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Photo: Fur Out, Love In

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 14, 2012


If this “Fur Out, Love In” demonstration brings to mind a John Lennon–Yoko Ono bed-in, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day peacefully—without the skins of tortured animals? Imagine all the animals living life in peace …

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  • Caleb Dayton says:

    Animals are inferior lifeforms. If we treat them fairly and ethically, we have bartered our services for the services that they provide when we slaughter them. A fair trade in my estimation.

  • Connie Lang says:

    There is an international Fur Trade-show happening in Toronto ON right now this week. How come nobody is bothering to protest?

  • Rev. Meg says:

    Animals will not fully live a life in peace until humans stop declaring wars and terrorist acts. People are not the only ones wo suffer from those….

  • Donna Zappacosta-Cox says:

    Animals are not for wearing!!