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Setting the Record Straight on Michael Vick

Written by PETA | May 1, 2009


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Michael Vick

Now that he’s about to get out of jail, it looks like Michael Vick is trying to revamp his image, according to Advertising Age. But it won’t be with any help from us.

PETA withdrew our offer to do a TV spot with Michael Vick last December when a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report on Vick’s dogfighting activities revealed that he enjoyed placing “family pets” in the ring with fighting pit bulls and that he laughed as dogs ripped each other apart. PETA believes that this revelation, along with other factors in the report, fit the established profile for anti-social personality disorder (APD), so in January we called on NFL Commissioner Goodell to require that Vick undergo a brain scan and a full psychological evaluation before any decisions are made about the future of his football career.

What can I say? You can’t believe everything you read.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Darrell Bubb says:

    Mr. Vick should be locked up FOREVER! “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi

  • candace colbert says:

    michael vick should not be allowed back in NFL. This is a position of respect. The majority of people do not hold for him.And none of the animals killed and tortured deserve this evil. I do not care if he lives in a shelter but not a dog shelter. He isnt good enough for that.

  • Jamal says:

    Peta I have respect for your views on dog fighting however I doubt anyone who write to you are from the inner city or lived in the slum comparable to a third world country. M V is a product of the projects who has been to an area of life where he always fought going. He was arrogant ignorant stupid but truly what do anyone expect out of hand feed jock given millions to only become a college drop out trying to get his ignorant family and “friends” to a better side of life. All that said I think some animal lovers some how lost the love of human life. Mike has a mothertwo children to raise and a mountain of debt. For the many others who don’t get any attention for the evil crime of dog fighting like “mv’s friends” there’s no blog or blood pouring rage it’s just another day.

  • Max61 says:

    ….Michael Vick does not deserve reinstatement….I hope PETA never has any dealings with him….Vick only wants the NFL and will do or say anything taught by his attorney for Roger Goodell……”Serving” the time is just that…Nothing more…There is no entitlement attached at the end……In the eyes of most Vick crossed a line that people cannot stomach…..they cannot accept the sum total of what Vick is………Please write Roger Goodell and state “No more Vick”…

  • lisa says:

    When I read some of these comments how one treats animals should be considered completely separate than how one treats humans I am seriously ashamed to our race. Hello humans are animals. How stupid are you? It’s ok to force animals to fight each other epsecially this is my favorite because other countries do. We should be strive to be more like third world countries with no education yes let’s deevolve as much as possible! You must have loved Sarah Palin. Get with the times one person wrote yeah take your own advice. The slow progress were making in free range farming and treating animals with dignity will hopefully have future generations looking back on us now and being disgusted by what cruel savages we were. MV is in my mind a truly evil scumbag with no compassion for anything or anyone human dog what have you. But that’s just me a human animal speaking.

  • vick hater says:

    Tiffany. Your ignorant. awww poor M. Vick. Spent 22 months in jail. Oh.. poor soul. He chose to fight dogs. He made millions in the NFL yet he chose to make money off a sick and discusting crime. ARe you kidding me? He feels remorse? No he does not. His future is at stake.. that is why he apologized. He should have his ugly ass chewed off by the dogs that he made suffer and that are lucky to be alive. People like you are just as sick as he is.. I hope he rots in hell. Or get’s his ass kicked on a side street until he dies.

  • LORI says:

    I think anyone who enjoys watching animals tear eachother apart needs a psych eval. That is truly a sick sport and the fact that he got caught is the only reason he is ‘remorseful’. He should be forced to shovel crap at a zoo as his career the rest of his days and NEVER be allowed as a public sports figure again making millions.

  • tiffany says:

    Now I have read all the opinions about the people on this website about Michael Vick.People need to stop making Michael Vick suffer for his crime. He has served 22 months he was in jail for 20mos 2 mos at home remaining. he served his time. let this issue go because michael vick plead guilty for the crime so he was a man for telling the truth. i can see if he lie about his crime. michael did show some remorse for his crime by apoloizing to the public and to peta. But to peta they want to still punish vick for his crime over and over again.Also peta want vick to get an psychological evalution too. now that is too much now. Peta michael vick served his time. it is over now. grown up and move on. you see if michael vick was not african american the law would gave him a slack on the wrist punishment but he is a celebrity and black they want to make an example of him. i tell you politics is a dangerous game to play when someone life is on the line. now dogfighting started many years ago in the 1800s when men like doctors lawyersand wealthy officials thought dogfighting as an sport and enetertainment for the people. now dogfighting is still going on in the world today. so we need to find an common ground in forgiving vick for his crimminal act. we have more problems in our country than embrassingtorturing and bad mouthing vick. they talk about jesus christ they did not believe he was son of god until he die on the cross. jesus forgave them. they talk about hip hop rapper singers about they ways of entertainment the actor tom cruise for scienticolgy. it sound like people judging other people without judging themselves. there is an old saying “Before you judge someone else backyard then you need to clean up your backyard before saying something than is not of yours”. To vick read the JOB in the holy bible it talk about job lost everything and how he faith restore everything back.

