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Spiders or Sharon Stone: Which Gives YOU the Creeps?

Written by PETA | July 14, 2008

Just when we thought all the fur-clad skeletons had been pulled from Sharon Stone’s closet, yet another story about animal abuse surfaces. In his new autobiography, actor Ernest Borgnine talks about working with Sharon Stone in her early, looking-less-like-a-scarecrow years. He writes that in Wes Craven’s Deadly Blessing, Stone refused to do a scene with a spider unless the spider’s pincers were ripped off—which the crew apparently did for her.

“It’s not shocking to us that she displayed evil tendencies even when she was very young. It was her first starring role, and she chose to make a tiny insect an amputee. Perhaps she should change her name legally to Heart of Stone,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk.

I, for one, am appalled at the hypocrisy on Stone’s part. She was willing to ask that this spider have his pincers ripped off his body, yet she exposed the surely terrified and disgusted crew on the set of Basic Instinct to bits of her that might give you the shivers. Shame on you, Heart of Stone.

And just for funsies, check out this fantastic picture that our friend Connie Talk created in response to Ingrid’s letter asking Stone to get her brain scanned to see if Stone might be missing the empathy gene:

Posted by Sean Conner

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  • [email protected] says:

    I love spiders. Stonenot so much.

  • Kat says:

    Er I’m actually intensely afraid of both spiders and Sharon Stone. That said I do go out of my way to shoo spiders out of my bathroom alive and in one piece even if I’m screaming the whole time. Not sure I’d extend the same courtesy to the Stone as it were.

  • Tammy says:

    LMAO at the picture!

  • Leigh says:

    First off Spiders are not insects they’re arachnids. Its sick to rip the body parts off of any living creature. I really love spiders. I’ve got quite a few living in my house and they take care of pesky mosquitos and flies.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    I would like to spend one night on Sharon Stone’s heart or cheek! Perhaps she could feel a bit better and make up her mind!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Jezum crow. If you don’t like spiders DON’T PUT THEM IN YOUR FUCKING MOVIE!! Sure if they’re in your house they may be intimidating although I had an honest to god pathological panic phobia of insects until I educated myself. It took nearly 15 years but I’m no longer afraid of them and I actually think all insects are very fun to live with now. It just takes understanding ecologists to calm people down and educate them. But making a CHOICE to capture them and use them in your movie you have an unequivocal obligation to like uh not torture them!! If you don’t want spiders near you leave them alone!!

  • bet says:

    I like spiders. they’re quite cute really.. especially the ‘liddle’ ones.. I come across them at the bottom of a bath and they cant’ possibly climb up the slippery sides.. have you ever watched a spider struggle to get out of the bottom of a bath.. as it perpetually keeps sliding back down again?.. how they freeze should you even breathe over one of them. I’m telling you.. they little minds of their own.. dont’ know about you.. but as long as they’re not too big I will pick them up with a sheet of paper and toss themit outside and I rescue spiders out of bottom of baths.. you can almost see andor feel their relief or gratefulness at being ‘rescued’.. or maybe it’s just me being over sentimental.. life is life.. from the largest to the smallest.. sorry.. but I draw the line at cockroaches.. they fill me with horror.. because they scuttle around so QUICKLY and when they take off.. ugh..

  • Carla says:

    Bill thats the whole idea to make it look strange and awkward just like her real life image portrays!

  • Phill says:

    As huge an animal rights activist as I am I HATE spiders! They are creepy and gross! I don’t care if they get injured in fact I would very much like for them to all be sent into the sun to burn up. Then I won’t have to be scared by them. That said I wish they had left the pincers in so that the spiders could bite that dumb biatch!

  • Bill says:

    Dude! You couldn’t find one image of Sharon Stone lying down?!

  • S.Q. says:

    Didn’t know you guys hated Stone so much. I personally don’t like her because of her China comment and lying about how she was a member of mensa. I didn’t know she was known for wearing fur though. To be honest I can’t tell the difference between fake and real fur so I don’t think fur is all that necessary. I’ll just leave it at that. No use to call people petty names. That does not change things.

  • yf says:

    doesn’t this woman have feelings or kindness for ANYYYYTHING??????? I mean.. except her own self love self pampering and excessive own self obsession????? this creature I would more than gladly see EXTINCT!!!!!!!! forever..!

  • Pamela L. says:

    You don’t have to like spiders to see the inherent cruelty in ripping their body parts off. I personally put the little guys outside when I come across them in the house they can only do themselves harm inside. Anyway it may just be that there is no hope of redemption for Ms. Stonemuch like that other horrible celebrity who refuses to “quit with the fur.” The tables will turn on Sharon and her.

  • r says:

    Sharon Stone is just a usless souless heartless beast…And a has been of an actor….Maybe one day she’ll need to sell her FUR UGGG FOR A MEAL…

  • kelly says:

    Sharon Stone is what happens when completely selfish talentless people get attention.

  • brandie r. says:

    Well I am not a lover of bugs or spiders. BUT I wouldn’t request for one to suffer because I can’t shoot a scene with it. It’s a shame they even did what she requested. However you can’t expect everyone to think as you do. But this type of act wasn’t necessary by her or the movie crew. I never even heard of that movie anyway.

  • Coleen Tew says:

    Twits say remarkably goofy things. Sharon Stone is the epitomy of twitiness.

  • Eric Silberstein says:

    I love spiders. There is no comparison. Find a more disgusting comparison and Sharon Stone would still lose.