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Photo: What a Difference a Day Makes!

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 8, 2012

Here is sweet Diamond before she received a doghouse from PETA:

And after, with new digs replete with warm straw, fresh water, a grassy new spot to lie in, and a lightweight tie-out:

Wanna make a dog’s day?

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  • Grizz says:

    Under the Animal Welfare Act here in New Zealand the SPCA can prosecute if an animal does not have adequate housing, can your SPCA not do the same ?

  • Veganvegan says:

    Rex’s Mom, PETA is working on getting laws passed! They are working to pass an anti-chaining law in Hampton, Virginia, which is the city next to Norfolk, Va (where PETA in headquartered).

  • Andrea says:

    PETA is such an inspiration and a beautiful organization. Everything PETA does is so magnificent and I’m so thankful for PETA. Keep spreading the love. ONLY love please.

  • taylor says:

    passing a law would be awsome. i agree if a dog isn’t part of your family it shouldn’t be there. it doesn’t desurve the bad treatment

  • Liz says:

    Chelsea, How would you like to live tied up outside in all temperatures for the rest of your life? Regardless if you have a doorless box to sleep in, I don’t think it would be terribly comfortable for anyone! We’re not talking about those who put their dogs out for a bit, then bring them back in, people who leave their animals outside ALL THE TIME are heartless idiots who don’t deserve to be in a position to care for an animal in the first place! A law like that would anything but “Ridiculous”!

  • Chelsea says:

    Dogs evolved to live outside just fine…passing a law to prevent that would be kind of ridiculous. Passing a law to ensure that animals are provided with an adequate, safe and clean shelter is fair.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    It still isnt good enough! I think PETA should work on getting laws passed where people cannot have dogs if they live outside all the time. A dog house is not good enough. The dog should be able to live inside as part of the family.

  • paulina says:


  • Christine says:

    She looks so much happier!