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Puppy Thrown From Cliff in Iraq

Written by PETA | March 5, 2008

Update: You can read PETA’s letter to the Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) about this video here, and if you want to show your support for investigating and punishing those involved, you can do so here.

A lot of people have been writing in and commenting about a shocking video that has recently surfaced which shows a smiling marine throwing a live puppy off a cliff while his friend laughs. Witnessing this kind of sadism under any circumstances is incredibly disturbing, but there’s something particularly horrifying about seeing it perpetrated by members of the military, and our caseworkers are currently analyzing the video footage to determine its legitimacy, as well as pushing military authorities to follow through on their own thorough investigation of this reprehensible act.

From what I understand, the culprit is believed to be based in Hawaii, and we intend to ensure that he—and anyone else involved in this atrocity—is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if this video is determined to be authentic. I’ll keep you posted.


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  • angryatthis says:

    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. how in the world could someone do such a thing!? WHAT A SICK MINDED IDIOT!!!! ITS A PUPPY! it couldnt save itself who would EVER do that!?

  • William says:

    Well the soldiers in question were punished dearlyone was even discharged and the film has been recieved with outrage not only by the animal rights community but by the antiwar community and the internet as a whole. My personal belief is that it is these types of soldiers who are also the ones going around beating up civilians.

  • Katie Young says:

    This is by far the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. My family has been breeding dogs for years and hold the upmost respect for the canine family. I can’t beleive nothing has been done about this. Hope those men never step foot in Canada. PIGS…..someone should throw them off a cliff!! I wouldnt hesitate

  • simon says:

    im sick to see a human to cause pain to a defenless animal. i only hoped he and his mates will get shot or suffer in pain which they caues to this poor dog .

  • Chris Schattauer says:

    As an ex soldier my self the military is still a man’s domain when men get together as a group they lower them self to the basic primo instincts they fill that they must out macho each other to prove a point I’m sure this idiot probably wouldn’t behave this way if he was on his own. Remember when a herd of men get together they act tough one alone is a coward I’m glad the US military took action and discharged him this idiot should have thought what he was doing that maybe his military carrier would come to an end. I’m glad that youtube showed this video world wide the next time an idiot thinks of doing some horrible he will think twice before doing some he will regret. Here in the Canadian military some thing like this would happen they would cover it up or blame it on post traumatic stress syndrome PTSD

  • paige says:

    disgusting. he should be shot.

  • Kaycie says:

    Disgrace! these people are defendng our country! There worthless!

  • Lucie says:

    wow this is the most depressing thing i have ever read.. that guy makes all of the marines look bad and he is a complete scumbag i wish i cant throw HIM off a cliff

  • John Maximus says:

    Makes me mad when seeing videos like this… Weak and pathetic soldiers wasting time by hurling a little puppy why would they do such a thing?! Stupid loathsome soldiers what are you? I can’t barely imagine if i can do it too you got guts by killing a puppy. How insolent fool you are that puppy couldn’t even fight back. Try rippin’ your fellow soldier’s balls then eat them like you haven’t ate for years! Fucking mortal!

  • HarryH says:

    Throwing a Puppy over a cliff shows how sick War makes People. Putting it into the WWW is just as sick. I live in a Country where we still mourne and feel shamed for killing so many innocent People during WWII. I can only recall a song from the VietnamEra “Hes an universal sodier his order come from far … But brother can you see this is not the way we put an end to war!” So lets start saving all of Gods creatures including Mankind!

  • Lisa says:

    this man is a sick person…animals especially that puppy haven’t done ne thing to deserve this cruelty…maybe its humans who should be abused

  • e-rick says:

    those guys have probly been out there for a while…they just start to think different…people have to remember they are in kill mode 247…but to you only takes a few to ruien it for the rest of us…good on u! i know they taught us better chesty must be flippin in his grave… semper fi killers!

  • nicole says:

    this video is fucking sick i cant stop crying right now. my puppy is sleeping at the end of my feet and i love that thing to death i couldnt even imagine what i would to do someone if they ever fucking hurt my dog or any of my other animals. that guy on this video is fucking sick WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!!? i hope you die i swear to god i hope you get so hot out there in your stupid uniform that you fucking choke to death on the hot air that swallows you. burn in fucking hell you piece of fucking SHIT

  • Michelle Hunt and Clara Agnew says:


  • Robert Mendoza says:

    I went to vietnam in 1969. I was ignorant by design of our government that we could not win the war… that it was a war just like Iraq made to boost the capitalist kingdom in the U.S. Now we see this all over again in IRAQ and to make things worst …. the worst of our human race is over there not only doing ‘THEIR THING’ but also making their “inhumane essence” publi. I pray for the puppy to be in heaven and that the Marine live in Hell for even if he believes he has been to hell and backGod has news for him. What goes around comes around.

