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Sexy Jenna Bush

Written by PETA | November 5, 2007
USAToday/Creative Commons

This little saga started three or four months ago when First Daughter Jenna Bush was allegedly spotted chowing down on foie gras in a DC restaurant, and PETA President Ingrid Newkirk wrote her a very nice letter asking her to please not do that in future. Well, a couple of weeks ago, Texas Monthly asked her about the foie gras fiasco, and she denied that it had ever happened. In fact, she said, the only meat she ever eats is fish.

Which, as you might imagine, was all the invitation we needed to pen her another little missive, this time to congratulate her on her (mostly) compassionate diet and to suggest that if she can just bring herself to leave the sea life off her plate, we’d be glad to nominate her for next year’s World’s Sexiest Vegetarian contest (which, incidentally, her cousin Lauren won in 2003). So there you go — with her family’s noted abilities at getting people to vote for them, she’s all but guaranteed the coveted Sexy Veg title in ’08. If she can just swear off the sushi.

You can read Ingrid’s letter to Jenna here.

*Via Washington Whispers.

Oh, and in completely (like, completely) unrelated news, there was a cat vitamin recall this week. If you feed your cats vitamins, you should check this link to see if it affects you.

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  • The Diva says:

    Some ignorant fool up there posted this statement “A Bush? Who is going to like this. SHAME!!!!! The Bush Family is hated around the world. Nice going PETA Whoop dee fking Doo!” Hey fool lots of people are “going to like it” you are out of your mind for thinking differently. Jenna Bush is a beautiful lady and she is on the right path obviously and therefore she should be encouraged not scorned. Who do you think you are anyway speaking on behalf of the entire “world”? Bravo to Jenna! Bravo to PITA for putting the info out there.

  • dave says:

    All you PETA people can suck rocks. I and you were put here for a reason. And the animals the same under direction from God in the Bible man is placed over the animals to use as heshe feels fit. With this I going hunting and killing and eating bambii am doing what god intended for me to do. Please stop your stupid whinnnnnning and accept that man is more important then your little bunnies and chickens…

  • Charlene H. says:

    I hope that you all find Peace in your hearts and sleep well tonight.

  • Lauren short says:

    I don’t know if Jenna is lieing but at least she wants to be a veggie.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Ariel Caboose is a half anti

  • Jessica Holly says:

    Last I checked I am individual whose charactistics and choices are not contingent upon the rest of my family. Could we PLEASE stop comparing her to her father and assuming that she is horrible because of the things that her father has done? THANKS!

  • Lita says:

    I agree.It is disheartening to hear the same people dedicated to the humane treatment preservation and kindness towards the worlds creatures sound like caustic vicious predators ready for the verbal kill. I am no fan of the Bush family but I believe that we should be above the same behavior we find so appalling in others. People turn a deaf ear to a cause if they are bullied and berated by it. PETA members are better than that.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi shell For what it may be worth I’d like to politely explain some things to you so that you have a better understanding and I hope you don’t mind. You say you have only belonged to PeTA for a short time but I don’t know how long you have actually been an animal rights’ activist if at all. So I have to go with that in mind. There’s an irony with being an ar’s activist of having compassion yet having to be VERY tough in order to deal with what ever comes along. Yes we need to have the compassion to help the animals and have compassion for people as well since all life is interrelated. However this is a very very tough world with all kinds of personalities in all kinds of organizations groups jobs etc. And none on earth is perfect because people are not perfect. We have different emotions at different times for different reasons. It has always been my principle not to knock what another ar’s activist says or their approach because I believe that all have the right to express themselves as they feel and I don’t see anything wrong with that. However I disagree with socalled “ar’s activists” who criticize another ar’s activist because heshe doesn’t personally like the other activist’s opinion or approach as if he or she could do better but actually does nothing. Emotions and passions run very deep with ar’s activists because of our very deep irreversible convictions. Now when an ar’s activist criticizes another ar’s activist’s comments pertaining to the celebrities who are highlighted in these topics then that person becomes more focused about the comments and therefore is actually taking hisher own focus off the animals. So you have to understand that there are animalbased reasons why people feel about JB and the Bush family as they do which in turn is actually supporting the animals who are our priority. In other words we are not going to be niceynice about someone just because he or she is a celebrity while he or she has no compassion for the animals. And this is based on ar’s activist having obtained proven infofacts. Then we have the antiar’s activists who have a notorious history of being abrasive. Despite ANY kind of attempts made to “talk” to them they insist on being abrasive. Well shell we are all not ones to be niceynice to abrasive anti’s who hate or kill animals. May I suggest that you give yourself some time to follow along with the comments in order to see the broader picture rather than going with your expectations. And then you can make a more fair decision and develop your own style of approach for the animals.

