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Russell Brand Only Brandishes Faux

Written by PETA | March 19, 2010

Who was most surprised to hear reports that Russell Brand was supposedly sporting snakeskin boots at the Vanity Fair Oscar party? Russell Brand himself.


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Russell Brand


No one who’s familiar with the raucously clever comic—who is a longtime vegetarian and has spoken out for animals on numerous occasions—could believe that he would support the live skinning of snakes. So PETA U.K. went straight to the source and asked Russell whether or not his footwear was really snakeskin. He immediately changed our WTF to FTW by assuring everyone that his alleged faux pas was really fab faux: “They’re fake. Specially made, don’t panic. I also won ‘sexiest smoker’ this week in spite of not smoking.”

Phew! Now we can trash that “Are your cigarettes cruelty-free?” letter (kidding).

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Marianne G says:

    Gorgeous and humane. A match made in Heaven. It’s difficult to find shoes that are vegan and yet not made of plastic. I think both are terrible for the planet.

  • ann says:

    that’s a relief! its also great to know that there is a celebrity who stand up for animals!