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Rhinos Face Uphill Fight for Survival

Written by PETA | January 14, 2011

The year has not started well for South Africa’s rhinos. Five of the animals have already been killed since New Year’s Day, and if the recent past is any indication, many more victims will follow.

Overall, it has been an atrocious few years for South Africa’s rhinos. Poachers in the country continue to illegally slaughter an alarming number of the animals. Last year alone, 333 rhinos were murdered in South Africa, including 10 critically endangered black rhinos.

That total is the highest ever recorded in the country and is almost three times the previous year’s death toll of 122.

At the end of the 19th century, the white rhino population stood at less than 200. Thanks to strong conservation efforts, the rhino population now exceeds 20,000. So why are these majestic animals being killed? A belief among some people that rhino horns can cure cancer is fueling demand for the horns in Asia (particularly in Vietnam).

You can help. Please step up and speak out against the slaughter of African rhinos.

This rhino survived 35 hours after being shot twice and having her horn sawed off.
chris.corwin/CC by 2.0

Written by Joseph Mayton

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  • i love dogs says:

    I hte that people think just because animals can’t talk (except parrots maybe) it gives them the right to be so mean to them. who would want to hurt a cute little person like that? yes i consider animals people.

  • PETA says:

    To take action about this issue, please sending a polite email to the South African embassy, and voice your concerns: Thank you for all that you do for animals.

  • Jessica says:

    What types of things can we at home do for these animals? Are there petitions we can sign or numbers we can call demanding people to stop. After seeing the image I want to inform as many people as I can about this issue because the killing of these animals for such absurd reasons needs to stop this year.

  • Muriel says:

    ‘I’m really so sad for what people (if we can say people) do for these animals, it’s so awful, it’s seem it’s not real, but it is.

  • Rhino says:

    Oh my gosh….

  • Wolf says:

    We all have to realize that all animals including humas have their place on earth and same rights be extendended to all creatures.

  • Michelle says:

    An eye for eye. Animals are considered property. Used by an arrogant society for whatever purpose, whether pleasure or profit. Until we elevate animals from property status, they will suffer and face unthinkable deaths that will be unpunishable. Animal rights now!

  • Lynne says:

    Last year South African authorities arrested several people involved in poaching rhino. The alleged syndicate included two veterinarians. So disgusting.

  • Bradley Savage says:

    How cruel can people be? It never ceases to amaze me how low some people can be!

  • Henrietta says:

    I cant find words for this,I just dont understand how people can do this???why God give us so much power? and why we dont use to help this power?

  • Dawn says:

    The world is going to hell, it is always wonderful to save animals from cruel people but it is impossible to stop people from being cruel, there are simply too many of them, while we fight within the confines of the law, they do not.

  • Karen says:

    This is offensive, and makes me very angry!! What is wrong with these pathetically ignorant people, how can anyone think this is ok??? Laws to protect these poor animals need to be in place and enforced! These sadists must be held accountable for their crimes!

  • Ron says:

    There are no bounds to the cruelty that (some) humans are capable of. There should be no bounds to the punishment exacted for their horrendous misdeeds.

  • ed says:

    Stop with the mysticism people you are killing these creatures for no reason.

  • Peacocklady says:

    I can only imagine the pain this poor creature suffered whilst being hacked at. I can hardly bear to look at the photo without crying. Too cruel for words. My God, why do so called humans do this?

  • Eva says:

    thats hoorible

  • Brianna says:

    I can’t believe these ignorant people would think doing such a horrible thing would cure cancer?!?!

  • nayan says:

    stiffer penalties for poachers.

  • Zoya says:

    it’s terrible. It is necessary to prevent people mistreat animals.need a petition!

  • Salina says:

    damit muss endlich schluss sein. wieso gibt es sowas noch?

  • Sebastian J says:

    Stopt diese Tierqälerei!!!!!

  • Cheryl says:

    I am horrified at the amount of rhinos that have already been killed, when will the goverment step in and help to find a solution, like everything only at the last moment, maybe then it will to late!