  • Juan says:

    I am a dog owner and I am totally against dog fighting but you Vick Haters are crazy!! I agree that the man should be punished for his crimes. Vick has served his time…..leave him alone and GET OVER IT!! I will say it again “the man has served his time for his crimes”. Who are you peoplePETA to judge anyone. That decision lies with God.The money that PETA receives can be better spent by helping animals that really need help rather than trying to destroy a person who will be allowed to return to the NFL. I said it…he will eventually be allowed to return to the NFLlike it or not.

  • dmc123 says:

    PETA forgive the guy we are all animals and bound to make a mistake Vick did it in america were people put animals before humans unless it is on there plate

  • Ron King says:

    I’m definetely not excusing what Vick did. He deserves everything he got for his crimes and trust me he has paid dearly. He has paid his debt to society and yes he should be monitored and yes he should have the book thrown at him if he commits a crime again. But he deserves the right to make a living and provide for his family without the scrutiny of idiots asking for brain scans.

  • Chelsea says:

    Torturing living things for fun displays such sickness that I am disgusted by anyone who feels this human garbage has “served his time”. This monster watched as stolen family pets were killed for sport? What next will he and those worthless members of society like him start stealing our children to torture for their entertainment? It fascinates me that this waste of air is dubbed “talented” because he can throw a football we would all be better off if violent criminals like him were all in cells for life.

  • ron says:

    i hope that the people who are so strongly against mike vick arent christians. no one that has written statement against him has lived a perfect life. what he did was wrong. hes paid his debt with his freedom and more money than many of us will ever see. heres some food for thought there are many sins written in the bible dog fighting wasnt mentioned but being a liar is GOD wont have anything to do with a liar. to quote a passage all liars shall have thier part in the lake of fire. i challenge everyone to just take stoke on how many lies you have told this week. remember how you judge others is how GOD will judge you. by the way i am a minister who believes in forgiving and forgetting the way GOD does and has instructed everyone to do

  • Cindy McCoy says:

    Per Ghandi “A nation can be judged on how it treats its animals”Vick needs to be neutered and made to stand in public with a sign stating what he did to God’s creatures for money and his own sick pleasures. Let the general public dose out the punishment he deserves. I have several dogs that would love to get a hold of him. He belongs in the sewer with the rest of his sick friends and spectators who participated. He is only remorseful because he got caught. Boo Hiss

  • John DERE says:

    I can’t believe PETA was even thinking of doing an advertisement with SICK VICK. If anything like that happens we will no longer support them financially.

  • Dorothy Roche says:

    I was watching Show Biz tonight on Friday night and they reported that Michael Vick former NFL player and abuser of pitbulls would be joining in the fight for animal rights for PETA. I am very distressed and concerned about this for PETA. I being a member of PETA for some time not only donate to PETA but write many congressman Senators and many many other people of organizations on behalf of animal abuse. I do this on my own not just for PETA but for the animals. I truly deep in my soul love animals but Michael Vick does not. Michael Vick was put in prison for pit bull dog fighting back in 2007. I think he was there for 18 months. He will shortly be released from prison. Michael Vick says he wants to work with PETA. There is something you need to know about Michael Vick. When he went into prison in December of 2007 he said he was sorry to the judge for doing this to these dogs but he wasn’t sorry. He was just saying he was sorry because he got caught. He actually was pleading with the judge so that he could go home and spend Christmas with his family. That’s all he was thinking about not the animals he destroyed. The things that Michael Vick did to those dogs were deplorable. Some were hanged drowned and beat to death among other things. Some people deserve a second chance but NOT MICHAEL VICK!!! I have for the past 18 months kept in contact with his judge Judge Henry E. Hudson Lewis F. Powell Jr. U.S. Courthouse 1000 E. Main St. Suite 305 Richmond VA 232193525 to try to keep him in prison for his crimes so that he did not get out early. I have written Judge Hudson many times and he has kept him in prison. It would be a shame to let Michael Vick be a spokes person for PETA or even be associated with PETA just because he says he is sorry and has learned his lesson. HE HAS LEARNED NOTHING IN REGARD TO ANIMALS!! I have worked long and tiresome hours on this case about Michael Vick. It would be a shame if PETA did not see Michael Vick for the kind of person he really is. He is not a changed man but wants only to redeem his name in the NFL and also in other people’s eyes as not a dog abuser. Michael Vick has not just suddenly had an epiphany and suddenly loves animals and wants to help PETA. When he was sent to prison he lost everything including his money assets EVERYTHING!!! I was glad about this as some of the money was put toward saving some of these pit bulls. Others had to be destroyed because they were so beaten up and some of them were destroyed because they could not be rehabilitated. Michael Vick just wants to obtain all of his wealth back as well as his reputation. This is a disgusting man who has no feelings for animals at all. BELIEVE ME he will just go back to abusing animals as that is all he knows. It is so morally wrong to let this jerk just because he says he’s sorry join or have anything to do with PETA!!!! Join in with me to stop Michael Vick from being associated with any animal organizations. Write HSUS ASPCA do whatever you have to to stop this man. Thank you.

