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Saving Seals One Bottle of Syrup at a Time

Written by PETA | May 27, 2009

Since Vermont is America’s top producer of maple syrup, we figured that the state capital was the best place to launch our international boycott of Canadian maple syrup. Of course, Vermonters have always had a soft spot for their state’s delicious syrup, but now there’s yet another reason for all consumers to buy only American syrup—it’s cruelty-free! Check out the pictures from the demonstration:


PETA’s “seal” wielded a hakapik (the weapon sealers use to kill baby seals) and was given the chance to take out his aggression toward sealers on a 6-foot-tall bottle of gooey Canadian “maple syrup.”
The blood-red contents of this bottle are symbolic of the real blood spilled by Canadian sealers during their annual slaughter.
We definitely won the fight against this massive bottle of syrup, but we still have more to do to help end the Canadian seal slaughter for good—so urge your local restaurateurs to boycott Canadian maple syrup now!


Canada has ignored calls from around the world to stop the seal slaughter, but we’re hoping that a plunge in maple syrup sales will get the government’s attention. So, as one compassionate Vermonter so accurately screamed out his window as he drove by the demonstration, “Vermont syrup saves seals!”

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • brooke says:

    my best friend loves seals can you come to marion county indiana and show her a cute fluffy baby seal

  • THOM MILLER says:

    I will boycott the made in Canada maple syrup and all my friends are going to do the same we have to take all measures to stop the slaughter of our seals once and for all now that we have the internet Canada will not hide their dirty little secret any more further more we will make sure this Government will be voted out once and for all we have the power and the voice to get them out!

  • Rachel says:

    How about you make the pledge just so that Stephen Harper knows people care. Whether you actually follow through with the pledge is up to you but definitely let the Prime Minister know that the seal slaughter is a revolting act that needs to be stopped and truly does make Canadayes all of it look disgraceful.

  • Patrick Ward says:

    Ah that old classic “we don’t kill baby seals anymore. Jacques try ‘False comment 1’ youtube and it will be explained to you. On topic I don’t really think boycotting maple syrup is a good idea and I can only hope the seal massacre will be banned soon. When that happens people everywhere will fall in love with Canada again.

  • Jacques E. Bouchard says:

    Baby seal hunting has been illegal in Canada since 1987. Get the facts straight. Secondly this tactic of creating innocent casualties the maple producers in the name of your cause is dangerously close to killing people at the WTC to protest American government. You’re skating on thin ice PETA. I predict a hasty retreat I just hope you’ll have the moral fortitude to publically admit your error in judgement.

  • James says:

    In my opinion your campaign is targeting people who have nothing to do with seal hunting. You will make life more difficult for families living with low revenues We’re not talking about huge companies here…. These people have no influence on the Canadian government. This sounds to me like when the public transportation employees go on strike and say We want the users to put preasure on our managers. Funny eh ? I do not agree with seal clubbing but your campaign have to be rethought.

  • Catherine says:

    I have been a devoted fan and follower of PETA for many many many years now and a solid vegetarian for the past 22 yrs. I usually support all of PETAs efforts and commend them on their progress for animal rights. HOWEVER as a proud Canadian and as a devout vegetarian I am opposed at your attack on Canadian Maple Syrup. Although I absolutely support the ban on all seal products and will continue to fight for an end to sealing I cannot believe PETA is taking it out on Maple Syrup producers who are not hurting anyone and in fact are providing a NATURAL completely vegan alternative to honey which we all know affects our lovely bees. So you will NOT get my support on this completely unfair boycott of Canadian maple syrup. It leaves me to wonder if PETA isn’t becoming completely antiCanadian. For pete’s sake stick to the issue please!

  • chuck says:

    people who live in cities are guilty of destroying the habitat of millions of animals every year Causing most to starve to death becuase their food source has been destroyed. That include Peta members. When is Peta going to start campaigning against urban developments? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones? Or huge mansions at that. Instead of focusing on real dangers to animals you are talking about boycotting maple syrup? You have got to be kidding.

