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Pigs Survive Hell on Highway Just to Be Abused

Written by PETA | September 30, 2008

Last week, we released our jaw-dropping investigation into a Hormel supplier. It didn’t take long for more abuse of pigs to come to light. We recently learned of a situation that happened early this month when a truck carrying nearly 200 live pigs to a slaughterhouse overturned on the highway, trapping some pigs in the wreckage for hours. Approximately 65 pigs were killed by the impact, died from their injuries, or were killed at the site of the accident by responding workers, including employees of Murphy-Brown, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods Inc.

As if the trauma of the accident weren’t enough, while workers were removing the surviving pigs from the scene in order to send them on to the horrors of the slaughterhouse, they pulled the terrified pigs by their ears and hit them in the face with tools that even the pork industry says should never be used to hit animals.


Abuse of pigs after a slaughter-bound truck crashes
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As Smithfield’s neighbors, we’re all too familiar with the grisly aftermath of truck crashes. These latest documented abuses clearly demonstrate that Smithfield’s self-touted “industry-leading accident response program” is ignored by a number of Murphy-Brown’s employees and ineffectively enforced by supervisors. Watch the video and decide for yourself whether Smithfield is full of hot air.

If you eat hot dogs, ham, sausage, or bacon, then you are supporting this suffering. These and other abuses are done in your name and on your dollar. Please make a conscious decision to turn up your nose at pork, because the best way to help these intelligent animals is to stop eating them.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • julia says:

    WRITE A LETTER! Hormel Foods Corporation Customer Response 1 Hormel Place Austin MN 55912 or call 18005234635

  • Kurt K says:

    Antigone. Do you really think so. By “something big in store” what do you mean? Somehow I really doubt that anything will happen to me because I eat meat. If that was the case then 99 percent of the worlds population would be having a really bad time.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Panic There is nothing natural in factory farming particularly since humans do not need meatdairy to live and in fact it is not good for them. Unfortunately most people are selfish e.g. kurt k and wouldn’t make one modification in their own lives to alleviate the most terrible of suffering in the lives of others. I am sure karma has something big in store for him though…….

  • panic says:

    some ppl are missing the point i think Kurt was trying to say… the natural order of things means animals kill animals in order to survive. We ARE ALL ANIMALS so i’m afraid i dont see nothing wrong in killing to eat ofc torturing is unecessary and to be condemned. some ppl choose veganism i find that to be hipocrit since we have both kind of teeths for meat and veggies and no i never saw a wolf killing for the sickening pleasure. and no this is not simplifing the issue its just a point of view

  • lynda downie says:

    I agree vegancoin. I really appreciate your insightful posts.

  • vegancoin says:

    First off kudos to Kathleen. It takes a brave and dedicated person to speak the truth. Such a sickness that prevades this society. “Life is full of death and that is the way nature intended.” Gross oversimplification. There can never be any excuse for unnecessary suffering especially the brutal and sadistic torture and unimaginable suffering on the scale that you find in factory farming.

  • THE MASK says:

    kurt k yes the world is like that but yet i try to be different! when two spiders were trapped in my bath i thought oh i shall come back soon to save them! but when i returned just one was there that means one ate the otherone! so you see it’s a godgiven grace that we humans have the gift of mercy and compassion why not apply this unique godgiven gift!!!!!?????? humans CAN be humane!

  • Kurt K says:

    Don’t worry. One day your daughter will stop watching Disney movies and realize that life is a little different. Lions warthogs and meerkats don’t really lounge around in the jungle and sing Akunamatata all day. Life is full of death and that is the way nature intended.

  • Chandani says:

    One day my daughter and I were walking as THREE huge trailers full of cows on their way to slaughter passed by one after another. My daughter said “Mama if we could win the Lotto I would buy all those cows and a beautiful ranch for them to live the rest of their days”


    kudos to kathleen i’m 1000 pct with you!!!!!! we need millions of people like you!

  • gps says:

    I have seen a chicken hauling truck in Guntersville AL. there are over 30 chickens that I saw who died on the trip around Guntersville and Arab AL there are MANY Tyson plants. You need to investigate that.

  • Tatiana says:

    Those workers make me sick. I can see that by employing people who are going to carry out this job which requires them to be content with animals dying chances are they’re not going to treat them with any respect. Society is really in the dark about how cold and retarded this money making industy really is.

  • susan says:

    No Kurt K Kathleen was not calling the kettle black she was jus disgusted and horrified that man “the supreme being” can keep on torturing helpless animals!!!!! I can’t even watch this video because I will cry all night. You seeI owned a gentle and smart pig for 11 years. Harley was the love of my life. To imagine this being done to these creatures is unacceptable. So Kurt K when I see these stories I think of my Harley who passed on peacefully and I can see myself giving these despicable people the same treatment.GLADLY!

  • sarah says:


  • NT says:

    I won’t watch the video because I don’t need to be convinced I am already a vegetarian. My question is why is it OK to grab a pig by the ears or hit it on the face while if you did that to a dog or cat you’d be going to jail? Are we so ignorant that we still do not understand that all animals suffer pain fear and stress? Or is it just too convenient to pretend that pigs are plants? By the way should we try to get a conviction for these bastards? WTF?

