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Ryan Gosling to McCruelty: ‘What’s Your Excuse?’

Written by PETA | March 11, 2010

Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling is the heartthrob with a heart of gold—and now he’s got a message for the Golden Arches: Stop scalding chickens to death in defeathering tanks. The Oscar-nominated actor just fired off a letter on PETA’s behalf to McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner asking him to adopt a less cruel slaughter method. Controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK), which McDonald’s European suppliers already use, would eliminate the worst abuses currently faced by chickens who are killed for McNuggets.

Ryan himself said it best in Half Nelson: “The only constant is change.” By changing to a more humane slaughter method, McDonald’s would evolve and show the world some compassion for animals. If you could say anything to McD’s, what would you tell them?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • belinda says:

    what is wrong with them! Its not that hard for them tojust help the animals and get their poor defensless lives over with instead of struggling with them!Itll be eaiser for why?? They are some evil people

  • Norma Sandler says:

    Everyone who eats flesh eggs and dairy is responible for the extreme suffering and horrible death of about 96 animals a year. It’s as simple as that! Go veg. You’ll be healthier and a better more evolved human being with a cleaner conscience.

  • Annie says:

    I’m SOOOOOO disappointed at McD. I already told all my friends not to eat KFC. now I’ve to add McD chicken. It’s one of my favorite coffee brkfst places but now??? pls send us a link w message to McD. I want to SCREEEEEM at them. Thnx Ryan!

  • Tom says:

    McDs is a corporation looking to make huge profits at the expense of the slaughtered animals they sell and the customers they serve. So it’s no surprise they sell crap. It has the highest profit margins and unfortunately is the least healthy. Skip fast food hell and you’ll be fine.

  • TatianaH(: says:

    Wow fk you McDonalds! Animals have feelings too! What if you were the chickens getting killed?! Boycott McDonalds!

  • amber Barnett says:

    ronald mcdonald what stupid name! he dresses like and complete idiot!

  • Taikor says:

    I want to tell McDonald’s to change to vegetarian business. Vivo pizza food chain has begin providing vegetarian foods on its menu. McDonald’s should go the same path or risk losing vegetarian customers and boycotts by animal rights activists

  • shai mace says:

    KFC is already bing shut down everywhere where i live and now i can only hope that mcdonalds is shut down too for similar reasons. i only feel sorry for the uneducated people who eat there.

  • Shannen says:

    This is such a great act. Animals shouldn’t have to be hurt in any way but since people want to eat them we should make sure the animals are living a good happy life before they die. It’s really the least we can do considering the fact that these innocent creatures are abused every day.

  • David says:

    More power to you Ryan! Use that status and get some change done ! Meanwhile I am going to promote your movies to friends and family and tell them what you do when not on the screen!!! Keep it up. Merci de la part des animaux David

  • Soledad Gonzalez says:

    Hi I’m currently living in Argentina but I learned about PETA when I lived in the USA for 8 years and I just love PETA they do such a wonderful job protecting animals. I have been a vegetarian a long time ago and I can say that I hate the people who kill molest and torture animals so that a restaurant like mcdonalds or KFC or any other restaurant can benefit from them. We humans do not have any right to take any animal’s life. So I like ryan gosling a lot for defending animals! Please go vegetarian! It’s the best! and not hard at all! becoming a vegeratarian can prevent this torture to the animals!

  • yaralie says:

    Hi Sarah. l too am converting to veganism finding it difficult. Planning ahead is helpful like a menu plan a list when you shop a favorite place that has vegan options when you eat out etc. And l always visit a couple of animal welfare or vegan websites before l go out into situations where l might be tempted to compromise my beliefs to drum it into me that l’m doing the right thing for the animals. Good on you!

  • theresa kisielewski says:

    Never will I step foot into McDonalds that is horrific

  • Heather says:

    One of my daughters and I are vegetarian but my other two daughts son and husband eat meat. And sad to say McDonalds is a regular thing on the way to gymnastics or Karate but not anymore!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    i m his fan.

  • Mirandah Clare says:

    Ryan is a wonderful being I am most fond of him. McDonalds is absolutely ridiculous caring for nothing other than their profit. They hide behind their masked smiles trying to convince the world that they care. I most certainly hope they make a change however I am doubtful that they will.

  • Natasha says:

    McDonalds only cares about money money and more money so they will never change.

  • chocokitty says:

    I despise arrogant McDonalds and would like to see them go out of business.

  • Marianne G says:

    I’ve never really supported Mcdonald’s after I became a vegetarian. I still ate their fries but a few years ago I found out that they flavor them with beef tallow. I was disgusted. Good for Ryan and good for McDonald’s if they are taking a more humane step in their factories.

  • Ruben Alejandro Sesto Fuentes says:

    The entire world must stop manufacturers treating animals like rubbish with the only porpuose of make money for their own pockets. We must start a campaing focused to eat only the own animals not industrialized or not to eat animals.

