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Ricky Williams: From NFL Star to Restaurateur

Written by PETA | November 24, 2009
everyjoe / CC
Ricky Williams


Ricky Williams is hulking proof that vegan athletes last longer and play harder, and we’re sure that his new restaurant, PROOF, will have the same stamina that he has.

PROOF opened today in the Z Ocean Hotel on Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive, and the most delectable part of its menu is the Ricky’s Picks section. Handpicked by the NFL star so that he “can order entrées,” the section’s hearty and humane options range from a black-bean burger to rice noodles and tofu.

Kudos to Ricky for creating a menu that makes my mouth water just by reading it. You’ll definitely find me seated at PROOF on my next trip to Miami.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Harvey, Proud Owner of the Best Restaurant in Chelsea says:

    Welcome to the restaurant business Ricky! We will be more than proud to have you running a restaurant. All the Best!

  • Sandra Kirchberger says:

    that is so cool!!!! I dont watch football but I almost want to knowing that there is a vegan athlete now on the field!! I will go to his restaurant when i am in Miami.

  • matt in chicago says:

    again i dont understand the train of thought here…why is peta giving praise to someone who is himself vegan but who opens a restaraunt that only has SOME veg options? besides rickys picks the menu has flesh on it so why give him any praise? he couldve made it all veg but that wouldve cut profits so hes serving meat too…by petas logic we should give props to ANY place that serves a salad then? true animal lovers dont compromise. go vegan…all the way not just “here and there”…and peta quit praising this kind of stuff.

  • carla says:

    Sexy and Smart You go Ricky Williams!!! Wake up all you Meateating men… your so NOT sexy!

  • NT says:

    This is great! We’re going to Miami for New Year’s to get away from the Canadian winter and we are soooooo going to PROOF!

  • Peter Gamache says:

    Yes! Got to check this restaurant out when I visit Miami! Run Ricky Run!

  • lynda downie says:

    Kudos to Ricky Williams for setting a good example by having vegan fare as Ricky’s Picks.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Rickey Williams is a kind survivor and a boundlessly talented running back. It’s nice to learn that he digs vegetarian food.