  • Joey says:

    You people who wish death on that marine don’t know anything about the horrors of war. Some soldiers enlist just for personal power more do so for family and friends country and it’s citizens. They have gone through hell this marine may be suffering from mental trauma for all you guys know it’s easy for you to say such bad things about the marines but put yourselves in their positions and think about that. I have nothing against PETA and I believe that if the video was real he had every right to be removed but every organization on earth has fanatics who spew ignorance from their mouths. The men and women fighting for YOU deserve WAY more respect than the acidtongued insults that are being shown on this forum! Consider that they are the reason that you have the freedom to say these things before you say them. As a scholar once summed up Voltaire’s beliefs “Though I disagree with everything you say I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  • Jessica Teresa says:

    This is insane…There are multiple videos of Animal Crulety from our soldiers on the web. How can I be proud to have the US flag hang high from my front porch?? I have 6 pets and am always willing to help any I pass by that are in need. How can a boynot a man have such hate in his heart?

  • Jessica J. says:

    I am happy to report for those of you that may not have heard that PETA’s actions have paid off and this cruel person has been expelled from service. The other person involved is also facing disciplinary action. I am so glad to see that people care about these issues and the flood of letters and comments that this Marines Command received certainly paid off and provides us with proof that speaking out makes a difference. For those of you that are interested I highly recommend taking a look at PETA’s website. There are many other issues that need out support and attention too. Please check out Kentucky Fried Cruelty a situation that needs our support greatly. Thank you for reading and caring about the animals who of coarse can’t speak up for themselves. Thanks.

  • vanessa says:

    OMFG wat the heck was the point in this. This is cruelty to animals bigtime!!!! No puppy wants to be thrown off a cliff.

  • sammygirl_2008 says:

    you know it really scares me to know that the SOME of the people that are protecting us and our wonderful country are throwing helpless puppies off of cliffs for their own pleasure. it sickens me. i think someone should get ahold of those ‘marines’ and hurl them both off of the highest cliff in the world. that’s just sick!

  • sean says:

    i didnt know where to write so i picked this one. i saw the video for thr fur farms in china. wow thats wrong in so many ways. im not one for animal rights. but my views are def changing. its a sick world we live in when they skin animals alive. as they laugh over it and get a sick joy from it. those gooks should be skinned the same way. makes me sick. from here on out im going to listen to what u ahve to say rather than ignoring it

  • David Tremain says:

    Where have I seen this kind of behavior before in connection with the behavior of some our troops in Iraq? Can you say Abu Garib?

  • karen wall says:

    I grew up by teh Marine base in Hawaii. I know these units and I remember a bunch of classless morons infesting that side of the island. They are not interested in anything but a good time at the expense of others. This idiot and his friend should be courtmarialed and sent to Leavenworth for a very long time. The commander of the base should send an apology letter to the world for this atrocity that has now managed to traumatized millions and lose more respect for our socalled “heroes”.

  • kiyoshi says:


  • carrie says:

    these guys should be taken by the scruf of thier backs and threw and this is not for all marines but for those two guys who did this to a baby and i mean a baby animal it’s nothing that i have ever seen before and hope i never see in the future. PUNISH THOSE BASTARDS UNDER THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW

  • Jessie says:

    There are so many comments here most of them about how sick these two men are. I totally agree but that puppy was scared for about five seconds and then it died. Probably instantly. So why worry about a puppy that’s already dead when there are so many other issues in the world? I don’t mean to say that the puppy’s life doesn’t matter because it most certainly does and if I was the cameraman I would have beaten the guy with the camera and then thrown him off the cliff. I’m just saying though when people say they burst out crying that’s not right. I just think if you want to help animals there are better things to do with your time than watch two assholes throw a puppy off a cliff.

  • Gillian Day says:

    We hope this soldier gets the same treatement one day and as he dies I hope he remembers what he did. The others that watched are no better.

  • mackenzee says:

    i can’t believe makes me cry. it makes me lose respect.IS ANYONE DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?!?!?!

