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Pink Reveals That Beyonce Is a *****

Written by PETA | November 14, 2006

Pink, being awesome

Pop singer Pink, who is currently my favorite person on the planet, went public with the information in a recent interview with the UK newspaper News of the World. Pink was understandably pissed off about the fact that Beyonce has animals violently killed so she can wear them around town. Here are some choice tidbits:

“I only hope she gets bit on the arse by whatever animal she wears. … People will think it’s ok or cool, but it’s not.”
“Some of the practices are so cruel and as a celebrity you have a responsibility to think about the message you’re sending out by wearing fur.”

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video of our own recent attempt to reason with Beyonce on the subject. By an odd coincidence, we won a contest to have dinner with Beyonce and her mom, so we took the opportunity to have a little chat with them.


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  • Nesagins says:

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  • Veronica says:

    The thing is, Beyonce didn’t answer. She kept asking, “what do you think?” and you could tell Beyonce never thought about it. Which, is fine…maybe now she’ll think about it. But, Beyonce could have stopped the entire conversation and continued eating her ribs had she have said, “Oh, well I never thought about it, I’ll do some research” and then maybe “OK I’m trying to eat, can we talk later” Or maybe her saying that was cut out of the video. I don’t know. It’s hard to reach people who haven’t made the decision to stop eating meat and using fur. I think the interviewer/winner of contest tried but didn’t do it right. She was too enthusiastic & passionate, spoke too fast and said waay too much for the time, which alienated Beyonce and her family. I like how she started, “You’re beautiful and you don’t need it to still have business because you’re so talented..” but then nothing from Beyonce, silence. argh. I wish the convo would have gone better, but I’m glad it happened!

  • Mayflower says:

    Wtf is wrong with Beyonce she has no hearth at all or she is so ignorant that she doesnt even know the way this poor animals are sacrificed so she can wear their skin! I think pink is completetly right and i also think we people should push harder on Beyonce!! She cannot be doing this anymore!!!

  • catlover1998 says:

    i love pink! and im glad she stands up for animals! and i hate beyonce!