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PETA’s Response to Gore’s Nobel Prize Win

Written by PETA | October 12, 2007

Photo Credit: Star Max Inc.

Congratulations to Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to spread awareness of the global warming crisis. The award was announced just this morning, and PETA Prez, Ingrid Newkirk, immediately sent a letter to Gore offering congratulations on his great accomplishment, but also asking Gore to do more. Gore is Chairman of the Board for the Alliance for Climate Protection, where he will be donating half of the $1.5 million prize money. They have created a 7-point pledge that offers a list of steps people can take to help reduce their negative impact on the Earth. We would like for Gore and the Alliance to add an 8th point—to go vegetarian.If you’re a regular reader of this blog you already know that going vegetarian is the best thing one can do for the environment. According to the U.N. itself, Gore’s partner in winning the Peace Prize, raising animals for food generates almost 40 percent more greenhouse gases than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined.Follow Ingrid’s lead and send a letter of your own to Gore, c/o the Alliance for Climate Protection, and ask him to add this essential 8th point to the pledge. Write to Gore now!

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  • Ted Ellicott says:

    I saw a comment about new vegetarians taking Beano. I find that many vegan foodscabbage beans carrots peanuts and broccoli to name a fewgive me gas but Beano and other brands of gasreducing agents seem to have gelatin and other nonvegan ingredients. Is there a vegan equivalent to Beano?

  • Anonymous says:

    Al Gore Thanks for your awareness!!! Now add being a vegetarian to your 7point pledge. It’s Healthy economical its compassionate it saves energy and creates a positive collective consciousness to change the world one person at a time.

  • Andra Muhoberac says:

    Dear Mr. Gore Congratulations on your Nobel Prize and on the wonderful work you have been doing. It is nothing short of miraculous! Nevertheless there is one extremely big oversight one that may not be too popular but that desperately needs to be addressed. That issue is the overwhelming amount of greenhouse gases caused by the raising of animals for food and the producing of those food products. You are a truly wonderful man! Please can you find it in your heart to further aid our planet by going vegan or vegetarian and urging others to follow? Your influence is paramount and going veg is the single most important thing that anyone can do on a personal basis to save this earth! Yours truly Andra Muhoberac Sydney Australia

  • ajam says:

    Al Gore deserves his prize. He is an extremely intelligent human being who is even now transcending current limitations we are all limitedand continues his path of growth. It is inevitable that he come to a humane and conscientious decision about what to eat and how often and that there will be fewer tortured animals he will have consumed. Since the world population cannot all be above average are the residents of Lake Wobegone vegetarians? it seems that the answer is not necessarily who eats meat and who doesn’t but how we treat animals.

  • Proud Vegan says:

    First of all i want to apologize on my english it’s not my main language. i must say that as a vegan i don’t really care for about Al Gore. PETA ppl can’t support someone who is eating meat and at the same time say that the meat industry is one of the if not the biggest cause of global warming. it’s seems like some of you are searching for acceptance so much that you are willing to “slide” the main thing you are fighting against. It looks like Gore is taking a ride on PETA and others who are fighting against global warming. I believe he got hidden motives anyway. Do you think he is making less polution than the average man? If the meat industry is a huge cause for the polution and he needs other ppl to tell him to give it up he is NOT a true environmentalist. In the US i’m not from the US you got tons of subsitutes for vegetariansvegans so it’s not such a problem. In conclusion I believe you must raise the scale for acceptance and not be like a 15yo who is doing you know what for acceptace. P.S. I believe if you could make the vegetariansvegans food subsitutes cheaper than the meat and show ppl they can “survive” on it it will be the best thing for what at least most of the ppl here wants to be in the future. And simultanisly The poor will have more food. It will be a start. I’d like to hear responses.

  • Meg says:

    I’m fine with people being vegetarianvegan and all it’s just that PETA in my opinion is too extreme in some ways. I mean look at the “Milk Suckers” page if milk REALLY made you lactoseintolerant and get pimples I’d be Ms. Lactoseintolerant Pizzaface here! And I’m not. Some of PETA’s statements are pretty ridiculous and that really lowers the reputation of some of their causes I do support like no real fur and spay neutering your pets.

  • claude says:

    gore is not great and becoming a vegetarian is not gonna stop global warming. now im not saying global warming doesent exist but science has already proven that the earth has gone through periods of warming and cooloing in the past. so who is to say that the problem at hand now is not due partly to natural causes. also how can we all really believe gore and all the supposed facts he has presented about global warming to be true. now remember this is the same man that invented the internet if you all remember that.

  • Rave Girl says:

    Al gore is totaly great already. Adding vegan or vegetarian to the menu would be pure greatness.

  • K says:

