybe Ellen would be able to speak up and offer her opinion?

  • marilyn markham says:

    The Orca whale is a beautiful mammal that needs its own space.It is so wrong of usas humans to interfere in the balance of nature and its wildlife. The Orca is a beautiful creature that has lived in the ocean and should be allowed to exist therenot in a tank for our amusement.How would we act if put in a tank to do mindless tricks for food??

  • Curtis says:

    I love it when Hollywood comes out for a good cause. And everyone should vote in USA Today’s poll about ending whale shows httpcontent.usatoday.comcommunitiespawprintpostpost201002killerwhalefanssayendtheshowsyourturntovote1

  • Susan Muehlhausen says:

    I have the time and refueled energy to help. I am a victim of sea world shows. Who would not be dazzeled and awe struck at such a priveleged event of dislay. I am so ashamed. I want to speak out make a difference and stay away from these theme parks forever. Or be branded a hypocrit.I want to help show a solid stance againt this displaly of torture.