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Are Ronald McDonald’s Days Numbered?

Written by PETA | May 19, 2011

To combat the epidemic of kids who are shaped like McNuggets, more than 550 health organizations and professionals are demanding that McDonald’s stop marketing its fat-and-calorie bombs to children. The campaign was organized by Corporate Accountability International, which ran an open letter to McDonald’s in newspapers nationwide, stating, “[W]e know that reducing junk food marketing can significantly improve the health of kids.”  

Although a recent survey shows that adults think that Ronald McDonald is just plain creepy, children are still susceptible to the red-haired reject and the toys that he touts. And while several states have tried to ban toys from Happy Meals, industry lobbyists squelch the bans before they get off the ground.

It looks like McDonald’s McCruelty isn’t limited to scalding chickens alive. You can help by urging the kids you know to make every meal a “Happy Meal” by adopting a healthy vegan diet

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • NRG says:

    As a member of Peta, I support all these protests, but everyone is missing the point. All the slaughtering of animals is only for satisfying the tongue and uncontrolled desires. By eliminating the meat industry, all the world can be fed with the saved land and food grains alone. This Godless society cannot understand this simple truth-so they will not stop until they do see how they are destroying our Mother Earth and its helpless creatures

  • Jackie says:

    Fat children are the most commonly bullied in school, because fat HATE and shaming is seen as acceptable by our society. Also, spanking children is promoting violence and might is right. You want to spank your child, don’t be surprised if they become a bully or an animal abuser.


    Hello BigMac Inc. Ought to train Ronald as an informed host for healthy meal choices. He could do communication wonders. He is already a well known and somewhat popular guy. Stay employed Ronald – keep your well earned health benefits and full future pension. Get your Union to back you up. No layoffs for you in this economy. Clearly we’ve been told this economy was troubled all along by govt. spending on school lunches for children and milk cartons for little black and brown kids. Ronald, you can speak the truth to power. That’s it. Stay tuned. JOHN LONGENECKER

  • Sarah says:

    Parents need to stop blaming others for there lack of parenting skills and start being PARENTS and stop trying to be there kids BEST FRIEND..We invented this wonderful word called NO for a reason…If the child asks for Mcdonalds and you dont feel like giving them that you SAY NO! end of story if they whine throw a fit or scream god invented something called SPANKING. you can say Mcdonalds is making your kid fat if YOU are the one taking them daily

  • Madison says:

    I loved this!

  • cristy92210 says:

    A veggie burger on the menu would be amazing!

  • Ashley says:

    Mcdonalds food doesn’t have to be as nasty as it is. They could totally make things vegan and delicious, and not soaked in fat and covered in salt. If you are vegetarian the only thing you can eat there is the veggy burger which is NASTY! The fries are cooked in beef fat. With more people going veg it would be in their best interest at least include edible vegetaian options. I even know omnivores who won’t eat there because they feel terrible all over after eating that garbage.

  • jeffrey mills says:

    Its called free enterprise they have the right to market there product to whoever they want to its the parents responsibility to refrain from taking there kids to fast food places there is no way you can say to a billion dollar world wide company to just give up hundreds of millions of dollars because you feel they should want to you want to hurt a company like mcdonalds stop taking your kids there .

  • MA Moo says:

    I would like to see a Veggie burger on the menu! They are now offering Lemon and strawberry smoothies as an alternative to “milk” shakes. In my opinion, every fast food restaurant should offer Veggie burgers and non-dairy beverages! Yes, the red-haired Ronald has always looked creepy to me!