  • Alysia says:


  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Wendy I am ready if you are. Judith Peace!

  • Fabianne says:

    I can’t believe this video i didn’t want to watch it coz i know it will keep coming to my mind and it will make me cry each time THAT PSYCHO obviously has ISSUES i read in a comment that the killer has said that he did the pup a favour WHAT CRAP doing the pup a favour would be giving the puppy some food and water not throwing the cutie off a cliff i’d like to meet this CLOWN and do him a favour

  • Fidela says:

    Absolutely Disgusting! This makes you wonder what this idiot is capable of when the camera is OFF…like maybe throwing Iraqi babies off cliffs. This sort of behavior is only going to escalate to more and more gruesome activity. It would be wonderful to find out this guys name and hometown as well as the pathetic sidekick and have this video given to a local station…so everyone can see this “hero” in action. I support our troops and even have friends who are serving in Iraq..but this trash bag truly demeans the honor of a real Marine or other Service man..even his fellow Americans.

  • Leslie says:

    I wish it was legal to throw that loser off a cliff! Poor puppy! I hope that loser gets everything he deserves!!!

  • Amy O'Donnell says:

    Me and My step sister are completely against animal cruelty it is Fucking sick. And as you can see by the photo the dog is obviously NOT dead otherwise is would be hanging but its not and its scared. Imagine how many people in this world would be acting up right now if they had done this to a human!!!! why the fuck do people not see the shame in animal cruelty I have met many people in all areas of the military and most of them are lovely but the thing is its not what you do its who you are and this guy is fucking disturbed.I will just remind you of fucking karma… I hope someone throws you off a cliff get it on film and laughs about it…. GROW UP PEOPLE!

  • Leonore Kenyon says:

    Absolutely sickened to read this news. And to think those marines come back to be treated as heroes. You ought to be ashamed.

  • lme says:

    if this is how our military treats Iraq’s companion animals then how do you think they’re treating the citizens? Ambassador of Goodwill. Maybe somebody will shoot him.

  • COOKIE says:

    What is wrong with this world? Where are we heading to? What happened with compassion and warm feelings towards animals and other humans? Society has become cold and MANY criminal minds “cooking up” now and in the future. SO SAD!!!

  • linda camac says:

    reminiscent of the 3 marines who were finally caught after weeks of wounding and killing wild horses in the U.S. about 4 yrs ago. These sadists were deliberately shooting them in the hind quarters so they would suffer longer before their deaths. Seems like the Marines still “need a few good men.”

  • debbie says:

    my son was a proud Marine. this is not an example of our militarythis is an example of a sadistic human being that should be courtmarshalled because he has no compassion for living things. God help the person who ticks him off. may be his baby or a wife next!

  • Wendy Bond says:

    I think its sick that a human being can do this to a poor inoccent puppy Youd think that the military would screen people better before letting them in the military. just think this is what represents the U.S.A. Im glad i live in canada

  • lisa mencotti says:

    It’s this type of person that we have representing our country in the Middle East the heartless bastard that makes my nephew’s and all other soldier’s work so much harder.. to serve and protect and get home to their loved ones in one piece. Maybe we’ll ge lucky and some one will “frag his this guys ass”.

  • Cathy Greaves says:

    This video makes me sick and breaks my heart. These men are suppose to be fighting for our freedom after seeing what they did to this poor innocent helpless puppy I hope justice is served to them maybe someone will throw a bomb at them and take them off this earth. I am tired and I am heartbroken by all this cruelty no violence on all animals dogs cats pigs cows horses chickens seals etc. that goes on in the world everywhere even the United States. This has to stop. All these investigations that are done and documented there has to be tougher laws. They need to outlaw the slaughtering of all animals. We should not have to eat meat we should not have to kill animals that have feeling that show emotion. I am tired of coming home almost everyday seeing videos of animals being tortured. I wish I had more money so I can really do something about all this. I thought when I saw animals in China being skinned alive being beaten was worse enough and now I see pigs being tortured bungened beaten and a cinder block thrown at there face. I am sick over all this. There has to be a way to put all this to an end.

  • Katherine says:

    I can’t even watch this video. To hear about the story was enough too much. I don’t believe in “an eye for an eye” but I most definitely agree with several posters who mention “karma.” What’s in the heart of these people? Wherewho are the people that love them? Very dangerous and very poisonous. Frightening.