  • shell says:

    I have only belonged to the PETA list for a short time so I do not presume authority on what goes on here. However everytime I read the comments here it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It seems there is soooo much judgment anger and hatred here. I joined because I have a desire to help defenseless animals but I do not have a desire to be part of or support an organization with so little regard for people. Hateful comments that extend to people we truly know very little about. No matter what you ‘know’ about her family you cannot presume to know who she is. How completely discouraging.

  • Kit says:

    Jenna Bush is NOT attractive and definetely NOT sexy…and not even VEGETARIAN…

  • Anthony says:

    Didn’t eat foie gras right Jenna ? Like father like daughter. President Bush is a liar and so is his daughter.

  • marsha hyman says:

    Is ingrid Newkirk coming to Philadelphia to speak?

  • Brenda says:

    I’d vote for her…and yes I think it would be funny to have her and Chelsea against each other.. We all know that Jenna would WIN by far!!

  • Tamara says:

    I wouldn’t trust what anybody in the Bush family had to say. PETA ya might want to do a little research and not just take what any of these celebrities say at facevalue. They are in the business of promoting themselves you know. PETA is getting a little cozy with too many celebrities. I want to hear more about the daytoday animal cruelty cases that you work on. To me that’s what PETA was always about. Not snuggling up to any socalled celebrity looking for a little publicity. That has backfired on you you know. See Cindy Crawford.

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    If you come from a family of retards yeah you’re gonna be real embarrassed

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    Victoria Kim Jong Il can breathe VT killer could H.W Bush can breathe and so can Bush all terrorists mentioned here. So ummmm….

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I think you just might be worshiping the wrong people. at peta Could you have been one of the ladies that were sent to a pound to pick up 6 very healthy little puppies telling the humane society that you had great homes for all the puppies. This car turned into a parking lot they got all the pups together and put them to sleep. Then they got green trash bags and threw those sweet little pups bodies in them. Next these wonderful ladies dumped these bags in a trash bin but what they did not know is that the cops were watching them the entire time. Cop cars circled them and cuffed them and arrested them for animal abuse. The police brought out these little bodies and held them by their ltttle feet and the cops shook their heads. The orders to do this was given by none others than one the leaders of this group who I at one time had such respect for. I also have the court transcript freedom of information act. So the way I see it when I find an loose animal we do everything in this family to find him or her a good home. But peta has the killig stuff. Who the fuck died and made you god. SICK SICK people. I have to go throw up. I foget how long the trial lasted. It was awful. Believe me Susan you are no better that those you praise.

  • Susan E. Davis says:

    Yes exactlty what I was expecting from both VestaGirl and Judith. More complaining and venom. And you didn’t answer my questionhow exactly does your whining do anything to help animals or help PETA with it’s mission? You’re doing more harm than goodthink about it. And VestaGirl I certainly don’t “worship celebrities” nor is the Bush family “beloved” to me. I’m completely baffled how you came to those very nonsensical conclusions. I certainly don’t “worship” any human being. I do however admire and respect people who are kind and compassionate and those who work to make the world a better placerather than those whose only goal is to tear others down to make themselves look better. If PETA’s socalled “supporters” would just stop bitching for 5 minutes they might actually be able to accomplish something.

