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Update: Sheep Perish on Death Ship

Written by PETA | August 19, 2011

Update: After the Australian RSPCA was at last permitted to board the disabled ship, they discovered that at least 200 sheep had already died. The surviving sheep are being unloaded and sent to a feedlot, a process that is expected to take several days. Australia’s agriculture minister acknowledged that hundreds of sheep had died but shrugged off the deaths as being “expected.”

The following was first published on August 16th.


For the past week, 67,000 sheep have struggled to survive inside a crowded, filthy multitier ship in Australia. We’re betting that not all of them have made it. The sheep―either discarded by the wool industry or bred for meat―were bound for slaughter in the Middle East, a grueling journey, but when the ship experienced mechanical problems, the captain turned the ship around and returned to Australia.

Now the ship is sitting at  the dock, and the sheep have been left on board to suffer in cramped quarters, mired in their own waste. Eventually, one supposes, it will be back out to sea again for these unfortunate animals.

The voyage from Australia to the Middle East can take weeks, during which time many sheep commonly starve to death, are trampled, or become ill and die, their bodies tossed overboard. Upon arrival, the survivors are dragged from the ship, thrown into the backs of trucks, and driven to slaughter, where they have their throats cut while fully conscious.

Please urge Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to put a stop to the immense suffering endured by millions of sheep and other animals every year by banning live export. 


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Rosy says:

    I am definitely voting for the Greens this time. I believe that they do give a damn. Is there anyone in the Liberal Party who cares? I think their Animal Rights’ policy is the same as the Labor Party’s .When did the evil creep into our country?

  • Jenita says:

    Times are cahgning for the better if I can get this online!

  • Mrs Australia says:

    Its appauling. As an Australian I’m ashamed that our government has allowed this to happen. But is this just one of many similar situations which has only been picked up due to the current public interest in live export? This kind of thing happens all the time. They should ship all the politicians off to the Middle East with them so they can enjoy the cruise upon the deathship. Maybe then they’ll get it.

  • Cass says:

    I am Australian, but not proud to be at the moment. So many Australians want an end to the Live Animal Export trade, but our Government and politicians refuse to listen. They would prefer to place profit before the humane treatment of Australian animals. Footage into the live export of Aus cattle to Indonesia was recently aired on the ABC program ‘4Corners’. This HORRIFIED and DISTURBED Australians. Pls watch so you are aware of what our Country is allowing. We want an end to Live Export!

  • keith says:

    Dear Peta ” many thanks for posting my comment.” On another issue I have emailed the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon UK., with details of the horrendous death of the donkey in India. This welfare org. do extra-ordinary good deeds in deprived countries including the poorest areas of India. I have asked them to add weight to the prosecution of the officer who authorised this foul barbaric deed.

  • Kole says:

    I was heartbroken when i found out this is happening in the country where i live. Id think the people here would know better to treat animal this way. It was a sad day when the bill to ban live export had not been passed and then this happened! Animal lovers in Australia are outraged by the responses the Prime Minister has been given, they just dont care! They are only thinking of the money! we want this torture and cruelty to stop immediately!!!!

  • Get Real says:

    Actually the latest is that the RSPCA has found 260 dead sheep. But what is even more concerning are the brutal slaughter methods these animals will endure in the Middle East. Ban live export!

  • kathy says:

    The Australia’s agriculture minister needs to be fired. A person with absolutely no empathy should not be in a position of power.

  • keith says:

    I have been e-mailing back and forth to the RSPCA., getting friends to campaign in former Soviet Bloc Countries as well. But as I have told the RSPCA ” Its those that shout the loudest that get results, ” that is why the oily politicians will not vote against live export.. all being paid off ‘ I Reckon.’

  • vini says:

    Pls stop this inhuman cruelty at once

  • Faye K. says:

    This is so cruel to animals! People aren’t treated like this, so animals shouldn’t be treated like this either!

  • Christopher says:

    I hope they can at least treat the sheep better >_>

  • Ashleigh Adams says:

    I live in Sharjah in the UAE and we have seen the bodies of sheep washed up on the beaches near our house. Most people in the Middle East have little to no respect for animals. Please stop sending animals over here in these appalling conditions. These creatures deserve much better.

  • Sue B. says:

    Do these jerks lay in bed at night and try to figure out a new way to torture animals. USA does this with our wild mustangs & burros. Cattle too. In our year of 2011 we can’t find a kinder and gentler way to treat these animals that give us life. Why?????

  • Audra J says:

    Please ban this inhumane treatment of helpless animals. All animals are worthwhile…not just humans.