  • carla says:

    I am all for banning lots of things in the USA and I am an American!!!!!

  • Lindsey says:

    i dont understand how maple syrup ties in to Seals at all. i am against the killing of cute innocent seals but banning syrup is not a good way to stop people. i say go to the places where the seals are and do the boycott there. that should get the hunters’ attention. and i speak for all teenagers here. we love seals and we dont want them killed!

  • Harald says:

    Ok seriously Try to understand that humans are superior and will always be. It’s ok to love animals. I do! I also like to eat animals which makes me a murderer. Am i right! Yours sincerely Harald

  • Mika The roofer says:

    OK I sort of get it …you don’t like Canadians … let’s boycott this stuff too BlackBerrys Canola basketball insulin peanut butter and Imax because they are all Canadian as well . You better boycott books and newspapers because wood pupl papermaking was invented by a Canuck …. I’m blogging about this right now . Here’s an idea since AMERICANS buy most seal fur why don’t you boycott Apple Pie ?

  • lisa says:

    I am a huge PETA supporter however this campaign to stop buying canadian maple syrup to completely misguided and needs to be rethought. How does putting tree farmers out of work help fight the seal hunt? They are not connected and this seems morally wrong since you’re harming small farming families and companies who do not hunt seals.

  • Andrew says:

    This would be about as logical as boycotting Canadian lumber because the lumberjack eats bacon. This tactic is counterproductive and promotes the idea that PETA are just… stupid. I am a passionate animal rights activist and I support PETA most of the time… except in situations like this.

  • emily says:

    ok i love animals. im a proud vegetarian AND canadian and im very upset to see my country being represented badly. ive never met anyone who supports the slaughter everyone i know including myself hate the idea of it. the maple syrup has NOTHING to do with the seals.

  • Johnny says says:

    I am so incensed with this campaign. It seems more protectionist and alienating than anything else. Oh and a subtle call to Buy American First instead. Throw in that the announcement was made in Vermont the Maple Syrup capital of the U.S. and this just smacks of divisive self interest. I also think it is an area you should not tread into. Attacking innocent people industries that are arguably much more environmentally sound than say the CDN petrol industry…which by far has much more environmental and economic impact seems insane. Why not boycott the lumber industry because wood is used in some of the tools sealers use. Please do not use that as another industry to target or substitute. P.S. I AM NOT A BIG SUPPORTER OF MOST LUMBER COMPANIES EITHER BY THE WAY. I am no fan of seal clubbing or the seal hunt…but where is the concern or solutions for providing economic incentives to remote economically depressed communities so that they do not have to look at this as one of the few income sources to raise there families. I also take issue with intellectual and cultural imperialism you are displaying. For many this is a deep rooted cultural issue especially for Northern people. Again I urge you to think more rationally and be less volatile choose your labels and directions more carefully. This campaign feels like it was thought up by a bunch of people who spend too much time drinking from the same KoolAid jug while looking down the same narrow tunnel. It provides no positive or productive solutions no incentives and no worthy winner….unless the goal was to act as a mouth piece for American protectionism. As an organization that professes to think globally…your coming across as maybe what you are an America organization first. Sad sad…very disappointing! Least you don’t censor comments or view points…so I still hold out that you will do the right thing and end this campaign. You only provide the ammo for others to marginalize and dismiss the other important and needed campaigns you so passionately undertake.

  • Jon says:

    I agree with the majority of the comments. The maple syrup farmers have nothing to do with the seal hunt! I support PETA and will continue to support them however I definitely will not support this campaign against an innocent group. I call for PETA to abandon this campaign immediately!

  • Johnny says says:


  • Jasmine says:

    I am against clubbing baby seals but what does the maple syrup industry have to do with that? They are actually an industry that doesn’t hurt animals or the environment… Why not boycott grain from the prairies or oil from Alberta or doughnuts from Tim Hortons? I do not think this campaign makes much sense and will not support it.