    I’ve been skimming through everything that is being said here so I thought I may add a point that no one may have mentioned yet PETA supporters say that Al Gore should make an 8th point to be Veggie. The thing is it would then be a conflict against human rights which people are still working on. There are people who highly believe that there is more then one way to help then going vegitarian like finding the family owned farms that don’t cage their animals and take proper care. But I would like to propose a substitute. You can’t force people of the nations to go vegan and such but why not put forth an introduction program for vegetarismvegan in schools and the like? Some people just don’t believe they can go mind the expression ‘cold turkey’ on meat and dairies. The idea of an introduction program is that it slowly eases people into it that are interested but never had the means or had too much ignorance to come about becoming vegan on their own. The idea more or less would to slowly cut down the portions of dairy and meat to at least what is recommended to have based on the food pyramid 12 portions of meat 23 of dairy before completely cutting them off and supplementing what meats and dairy do provide with supplements. I only thought of this because I am an omnivore but most of my meal choices are depicted by my parents because living with them I do eat their food to keep surviving. As a result I grew up eating meat without a problem. The most I’ve done is cut down on my meat proportion so don’t shoot me but I have some interest in the idea of vegan. Back to my point though some people like myself are interested but lack the driving force mostly because they lack any support. If a program was set up to slowly bring people into the veggie habit I think that would be better to deploy then making it into an 8th point for Al Gore. If he made it necessary for Vegan Awareness in schools and other areas to be deployed he could at least save future generations in another way by showing them this aspect of environment as well. But even then if Al Gore doesn’t do it at least make a petition to the Health boards to make it necessary. That is just my opinion at least. You may discuss it among yourselves since this is a one time thing for me. I just wanted to throw the idea out there. I’m sure somebody may get my point in expand on it but either way just something to be thrown out there.

  • michele says:

    this comment is for rayo. first of all “dude” you are probably one of the most ignorant people. you say that wolves and lions and bears “sink their teeth” into other animals and dont think about if theyre hurting them and if theyre destroying our planet too but if you had any type of common sense or knowledge you wouldnt be asking stupid questions like that. first of all animals eating other animals is a natural instinct for them its what they do to survive. when a lion or wolf can start planting seeds and growing crops then let me know okay? and we dont have to eat meat its not our natural instinct. there are plenty other types of foods that we can eat to stay satisfied. and you idiot if you dont want to be strangled by a lion’s claw then dont go into the jungle. and you talk about why you love meat so much so im assuming you must be a fat lonely person or even obese person who has no life and does nothing but eat. and chickens are not “meant” to be eaten. ok you say dogs are at the top of the food chain but who said you cant eat a dog? and i cant believe i just wrote that because i absolutely love dogs and also that dogs are lovable any type of animal is lovable. a person can become attached to any animal once you take your head out the clouds and realize that animals can feel pain and love just as well as we do then maybe youll change your mind. how could you sit there and watch a video where a pig or cow’s throat is being slit and having it suffer in such a painful and beyond terrible way? okay you eat meat and think theres nothing wrong with it at all but how can you keep talking about how its okay and its nots such a big deal when these poor animals are being tortured and slaughtered for you? they are born into this world just like people and DESERVE chances to live. it really gets me how people can look into an innocent animal’s eyes and not see the terrified look they give you and then still go ahead and beat or abuse them. ANIMALS CAN FEEL PAIN. and another reason why youre an idiot is because one of the main reasons why humans eating meat is destroying the planet is because we have cleared out so many areas to make factories to raise cattle and other animals that will be brought up to slaughtered for someone’s taste buds. what is the matter with you? these animals dont deserve in anyway to be harmed and you obviously dont care about others.

  • (anonymous) says:

    “Stiff in opinions always in the wrong Was everything by starts and nothing long” John Dryden

  • Sarah McNally says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! great job.

  • Jean says:

    1. Al Gore is a fraud. Start living your beliefs Al. 2. Some animals are obligate carnivores. Humans are not. 3. Go vegfor the welfare of animals and your own.

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Ariel and Michele When you assume shit you make an ass out of you and me!

  • SOADfan says:

    This is the AlGore blog isn’t it? Any way Yippie for him. I was hoping Serj Tankian or that guitarist from Rage Against the Machine would have gotten it. Check out “Veganisim in a Nutshell” and “Earthlings” Bye and Peace out.

  • Maryanne Appel says:

    As long as Al Gore Gory! continues to stuff his mouth with chicken thighs and other equally disgusting body parts of animals murdered for his palate how can anyone take this selfproclaimed environmentalist seriously? Mr. Gore completely ignores the fact that raising slaughtering and consuming animals the annual toll is currently 55 billion worldwide for land animals alone and perhaps 3 times that number for aquatic animals is a major factor in environmental degradation resulting in global warming. In the off chance that this sweetheart of the socalled environmental movement does decide to run for U.S. President I just might vote for him but only if he takes both the chicken leg and his foot out of his oral cavity.

  • RNVeggieMom says:

    Hmmm… curious as to why the 15 year old vegan supposedly landed herself in the hospital? I realize many young girls ‘choose’ to be veggie in order to facilitate an eating disorder… wondering if that was her diagnosis. I’ve been veggie for 10 years and had 3 children in the past 5 years. I have never been hospitalized due to my diet. On the contrary I gave birth at home the natural way. No interventions no medications the way all life does barring humans. I won’t even begin to debate simply because persons who aren’t evolved to the point of vegetarianism will not be open to pursuing it. Interesting that a few months ago MSN had an article correlating an above average IQ with becoming a veg by the time a person reaches 30 years of age. Most vegetarians I have met are highly analytical conscientious persons. I know that as a child I was told I was gifted many times I always felt somewhat removed from my peers. In preschool I informed my mother that it was not enjoyable because the children were extremely noisy and hyperactive. It is possible to obtain or retain only a level of intellience of worldy knowledge. However in my opinion it is that of morality which is of utmost importance.

  • Jake says:

    “raising animals for food generates almost 40 percent more greenhouse gases than all the cars trucks planes and ships in the world combined.” So the world goes veggie. We still have the cows chickens pigs etc. So that means we still have greenhouse gases! I’m not getting it. We can’t kill off all these animals! They have to live somewhere! They have to eat! So how does going veggie help the environment so much??