  • Victoria says:

    Well the very fact that Jenna Bush can both inhale and exhale with generally succesful results deserves some congratulations. As for her meat eating ways I know of a very savory bumbling simian president she can sink her teeth into

  • Allison says:

    One of the biggest challenges in living a compassionate life is learning to be compassionate towards all living creatures be they flies rats cows fish fellow human beings and in particular those human beings with whom we heartily disagree or the daughter of somebody with whom we heartily disagree. I have never met Jenna Bush nor in all likelyhood has anybody else on this blog. I would not want anybody to judge me before knowing me. I would not want anybody to judge me based on what my family has done. If I wish such treatment then I owe it to everyone else to treat them with such openminded. Jenna Bush has never lied to me so I have no reason to disbelieve what she says here. I say it is a step in the right direction and a step in the right direction should always be applauded no matter who makes it.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    VESTA GIRL you rule. This Susan person just does not get it. I could give a shit about the stars. It’s real Americans that keep this ship a float. Hi Ana and Ariel Great posts. Kurcinich 2008 Vote in a Vegan

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Susan I reread my post and I never mentioned politics Dem’s or Neocons. YOU DID! You need to get a grip dear.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Oh so sorry Susan E. Davis … sorry that Judith and I are not starstruck like you. Are you by chance an Ellen supporter as well? Jenna Bush is a nocount moron how and why she ended up being feted on this blog is beyond me. “Does it matter if that vegetarian is a Republican or a Democrat or if it’s George Bush or Dennis Kucinich?” Uh yes actually. If George Bush was ANYTHING like Dennis Kucinich our world including the animals would not be in the state that it is. George Bush would NEVER consider becoming a vegetarian his family are a bunch of bloody cattle ranchers. Did you not read the UN Report? Do you think politics has NOTHING to do with what is at stake? You are the one who needs to get over your celebrity worship and “get a grip”. Oh wait on second thought PETA should probably nominate YOU and Jenna for a Nobel Peace Prize. You’ve both contributed SO MUCH to the plight of animals. I applaud you. Clapclapclap. Yawn. Yes in the tradition of your beloved Bush family dissension must not be tolerated. Send me to Guantanamo. I stand by what I wrote.

  • Allison says:

    I thought we had moved beyond children being punished for the sins of the father in our society. Think of yourself of your own parents is judging you based on their behavior fair? Let’s be more openmided here and not judge her based on her last name.

  • Andi says:

    This one comes from a long line of hunters granddad poppa and now hubbytobe. She also comes from a long line of liars so I’m sure that really was foie gras she was stuffing her face with. However she doesn’t come from a long line of brains so maybe she thinks since ducks swim they’re considered “fish.” I’d say don’t waste any time on the Bush family they’ll be out soon any way.

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    The Bush family is MUCH worse than Vick or any mediocre vivisector. Though the U.S Govt of today is too

  • Dana says:

    Well my first question would be even if you are a meat eater which I am NOT why would dare want to even eat this? It is gross!!!!!! I am glad someone said something to her about her choice of dinner someone needs to!! I guess when your daddy has turned the world upside down and focuses his whole belief system on Greed this is what you get….a daughter eating enlarged duck liver!!! There are some things on this earth you just know you should not eat….this is one of them!!!

  • Brian Luznak MD? Think Not says:

    First off. Any step closer to a plant based diet is something worth applauding I guess. At John Robbins’ philosophy is that we shouldn’t label individuals and instead applaud even the smallest efforts toward a plant based diet and I think that’s about right on the money sort of. Secondly she isn’t on trial for the horrible things that her father has done. I have to guess that she probably doesn’t even spend that much time with the guy anymore now that he’s busy with global war mongering. That aside though she is a Bush!!! And for some reason like most of the other posters on this website I gotta say I can’t believe a word that comes out of the girls mouth. No offense sweetie but until you like disown all your families actions in the last 50 years and decide to become an all out humanitarian and devote your life to things worth of noble cause well I’m just gonna stay on this side of the fence from you. Happens in the family probably stays in the family. And oh yeah I’ve gotta say that I’m not a fan of the people who admit to eating fish and act like that somehow makes up for the fact that you are not eating other animals. Animals are animals are animals. Why don’t you just stave off the fish in your diets and start eating only bugs. Something unpleasant about eating small creatures that move on their own freewill? Hmmm sounds fishy. And besides that aren’t there sexier plantheads out there who would make better candidates for sexiest vegetarian alive?

