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Prada: I’m Bored With Fur

Written by PETA | February 21, 2007

OK, so admittedly I’m not the world’s biggest fashionista, but even I know that Prada is a big deal in the fashion world. Like, the biggest deal there is. So this is just beyond incredible.

Amazing clothes—no fur. Love you Ms. Prada.

Not even 24 hours after a PETA Europe member disrupted the Prada fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, and less than a month since PETA reps showed this video to Prada execs in Milan, the mood has swung 180 degrees and founder Miuccia Prada received a bouquet of roses from PETA Europe this morning. The sudden about-face happened because, for the first time in decades—yes, I mean literally decades—there wasn’t a single fur item in Prada’s fall/winter collection. And check this: Miuccia Prada herself said that she is “bored” with real fur. It seems that Prada has finally realized what we’ve been saying for years, that designing with fur is unimaginative as hell, not to mention cruel.

Prada’s new line is called “Fake Classic”—I love it. Check out this incredible orange faux-fur coat. I guess this is what “Fake Classic” means.


Prada’s announcement is making headlines worldwide, but my favorite one so far is from a huge paper in Australia: “Animal liberationists scored a victory today when Milan’s style matron, Miuccia Prada, proclaimed she was bored with fur.” Are we on a roll or what? We finished up last year with heavyweights Kenneth Cole, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and Ralph Lauren going fur free, started this year off with a bang with the Marc Bouwer show, and now this amazing news from Prada.

It all just makes Burberry seem that much more out of touch.

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  • Nicola says:

    This is so super great, I am so deeply grateful to Miuccia Prada for not using real fur any longer. Miuccia has seen the footage of the animals being skinned alive. She does not want the animals to suffer. Any person who has a conscience will not use real fur after seeing the footage. I am deeply grateful to PETA, they are helping all Earthians.

  • Yo Mama! says:

    Using real fur is animal cruelty! The fashion industry should ban using real fur! ITS so unfair that poor defenseless animals are put in excruciating pain just to get their fur. Baby animals are also put through this torment and they shouldn’t they should be living free in the wild not at a boutique or a fashion show!!!!!

  • fredja says:

    i never likes prada but today i went out and bought a pair of prada shoes satin not leather of course!

  • doodle says:

    im sooo happy! i LOVED this collection but i was hoping it wasnt real fur!

  • Andrew says:

    This collection came out BEFORE the PETA protester ruined the show. She made the change so why did he still protest? The ‘fur’ doesn’t even look like fur. This post and PETA’s actions following the show seem like the organization if you can call it that they’re more like a band of urban terrorists is backtracking to save face in the embarassment of protesting a show which was fur free. I support animal rights I adopt nearly every stray cat that comes my way and there’s a raccoon that eats the cat’s food it’s a sweetheart. However I do not support PETA. Every PETA member I have ever run across seems to have ‘rights’ and the embetterment of the world at the bottom of their list. Protesting a fur free show how informed observant and proactive.

  • Philippa says:

    I prefer fur it is massive in Europe and US. I just prefer it and I am afriad nothing will beat it!

  • Vegetarian says:


  • Joyce says:

    Awesome news. Hope the rest of the fashion industry takes fur out of its collection.

  • Steven says:

    I am sooo happy with this news. GREAT Love Prada

  • bill says:

    alexandra santos its gaultier not gaulthier and galliano not galiano

  • Krissie says:

    Um the girl kristen your a slutbag hoe. if you do a debate saying we should use furs i promise ill make your life a living hell you evil bitch