  • Carla says:

    Like I said in the previous post… Peta would rather see the MURDERING of innocent seal pups for no other reason BUT to wear THEIR pelts and make silly fur figurine animals out of be a thing of the past!! Boycotting seafood didn’t work pinching the governments a didn’t work crying and emailing doesn’t work!! Make people see in the good ol’ US of A that people there won’t stand for it anymore!! Don’t worry Canadian maple syrup will be around alot longer then you think regardless of the boycott!! Yes I’m Canadian!!

  • Patrick says:

    How illogical and counterproductive to boycott an animalfriedly product such as maple syrup in order to protest the seal hunt what genius thought up this one? You do realize that the sugar bush and the seal hunt take place in two totally different regions of Canada right? Now if you could come up with an effective way to protest stupidity I’d be 100 behind you.

  • Gilles Fecteau says:

    Sorry but I think this boycott is misguided. First Peta encourages people to avoid honey. Maple syrup is a great cruelty free substitute to honey. The boycott will increase the price and hurt people trying to avoid bees’ products. Second maple syrup export is only $50. million a tiny part of the Canadian economy.

  • jean bradbury says:

    I logged on to the PETA website to make a dontation but after reading about this ridiculous and insulting campaign I will not support PETA. Why target an environmentally sustainable industry like maple syrup farming? You are making yourselves look stupid.

  • S. Forrest says:

    Instead of boycotting Canadian maple syrup may I modestly propose you could also boycott Alberta oil. After all oil consumption also promotes global warming which is what is ultimately destroying seal habitat. Why pick on maple syrup which produced by small family businesses in Ontario and Quebec who have probably never even seen a wild seal? Is it perhaps because syrup is a lot easier to give up? No one ever said boycotts had to be easy.

  • Indeed says:

    I’m guessing noone from peta has read the comments on the other maple syrup thread otherwise they might have reconsidered continuing such an unsupportable campaign. Good work peta.

  • E Rogers says:

    The Canadian maple syrup producers supporters are already getting very vocal here so hopefully this outrage will work its way up the chain. Let’s get this problem solved!

  • Hannah Campbell says:

    This must be a joke. Not only will this “boycot” not affect the Canadian economy in the LEAST but it implies that every citizen of Canada and everyone working in the maple syrup industry in Canada is for the seal hunt. Watch out Peta your ignorance is showing.

  • K Mackintosh says:

    Hey why not kidnap preschoolers and hold them ransom. Makes as much sense.

  • K Mackintosh says:

    I have supported many things your group has done in the last year but this move is wrong and insulting. Canadians do not wear snow shoes live in ice houses or have to shovel snow 12 months a year. Why not boycott hockey eh? This is so stereotypical and makes your group look stupid. Also Maple Syrup producers are so far removed from this issue it is simply unfair for your group to use its influence to target them. Your group has just lost my support.

  • Courtney says:

    I love you guys..I am a member..but to say things like “Canada has ignored calls” make that our OFFICIALS..everyone I know is HORRIFIED and outraged at the seal hunt…it’s our government who allows it to happen. If you don’t think there hasn’t been public outcry over this brutality for years now your are mistaken. Unfortunately the all mighty dollar speaks more than compassion. Protest the hell out of it by all means but maple syrup? Punishing the WRONG industry there buds

  • Karen Messier says:

    As a compassionate Canadian and strong supporter of Peta I must say that I do not agree with this tactic. Boycotting maple syrup serves only to punish an industry that is totally animalfriendly and does not address the seal hunt. The slaughter of seals offends us all because we are able to watch it on video. It is done out in the open for all to see. For those offended by such a slaughter they should also consider focusing their attention on the horrible slaughter of millions of factory farm animals that takes place 365 days a year…around the world. The inhumane living conditions and subsequent mass slaughter of these animals is conveniently unseen. I have become a vegetarian as a way of protesting the treatment of factory farm animals and I would never eat or purchase a seal product. We can vote our ethical position with our food choices. I will continue to enjoy maple syrup and make my food choices based on how that food was produced. For those who are boycotting Canadian maple syrup yet still eating meat…you might want to review your food choices.