  • Mary says:

    I have a pitbull would never treat him the way Vick treated those poor dogs. I have said to my family friends that if I ever came across him on the street I would spit in his face! You don’t treat animals that way. People play sports that makes them bumphit eachother BECAUSE THEY ARE PAID TO DO IT! They have a choice animals don’t…people make them do those things like fighting.

  • Derek, MD says:

    Brandi I have yet to meet a Psychiatrist who is skilled at psychological analysis. Skilled at pushing pills and sedating patients now that is a different issue. By the way what qualifies you as a “professional?”

  • Steve says:

    To comment that you want to see Mike Vick die suffer killed life in prison ect. Makes you no better than him!

  • Barbara Lukas says:

    I urge everyone to write National Football League co Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner 280 Park Avenue New York NY 10017 I don’t want to turn on my TV and see this human garbage Vick on it. Barbara

  • sb says:

    Too bad there’s not a machine that we could hook people up to that verifies'”Real truthful remorse”. Because if Vick really wasis remorseful and sought to use the publicity surrounding his case to REALLY go after dog fighting the good would outweigh the bad. Some people do bad things and then spend their entire lives trying to make amends for their actions. Just look at AA and all the 12 step programs… If the guy really IS remorseful the association with PETA could be a great thing. If he’s NOT really remorseful? I agree he should take a long walk off a short pier wearing concrete boots

  • patrick says:

    Jacob 1 It’s spelled ”intelligent”. 2 How does killing something make you an expert on brain function? 3 So intelligence is what gives us the right to life? Why aren’t you out there killing new born babies and severely mentally retarded people then? If you’re going to post on an animal rights website the least that you can do is educate yourself before making statements and looking like a fool. To the pro MV people He did kill. He killed sentient beings. Animals are not here for our entertainment. There is no difference between him forcing two dogs to fight and forcing two kids to fight. When one is this violent it is clear that they suffer from extreme psychological issues and need treatment.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I have a question for you Dave. Are you selling copies of that shirt? It would go well with my PETA trucker hat that has “Dogfighters are Cowardly Scum” printed on it. I wear that hat almost everywhere. I have not worn it to church yet but now I might start…lots of football fans in our congregation and they have been known to show the Superbowl game on the big screen in the church gym after services to get people to actually show up on Superbowl Sunday.

  • Dave says:

    All dog fighters are cowardly scum and Michael Vick is one and a dog killer. I have a tshirt I made that says that on one side and “Michael Vick is a Di” on the other. Any questions?

  • Jermaine Reid says:

    I would like to share something concerning Micheal Vick. I do not agree at all with him involving himself with dogfighting. I feel for the animals that were a part of this. But I want to address something that most of us overlook. If the spotlight was on us what imperfections would show up? I know that from to day to day I try to make the right decisions and sometimes I still come up short. I still have enter struggles that if I first judge myself I won’t judge anyone else. Who am I to say who is remorseful and whose not. This human being has never been in trouble before. He got caught up into something that he allowed thru wrong influences to translate into a harmful addiction. How many of us are just a decision away from the same path? Think about that. I would rather be forgiven by God before I would need any validation of Man. So it’s not up to me to be concern if Mike Vick is remorseful. His ultimate judge is God. God’s love is unconditional and he’s a God of restoration. He restores the contrite in heart. I pray that he has made peace with God and not Man. My goal is not to debate about this. My goal is to share the Love that God has for a person that changes their ways. Respectfully

  • Lisa says:

    I am disheartened that PETA would ever even consider joining forces with Vick for any reason. I am personally struggling with the decision on whether I should stop my donations to this organization or not. I will probably continue as I do not want the animals to suffer over a poor decision considered by PETA but I have unfortunately lost some respect for them. As to Vick what he did to those helpless precious animals is dispicable and beyond words. We may be able to forgive but we will NEVER forget the atrocities he performed. His jail term was a joke but at least I hope the NFL will never let him play in the game again.

  • Tracy says:

    Yes he is a scum bag! But who better than him can say dog fighing is wrong? who better to catch the attention of people who like to fight dogs? some pople dont know their actions are worng untill they are told or they have made that mistake. What he did was so ucked up but people can learn from his horrible actions…..

  • elna says:

    I am so happy to hear that Peta is not going to be involved in helping vick get his foot ball job back because thats all it is to him. He is not remorseful or sorry Peta should not be connected to him in any wayand I cant beleive someone compared boxing and other human sports to legalizing dog fighting you moron humans choose to fight and it dosnt end with a death or the cruel behavior before and after the fight.They can stop at any time. What the hell is wrong with you???

  • Brandi says:

    I would first like to say that PETA you really disgusted me with this article. Why would you ever think it is okay to have Michael Vick as a spokeperson for this organization? Secondly I would like to ask who at this organization is a clinical psychologist with an actual Ph.D or a psychiatrist?? None of you? Then leave the psychological analysis to us professionals. Thank you.