  • Sandra bingham says:

    I will never understand this!

  • Sarah Elliott says:

    Please, please put an end to this terrible cruelty. That such beautiful creatures should suffer so badly is indescribable. Always at the mercy of man! End it now!

  • Ayla Roe says:

    This is absolutely HORRIBLE! these are living creatures!!!! what is WRONG with you people?!? All creatures, great and small, deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. picture YOURSELF in this situation! … or maybe you’re afraid to. anyone with a heart could never allow this to continue. END THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! regards from CA

  • r.m. says:

    Stop this madness…now. Why is this practice even happening?

  • Shamim says:

    Please stop live export! Please!

  • Laura Pilgrim says:

    We have to do our part and stop buying any product with wool in it. You can bet the animal has been hurt someway. Just say no to wool, leather and silk. Until the market dries up for these products, the abuse will continue. Peace to all that try to help animals.

  • Lisa says:

    C’mon people

  • Gwen Hafford says:

    Please ban this inhumane treatment of helpless animals.

  • Bettina van der Werf says:

    Please end this cruel trade once and for all.

  • Julia P. says:

    This is horrible!

  • S says:

    End this disgusting practice now. Those awaiting the sheep at the other end in the middle east have the choice of fasting for a day or slaughtertering a sheep. (to atone for sins). You’d think they would choose to fast instead of killing. Karma comes to all. Something to think about before incurring more by killing. The sheep that don’t die on the voyage are nearly dead when they get there after standing kneed deep in their own excrement for weeks.

  • Alicia Taranto says:

    These animals don’t deserve any inhumanity by human beings who were put on this earth to show humanity…that is why they call us humans. It’s a disgrace..shame on you for the profit of a dollar bill. Please stop this insanity!!!

  • Dianne Harrop says:

    You have NO RIGHT to submit these helpless creatures to this horrific treatment. The World is watching you barbarians!

  • Nishan Jayasuriya says:

    What will you feel if you underwent the same fate…..Please stop this……Urging Auzi PM….

  • Pia Wass says:

    This is an absolute nightmare. Please ban live export. Regards from Sweden

  • Cristine Discher says:

    Stop this…I cant believe what peoble do with animals, it is so bad and pervers :-((((

  • Virginia Scialanca says:

    Is this how you or your loved ones want to be treated?

  • Pernilla Samuelsson says:

    Please end this madness! Please put an end to all this suffering!

  • Jackie Leatham says:

    Absolutely appalling, no excuse for this blatant cruelty. After all the RSPCA ads regarding your live export will you EVER learn. These poor creatures are suffering for your ignorance.

  • Patricia Lahn says:

    Please stop this terrible action. Think about the poor animals! “”

  • donna says:

    Please stop this piteous and destressing procedure, its horrifying and needless cruelty, I cant understand how anyone with an ounce of feeling would let this continue

  • Laila Rosenqvist says:

    Stop this cruelty towards our animal – show respect and keep your own selfrespect. Ww strongly need Animals Welfare NOW all over the World from birth to death!

  • Eileen Levine says:

    Please Stop This …Please!!!

  • Nicola Marsden says:

    This an absolutely devastating event. No living bring should every be treated such barbaric ways. How can anyone with a concience condone this? Actually look at these beautiful animals and see their suffering. They are also aware of their death sentence. Stop this now and their torture and agonizing end!

  • Annie Hawkins says:

    “LIFE is as dear to the mute creature as it is to a man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not to die, so do other creatures.”

  • MP says:

    Please put and end. They also feel the pain!

  • Kelly says:

    Please help end this cruelty!!

  • Winnie Roederer says:

    I´m from Gemany an so shocked about Australia beeing so cruel to these sheep! I wish for a better World! Please stop this! This world is our furtue and animals belong to this wold, so don´t let them suffer for us! Please do somethins about this!!! Regards Winnie

  • Donna MV says:

    Please, please, please stop this horrific animal abuse. Just looking at their photos and thinking of what’s happening to them makes me cry. I wish that senseless acts of torture like this would end. All it takes is 1 person to start the process to end this tragedy…

  • Pieranna says:

    Please put and end to the torture. Animals matter to the world, Animals have a sould (ANIMA=SOUL). You got the power to give dignity to living beings which live for us. Think about it

  • Nmm says:

    This is a crime!

  • Pia Wass says:

    Please end live export!

  • Christina says:

    Would you subject humans to such conditions?

  • Pia Wass says:

    Please end live export!

  • JUDI R. says: