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Sienna Miller for Club Sandwiches

Written by PETA | May 6, 2007

A little bit of star-spotting for you today, this one courtesy of People magazine. The lovely Sienna Miller was photographed this week wearing a stylin’ sweater with an animal rights message. Three of my favorite things in one picture: Seals, Sandwiches, and Sienna. Amazing.


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  • KathyF says:

    What’s up with the Cocacola product placement?

  • tino ranno says:

    this picture makes me very happy but i ask myself why she is still wearing fur or was it fauxfur? this example shows us that even sporting fauxfur is not a good idea because one could think that it’s a real one. the today’s fauxfurs are looking so damned real that they can be easily confused with their originals! so me i’m saying hands off also from fauxfur!

  • doug says:

    Although she may be really crossing the lines and not too educated about wearing fur I have to be happy that sooooooo many people this year have spoken out against my country in ending this bloody seal massacre! Biggups to her at least until she in her mink

  • Kaycee says:

    this makes me so happy of her. I have seen her with fur before hope they were all faux. But whatever she does people will follow her coz she is a fashion icon.

  • AnimalLib says:

    Pff. This is probably a publicity stunt. She’s ALWAYS wearing fur. Even more than Jennifer Lopez and Tara Reid. This is just like when Madonna wore the “only ugly people wear fur” shirt and we all know where she is now. Do the names Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell ring a bell? I would like to but I can’t honestly believe she in sincere. Although on the other hand she could just be ignorant of the demise of animals like so many fur wearers. Either way she needs to get educated.

  • kelly says:

    This is the FIRST TIME EVER that I’ve been impressed by Sienna Miller! She actually does have a heart and brain!!!! PS Are those pups adopted? Hope so!

  • bernardo san felice says:

    whatever she does sienna miller is always in style my compliments!