  • Dave says:

    PETA girls are hot! man. that’s all I gotta say lol. Thanks PETA.

  • Am says:

    While I support the fight against commercial sealing this campaign is offensive to Canadians. Reducing us to maplesyruppushing seal clubbers does nothing to further the cause people of all nations should be working together to end cruelty instead of pointing fingers. Many Canadians think that the seal hunt should be stopped but would obviously not want to side with an organization that is attacking Canadian culture. If you could narrow down your mudslinging I think you’d find more support.

  • Erin McLean says:

    The seal hunt truly makes me ashamed to be Canadian. I will purchase only American syrup until this cruelty ends!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The seal clubbing in Canada is beyond atrocious. Let’s also urge our supposedly enlightened Democratic President and Congress to advocate vegetarianism for planetary moral ecological global warming and health reasons.

  • dog says:

    boycotting farm produce in order to save seals? cmon guys this makes no sense. is this about hating everything canadian? because it doesnt seem to be about seals. just to let you know PETA has supporters in canada too so lay off the nationalism.

  • Bonnie says:

    What does syrup have to do with the seal slaughter? Does maple syrup in some way contribute to this? Aside from both of them originating from Canada? COME ON! That is ridiculous. That’s like asking us to boycott Japanese rice because they go whaling. Unbelievable…

  • Valerie says:

    Let me start by saying I think PETA is a great company. However banning Maple Syrup is a ridiculus attempt to prevent seal slaughter. I do not understand how putting innocent families out of business will prove anything. The government will not stop the slaughter of seals because maple syrup is not selling. Please rethink this protest it is an extremely unintelligent way of going about things!

  • Julie says:

    I totally agree that us Canadians should stop Seal Slaughter but how is banning Canadian maple syrup going to do anything other than help the American Maple syrup industry. I mean come on! I think this is just ridiculous.

  • Alex says:

    Hmm… “The bloodred contents of this bottle are symbolic of the real blood spilled by Canadian sealers during their annual slaughter.” And the Syrup Bottle represents you attacking an industry that has nothing to do with the seal slaughter in the first place.

  • Mike says:

    Why attack an industry full of hard working people who have nothing to do with the seal hunt?

  • Cathy says:

    Seriously maple syrup? There are so many other substantial exports that would make an impact than that. Believe it or not maple syrup isn’t that big of a deal here….eh

  • kaiori says:

    I’m going to miss maple syrup so much The government had better listen FAST!

  • Lisa Jones says:

    So how does syrup relate to the slaughter of seals? are you boycotting the whole nation of Canada?

  • - Peta Supporter says:

    I don’t think I agree with this. I DO believe that we should boycott Canadian seal slaughter…but boycotting products that have no DIRECT connection with this is not a good move for either economies

  • Candice MacNeale says:

    Let me start by saying that I have supported Peta for years and will continue to do so. AND I am 100 against the seal hunt. But as a Canadian I’m not sure I can get on board with this campaign. I understand the idea I just feel like it makes us ALL sound like murderers and targets a large group of likeminded tree farmers in the process! I love seals my country! Just thought I stick up for both! xxoo C

  • Aneliese says:

    Hm I would stick to the seal protests instead with the parody of the vancouver logo. People would be much more moved to see a person hacking up a fake seal than a bottle of maple syrup.

  • tom says:

    hurting small maple farmers who have never clubbed a seal is not the way to advance your cause nor is it fair tactics. This campaign needs to be rethought

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Also you said so yourself….15 comes from other places than Canada. As long as there is a supply of syrup coming from somewhere no one will care. But at the same time one can protest the danged seal hunt.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    After thinking about it I’ll stick to protesting the seal hunt but not caring where my maple syrup comes from as long as its not the corn syrup immitation crap thank you very much. P