  • Health Conscious says:

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know how people do this to other living beings. It’s giving me chills just looking at the picture.

  • ashwin says:

    why do they need the horn of the rhino made out of hair when god has given us enough already.

  • Sandra Val says:

    How could you, Once again, Karma will get you.

  • xsquooshx says:

    we must take care and make petition, is it possible to help?

  • Jennifer says:

    this is horrifying. isn’t there something we can do? other than writing letters and signing petitions, i mean… something hands-on? this breaks my heart. 🙁

  • ashwin says:

    This is so horrible…….feel like killing the people who do this to these poor animals…….:(

  • Miho Reed says:

    The disrespect and suffering inflicted on these animals is offensive and heart wrenching. Please do all you can to prevent this inhumane atrocity.

  • Evelyn says:

    Why ion earth can U>S>A>tranport food and help! but cant do something about this on going discrace! these people need to be educated get a job! and stop abuseing these creatures of god because they think its the only way to live. the law must be put into action more carefully! and with more force. they should have more police gaurds all around and harsh sentences for the punishment of this practice.

  • Teresa Echeverría says:

    Ojalá pronto aprendamos a ser “seres humanos” verdaderos, con conciencia, amor y compasión hacia todos los seres…

  • nancy says:

    This makes me want to cry. How do we speak up about this? Is there somewhere to write letters?

  • Sally says:

    OMG…this is so upsetting…how anyone can do this. The suffering and pain she must have endured…but her pictures will hopefully help spread the word about the atrocities and something will be done. She will not be forgotten.

  • Pissed says:

    What right do those disgusting idiots have to kill those poor rhinos? Rhinos don’t owe you people anything. Their horns belong to them NOT YOU.

  • MARIMA says:

    i can not even look at this picture it is heart breaking cruel i hope this will be banned and whom ever do this to be punished for this crime it breaks my heart am shocked


    It is outrageous that mankind treats our animals a gift from God to us in this cruel wicked way, this must be banned at once……………….

  • Michelle Burroughs says:

    Breaks my heart.

  • Ludi says:

    This is just unacceptable!!! No one has the right to torture and/or kill an animal on unfounded believes. Animals should never have to die to begin with just because the human kind says so! This is wrong and I demand that this slaughter be stopped!

  • Mayra says:

    I cant believe how human can be so selfish and cruel. We should all accept the fact that we’re only given a certain time of life span and should NEVER go against the law by hurting others. Poor animals cannot even defend themselves. I hope carma gets to those selfish people out there.

  • Leski says:

    Im a south african, and its illegal to do that. Most of these happen in the “kruger national park”,a tourist park, where animals range freely. they have rangers driving around but still these poachers manage to kill rhino. I wish there was something we could do! If you have ever seen a rhino in the wild, grazing naturally in its environment, its even harder to believe some one would misuse the trust of such a enourmous yet gentle beauty! 🙁

  • Sabina says:

    I’m lost for words. People who do such things should be treat the same way they treat these poor rhinos.

  • tom moore says:

    My god this is just plain awful here. This needs to be FELONY wrong here. Maybe poachers hands need to be chopped off when caught as a deterrent.

  • Linda Rentfrow says:

    Can we get to a solution some how? Can we have the medical community rescind any and all comments regarding using the rhino horn for cancer cures?

  • Stacy says:

    Anyone who can do this has no compassion for life itself. It angers me that they are part of the same species I am.

  • Mona Tehrani says:

    This is disgusting and unacceptable.

  • Erika says:

    PETA help these poor, defenseless animals!

  • Carrina says:

    This cruel treatment needs to be banned, its disgusting and should be stopped as soon as possible

  • Danell says:

    I’m offended beyond words about this. This is cruel and unnecessary. Tougher laws governing animals safety, and also tougher punishment for the heinous crimes committed upon this poor animals by sadistic idiots must be in place NOW!

  • allyn says:

    This is so cruel. It’s hard to believe that people can do this to animals. Breaks my heart.

  • Louisa Rud says:

    Hört auf mit der Tierquälerei!!