  • Anonymous says:

    her family is a pack of hunting red necks theyve been hunting all their life and killing millions of people

  • Susan E. Davis says:

    Rather than jumping on the PETAbashing bandwagon here Judith and VestaGirl consider the facts Every vegetarian saves the lives of about 100 animals per year. Does it matter if that vegetarian is a Republican or a Democrat or if it’s George Bush or Dennis Kucinich? Nope it sure doesn’t. Jenna Bush says she’s almost vegetariangood for her. Did PETA have anything to do with her decision? Probably. No matter what we think of Jenna or her idiot father we should congratulate her and thank PETA for reaching out to people on the “outside.” I’m certain the animals whose lives have been saved are quite grateful too. P.S. I almost never read the comments on this blog anymore because of the people who are supposedly “proPETA” and “proanimal” yet do nothing but criticize whine and complain. How exactly is that helping animals? Get a grip.

  • Ariel says:

    Steve PeTA is an ANIMAL RIGHTS’ organization simply defined it’s people who are for the animals to have rights. Moving on to your last sentence “it seems like you care more about a prarie dog than this human being.” This is not a ‘Jenna Bush rights organization.’ Jenna is in no danger of being killed by hunters for the fun of it or being exterminated like the prarie dogs.

  • Vegoconics says:

    No way! are losing your mind!

  • Ana says:

    Judith and VestaGirl I agree with you. This is all getting out of hand and just plain nonsensical. Next we’ll see Anna Wintour as a buddy.

  • Steve says:

    ok first off ive been a veitarian for like 6 months but after i read this i realize ive joined a cult or something why are you vegies all so freaking crazy and judgemental just cuz she’s dating a guy who eats meat and her father does some stuff you dont agree with your attacking this person. it seems like you care more about a prarie dog than this human being

  • Nora says:

    Wow! Give the girl some credit aren’t we supposed to be supportive??

  • Kelly in Texas says:

    Not everyone hates the Bush family. I like Ingrid’s letter. It would be great to have Jenna on board and in time she might even influence others to make similar choices.

  • Ariel says:

    Excellent post Judith Freedom Fighter! I meant to get back to you from your last post. I thought about you several times in your absence and missed reading your comments. But thank goodness that you are alright after having to deal with that horrendous fire situation. So glad you’re back!

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    NUCALER chimpanzeeBush DEE DE DEE!

  • gabriel says:

    i must say there is a big juxtaposition with the bush family being “animal friendly” and them being “war mongers world and violent iraqi destroyers” etc. wow peta. you really know your stuff. sarcasm

  • Joseph Villagomez says:

    I find it sad that people judge Jenna Bush by what her father does as if she doesn’t have a mind or life of her own. Is the mature thing these days to judge people by their name and not by the content of their character? As for marrying a deer hunter I’m sure she isn’t the first person PETA applauded that has married or dated an omnivore.

  • VestaGirl says:

    WTF is going on here? September Michael Vick hooray he attended an empathy course! Now maybe he can get a reduced sentence! October Ellen Degeneres how dare that ridiculous little rescue disobey the MIGHTY ELLEN! Thank God that Ellen has TMZ and PETA on her side! NOVEMBER Jenna Bush Oh isn’t she “sexy”! She’s learned to lie just like the rest of her family say whatever she needs to say to look good. Now that’s sexy! December ??? Seriously. WTF is going on here?

  • Tricia says:

    I’d take anything Jenna Bush says with a big grain of salt. She may well be a liar like her father saying anything to get out of a tight spot.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Don’t waste your time and energy on this piece of crap. She is no better than her animal murdering father. Do you have any idea at all what this mental midget is doing to the wildlife? He is the one that said ok to shoot all the praire dogs and to start shooting the wolves again. Do you think she is any different from that asshole father who is trying to build homes in the state parks. Do something that is more important for the animals. By the way these monsters hunted these little dogs with AK 47’s hunters have such tiny little balls.

  • dw says:

    Oh man I hope Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton face off in next year’s sexiest vegetarian contest.

  • Barbara says:

    Is this the one who is getting married? Yes well the husbandtobe is an avid deer hunter. So you might want to rethink that nomination…

  • Caboose says:

    A Bush? Who is going to like this. SHAME!!!!! The Bush Family is hated around the world. Nice going PETA Whoop dee fking Doo!