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Shocking New Kosher Slaughterhouse Investigation

Written by PETA | July 10, 2007

Three years ago, we went inside AgriProcessors slaughterhouse—the world’s largest Kosher slaughterhouse—and uncovered close to 300 instances of inhumane slaughter. Workers at that slaughterhouse were ripping the tracheas out of fully conscious cows and watching them writhe in pools of their own blood. As usual when we uncover this kind of abuse, the company hemmed and hawed and tried to pretend that we were making a big deal out of nothing, but despite their unwillingness to accept responsibility for their actions, we had hoped that the widespread public outrage would convince the company that, even among meat-eaters, the treatment of farmed animals is a matter of serious concern that directly affects the bottom line of organizations which refuse to take it seriously. In 2006, the owners of AgriProcessors opened a new kosher slaughterhouse, Local Pride, in Gordon, Nebraska. Sadly, as this video shows, little has been done to help mitigate the suffering of the animals who pay the price for corporate greed. Click here to learn more. And if you’re unable to get all the way through this video without wincing, you can take a pledge to try out vegetarianism here.

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  • fucker says:

    youguys aresome shit

  • Selena Gomez says:

    save the cows

  • gladimar says:


  • Shal says:

    It is extremely disturbing. However, turning Vegan is not the solution. Stopping the function of such slaughter houses is. Is there no legal system to stop this cruelty?

  • Charles says:

    This video made me want to take those boys out back and show them a real good time. I eat meat and I believe God gave us deminion over animals. But you never ever ever make one suffer!!! With that said this video is wrong!!! They are suppose to stun the animal unconscious before killing it and they should empose fines so great that just one citation for a case like this could put some of these places out of buiness. All I can say they better be glade I am not a cop anymore and that I never worked for the department of aguculture. I also preach all the time hunting is not a sport about like dale ernhart racing a pinto! It should be done to feed your self and I do have friends that only kill what they eat and despise sport hunting.

  • Gabe says:

    This slaughter was done improper. Being witness to many Kosher slaughters. So for those of you who are judging the dietary practices of Judaism because of one video is extremely close minded and bigoted. If you want to understand more about killing an animal in the Kosher aspect ask a rabbi don’t rely on a single video.

  • Moshayedi says:

    My soul literally felt the agony the pain the helplessness and suffering this animal endured. One who is not affected by these images is neither human nor animal but a demonic beast! I am proud to say I’ve never eaten meat in my life a decision my parents first made for me that I would be eternally grateful for. I am happy to know I myself also made the right choice to continue that path as an adult. I am a 5’9” VERY HEALTHY person and rarely get sick for those people that claim the human body needs meat. I never had it and I am here alive and well. This is wrong. It is inhumane. It is unacceptable. It violates every moral and spiritual principle in this world. I share the tears with everyone else

  • Sarai says:

    You know what’s sad? this is the LEAST graphic video I’ve seen when it comes to slaughter houses. I’ve been a vegetarian for over five years and i will never eat meat again. i cant understand how any human being can have this lack of compassion and empathy for another living being. It takes a vast amount of cruel heartless people in the world today to allow this to happen and it sickens me

  • taylor Kasha says:

    what has our world come to? i dont understand how someone could do this? anyone who is capable of such a thing is dangerous to our society. ive only recently opened my eyes to all of this but i can never go back.

  • me says:

    Peta should work as hard to ban religion as it does to help animals. It’s religion that causes 99 of the suffering that animals like this go through. Religion sorry “make believe for grown ups” is the route of most evil the world faces today.

  • Kim says:

    This video will not turn me vegetarian. What is disgusting is the way they kill the animals not the meat. I believe it is ok to kill them in an ethical manner in which they do not suffer. This is terribly wrong and I do believe that those who make animals suffer will suffer themselves at one point in their lives.

  • Patrick says:

    I came across this video because our on line discussion group was having a debate about halal and kosher killing practices. Nothing prepared me for this awful video. It is a disgrace that any living creature is dispatched in such a fashion. My father was a butcher by trade and he would have been disgusted by these so called Kosher practices. I will be giving serious thought to vegetarianism over the next little while…