  • Diane B says:

    I did not know this and will spread the word about McD’s cruelty to its food resources the beautiful creatures that they use for profit. Boycott Mc’D’s for sure. Animals are NOT for human consumption on this planet we are to be vegetarians Genesis. Spread the word and thank you to all of these high profile supporters. We are here to take care of the less powerful species on our ONLY home in the universe or we will all lose we need the rainforests clean rivers and the animals for purifying the earth for us better than we can ever do. Why are we so slow to learn this? Maybe now the internet will teach our species faster and in time to save our planet for ALL. Perhaps we could even do the humane thing and be humane and feel great about being the HEROES!

  • Kay says:

    All I’ve got to say is thank God I’m a vegetarian and this is one of the many reasons I became one. Shame on McDonald’s!

  • Kim says:

    There is no excuse for this terrible torture and abuse when there are less cruel mehtods available!

  • Andrew Y says:

    mcdonalds is the worlds most richest food server in the world! with billions of dollars they cant even do something thats practicly FREE and would even make more customersand mcdonals wouldn’t be blamed for animal cruelty!I MEAN COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha Muir says:

    mcdonalds sucks eggs and they know it 2!!! I’m so glad that a star is trying to help and i wish more stars whould try to help 2 end more chickens hurt. like 1 sign said it might be fast food but it is more of a slow painfull death and the cak way is soo much better for the chickens and us!!! ‘ ‘

  • Veronica Pelaez says:

    Well i think is a very brave thing to do…. sometimes i wissh i could be famous just to use all the money i have to try to stop all this animal cruelty going on…. Lets keep trying someday maybe someone will listen… OH and i luv this guy…

  • Cathy says:

    I dont know how people can be that cruelty! If people continue to slaughter the least they can do is to do it in a more human way!

  • Kristine says:

    JoettaTake it in small steps and don’t condemn yourself if you are struggling. Keep reading and learning about the lifestyle. McDonald’s doesn’t care about people why should they care about the animals? In my strong opinion every fast food joint should be shut down. I haven’t eaten fast food in years even when I ate meat…absolutely disgusting.

  • Elliott Black says:

    McDonalds is pure evil. I am amazed to see long lines in the drive thru every day! The average overweight American does not care about anything but their own convenience!

  • Sarah says:

    I am trying to be a vegan… it’s not working that well any ideas or advice?

  • joetta says:

    I watched the video on the PETA website about how chickens are killed by KFC and this is the same thing. If people are going to continue to slaughter animals for fast food then they should at least do it in a humane way. These poor little animals deserve that much from humans.

  • Chi Nguyen-Zeh says:

    Achieving the Oscar it’s only means “a job well done!” But to save a life or to do a moral justice for a voiceless creatures it is achieving an accomplishment in life!

  • Chi Nguyen-Zeh says:

    Thanks Ryan for your care to these voiceless animals.

  • Hoss says:

    I have a friend who is a trucker. He told me how they killed the chickens in some of the slaughter houses. I didn’t believe it until this article. Downright outragious in the this day and age.

  • Ide Fagan says:

    I don’t eat in McDonalds anymore after I read about their cruel slaughter of cows in Mexico. Shame on you McDonalds…shamelessly garnering profit without giving one damn about the pain you are causing to these undeserving animals. These animals deserve to be treated with respect….it is their planet too! How arrogant of the human race to think it is here for them…to pillage in whatever way they wish. Please people…think before you eat in these slaughterhouses again!!!!!

  • bonnie zarrillo says:

    i will never eat at mickey d’s but i have developed a better idea i order a coffee and leave a note the the cashier that i am unable to order a meal because they cruely kill chickens this stunns the workers who like me were unaware.

  • Sarah says:

    could ryan gosling get any hotter?!! hahahah he is amazing

  • Vicky says:

    WELL DONE! WELL SAID! Of course I do not eat at Mc donald’s…and not only me. My family and friends too…….how could we????? Eat and imagine how what we eat is made of?????????? NO THANKS.

  • yvonne walter says:

    The only way to stop these practices is to boycott and get the word around to as many people as possible about the horrific cruelty that goes on in these moneymaking giants. That’s all the MacDonalds and KFC’s think about.

  • Doreen Higgs says:

    It sometimes seems to take the help of a celebrity to draw attention to something like this horrendous cruelty

  • Steven Jones says:

    McSpinkter Burgers there was a article in the news a few years ago about McD being the leading purchaser of animal spinchterbuthole muscle every wonder what that chewy thing is in your burger also tyson an kfc are horrible abusers of thier animals

  • Vicki Muncie says:

    This is apalling. I will stop eating at McDonald’s until they prove they have adopted the more humane method of slaughtering the chickens they use in their food. Thanks Ryan for helping to bring attention to this horrific practice. I hope he and others will help put pressure on the Chinese to put an end to their slaughtering of dogs and cats. It is just heartbreaking and sickening to hear about all of the awful things happening to animals who can’t even defend themselves. We are supposed to be the superior species which to me means we know better and should do better in our treatment of all animals.

  • Jon says:

    Thanks Ryan. McD’s has a very long history of shame. Not only do they destroy torture and maim animals but they also are destroying vast parts of south american rain forests to make room for grazing ground. Theres alot of filthy facts about McD’s that the public overlooks. As long as man preys on the inferior man will never know peace.