  • Blu says:

    A few days ago my fiance and I visited a website that told us about our past lives. The descriptions were eerily accurate as to our current lives. Apparently I was once a ruthless magician. In this life I am a wiccan and find myself very mean spirited towards those without common sense. These people are heartless and cruel and if I truely had magical powers would find themselves being beaten by pigs. I too know many people with the attitude “that’s what animals are there for to eat!” It disgusts me everyday that people aren’t smart enough to figure out there is something wrong with eating meat from the way the farms are run to the inhumane slaughters if someone eats meat they are helping instances like this happen. THEY ARE HELPING TO PAY THE PAYCHECKS OF THESE PEOPLE. These people that have no heart and obviously little brain. I wish I could just broadcast my brainwaves and knowledge to others through telelpathy nationwide worldwide sometimes. I would show everyone this video.

  • lynda downie says:

    How merciless do you have to be to abuse animals who’ve been violated all their lives and are on their way to their final brutal assault?

  • junemarie says:

    I’ve had it! By watching the PETA video Midwest Pig Farm investigation I was in tears and my heart broke yet again and my soul cracked! I wanted to see those 3 “male monster humans” so I could go down there motel room ready with all HIS TOOLS and try to pick one of them up in a bar. That “male monster thing” I refuse to call THAT a man would not even WANT to cause harm to another animal. Seeing this and other videos that tore me apart made it much easier to go vegan. If I so much as LOOK at flesh meat in a store all I can hear are the screams Lord the screams. The screams of all those poor beautiful loving beings capable of feeling love happiness sadness agonizing pain terrifying fear and horrific lonliness. I will Help anyone who can free some of these animals. THESE MALE FEMALE MONSTER THINGS CAN’T POSSIBLY BE HUMAN TO ME. THEY POSSESS NO SENSE OF EMPATHY. No God created that. Only Satan could produce such hate such evil.

  • Jordan S. says:

    I don’t get why they didn’t use the dead pigs for slaughter. They had only died a few hours ago so I don’t get why they felt they needed to slaughter survivors.

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    “Please make a conscious decision to turn up your nose at pork because the best way to help these intelligent animals is to stop eating them.” Thank you for writing that.

  • Gina says:

    No Kathleen is not a hypocrite or a bad person for her opinion. I’m fed up with these stories of cowardly scum agree these people should not be allowed to live. At the least they ought to be locked up throw away the key until they rot then after they die may they burn in hell for sadistic cruelties toward defenseless voiceless victims who never had a chance.

  • Jenna32 says:

    Is Peta any animal rights group making a dent in these horrific abuses? The photo of the Hormel pigs bloodied and piled up on this web site last week made me so sad and I felt hopeless. I told my brother about the Hormel abuse he said he would continue to eat meat ‘because it tastes good’ as if that makes it worth it. His daughter was a vegetarian for 2 years and recently went back to eating meat because ‘she felt weak’ and it was hard to stick to. Ridiculous if she felt weak it had to be because she didn’t include good foods like fresh vegetables fruits probably just ate breads potatoes sweets which is bad even with meat if you don’t include a balanced diet. I just wonder if we will make any headway when an intelligent college student like my neice chooses to ignore cruelties like the Hormel abuse just to stuff her face with artery clogging fatty meat like pork because it’s too much trouble to eat a well balanced diet and invest in some veggie patties veggie cold cuts substitutes for cheeses and eggs which I like more than the animal derived products plus they are much better for your health. I just don’t understand how people choose to sweep this stuff under the rug and enable the continuation of animal abuse murder to satisfy their taste buds.

  • SASHA says:


  • Kurt K says:

    Kathleen So you’re one of the “GOOD” ones huh? Judging by your comments I would hate to see one of the “BAD” people. Don’t you think what you just said is like the pot calling the kettle black?

  • nina says:

    I have an 8yr old son who is a veggie. He gets so much slack from my family and others at his private school. They all need to just watch the video that I did on the ” Pig Farm” and they would all go vegan!

  • Allie says:

    I dont even know how to respond to this kind of thing. I honestly have a hard time understanding people and how they think so many cruel acts are acceptable. sigh

  • Kathleen says:

    It would be nice to feel compassion for everyone being a vegan I usually am against violence but these people who are abusing these animals deserve nothing more then to be shot and killed. they are useless to society and I’m disgusted that all us GOOD people have to share this world with some many scumbags anyone who can do this to a DEFENSELESS LOVABLE PIG WILL KILL OR ABUSE A SMALL CHILD OR EVEN AN ADULT! AND THATS A FACT!!! go VEG!!!!!!!

  • keith says:

    If it was a police helicopter or a news related item video Peta can now ask for cruelty issues to be investigated..the evidence is clear ..

  • Amanda says:

    This is horrendous I have had to pull over on the freeway just to make sure I don’t have to drive near a slaughtertruck I can’t do it. I cannot see those poor animals looking at me with those scared and helpless eyesI will fight until there are no more of those trucks! GO TEAM PETA!

  • BullyDawg says:

    This is why when I started my journey to veg I started with pork products. I used to have a long commute to work and I would always pass the pig trucks on their way to the Bryan Foods plant. Seeing those little pig snouts sticking out of the slats probably getting their only bit of fresh air and those were the ones lucky enough to be near the outer wall of the truck their bright eyes looking out in fear and uncertainty and my realization that they were being driven to their end was enough to cure me of the pork habit. After that quitting the other stuff was easier. Thank you you poor sweet pigs I will never eat of your bretheren again.