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Ringling Cancels Visit to Valencia

Written by PETA | November 12, 2009

On the heels of Ringling’s recent cancellation of its tour in Germany comes another triumph in Europe. Following a campaign by PETA U.K. and other animal protection organizations against cruel Ringling Bros. shows across the pond, Ringling has called off its visit to Valencia, Spain.

PETA U.K. and AnimaNaturalis sent joint letters to Valencia officials informing them of Ringling’s history of beating, chaining, and caging elephants, tigers, horses, and countless other animals. PETA U.K. and AnimaNaturalis also had plans to demonstrate outside the arena in Valencia at which Ringling was slated to perform.


Ringling protest


With city after city taking a compassionate stance against animal abuse, Ringling’s European tour is flailing—but it hasn’t completely drowned yet. Ringling still has three stops scheduled on its Spanish tour. Our fingers are crossed that those will be cancelled too, but if they aren’t, Ringling can bet its bullhooks that there will be protests at every stop.

Want to help end this transatlantic travesty? Urge the remaining venues in Spain to say “No” to suffering.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Elaine says:

    !!!IDEA!!! If somebody on the inside could get PETA 1a bullhook 2an electric prod etc. etc. you could courier it from show to show to showcase the weapons that Ringling uses against the animals. I think it would be 1very effective and 2a good use of money. Seeing THAT would really wake me up if I was an asleep uninformed civilian! Keep up the good work. Freedom to Fauna!

  • Jude1961 says:

    I am also thrilled to know that finally the abuse long suffered by the Elephants at Ringlings is being exposed and the momentum of compassionate people around the world will bring their abuse to an end. To W. Bridges I say that it is beholden on all people of compassion to work towards the end of the abuse of freedoms and rights for all living creatures. Our fight for the elephants does not diminish your concerns about child abuse and child prostitution. Both the rights of the individual child and the rights of the individual animal address the core fact that whilst there is suffering imposed at the hands of cruel and careless men that we all you and I and every person with a heart work tirelessly for the people and animals we care so deeply about. While we argue about who is more worthy of “help” we diminish the strength of our individual and collective attempts to bring about a world free of explotiation and suffering.

  • Monique says:

    I think PETA should promote alternatives to Ringling such as Cirque Du Soleil. Not a single animal performer. I 3 CdS….It’s elegant it’s artistic and it’s breathtaking. AND IT IS HUMANE!

  • Tony Hampsheir says:

    Why don’t the American government ban animals in the circus as we have in Great Britain our circuses are alway full despite having no amimals now! The American people and Government should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen.

  • Carlos Pascual Mejà says:

    Ringling doesnt exist any more.Pure cruelty with the animals and elephants.Is a horrible show.We need animal rights in all the world specially with all of this type of bad cirkus.

  • Ana says:

    wow! makes me feel a bit proud of being from the same country as them. Here in Oviedo we tried several times to demonstrate against circusses but police wouldn’t let us even begin. We’re still trying though.

  • Sandra Newell says:

    Great News One step at a time! Personally I believe when animals are accepted as being as deserving of love compassion and protection we will not have to worry about children either. Until animals are not seen as a commodity I don’t see hope for children or adults. Treating everything with equality not as ‘things’ to make money off of is key!

  • carla from usa says:

    Our Legal system sucks here in the United States when it comes to animals. Good for you Germany!!!!

  • Patty Bowers says:

    No offense to W. Bridges who posted before me but he is wrong in saying we will never see the end to cruelty to animals. We have seen HUGE strides over the decades mostly due to orgs. like PETA and others who educate and expose cruelty for what it is. Consciousness is evolving and I personally am thrilled with the advances that have been made. Nevertheless it is a tirelss battle we have to fight and we have no choice but to continue. And we WILL. May ALL beings be free of suffering! Ahimsa Patty Bowers

  • sally says:

    no offense but maybe it’s time we started concentrating on child abuse child prostitution. Obviously they’re never going to stop at the circus or fur factories or being cruel to the animals. It’s just wasting money because human nature is never gonna change and I’d rather see a little 7 year old girl getting helped out of prostitution before seeing some bear get his cage washed down.

    • Beadweaver says:

      You need to understand, in most cases animal abuse is the precursor to child abuse. So by getting abuse and cruelty to animals, can and will help get child abusers off the streets before it can happen!

  • W. Bridges says:


  • Maria says:

    How you like it if someone doing to you.. you hurting the animals.. I wish I were there so I can do it to you.. you stupied.. close your business and go home.. let the elephants go back to their home. Stop the your clown..

  • Timothy says:

    I wish cities in the U.S. would ban Ringling Bros. from coming to town. Unfortunately as long as people are willing to pay for tickets Ringling will still be around. I’m glad that word is spreading about how abusive Ringling is to their elephants and other animals. Animals should not be used as entertainment. Support animal free circuses.

  • Shari says:

    Wow! This great! Power to the people! We are bring peace back to the animals! To bad our legal system failed to protect them. Great job Germany!