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PETA’s Idea for Promoting Peace in the Middle East

Written by PETA | February 4, 2009

Well, you can never say that PETA shies away from controversy. True to form, we’re leaping into the fray—figuratively, and almost literally—by attempting to bring a message of nonviolence to the Middle East.

We’re requesting that the Israeli Defense Ministry allow us to post a pro-vegetarian mural on both sides of the barriers that separate Israelis and Palestinians on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The image we’ve proposed portrays Israeli and Palestinian families having dinner together under the words “Give Peas a Chance” and “Nonviolence Begins on Your Plate: Go Vegetarian” in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

This isn’t the first time we’ve tried to promote a nonviolent diet in the Middle East. In 2005, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk traveled to Bethlehem to address the International Nonviolence Conference. Her speech, titled “Nonviolence Includes Animals” (which you really should see), marked the first time that anyone had ever been invited to discuss animal rights at an international peace conference.

I know what you’re thinking—choosing falafel over lamb chops isn’t going to create peace in the Middle East overnight. But if we can inspire people to relate to the animals who wind up on their plates, maybe we can also inspire them to relate to the people on the other side of the barriers.

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  • Antonis says:

    You should know that animal protein does stimulate the brain according to neurosciences towards a more aggressive and violent behavior. This has been shown by a us projectthe “maranantha” project which is divided to two sections. The section Bvegetarian and the section A nonvegetarian. In section A prisoners are same as other prisoners. In section B though they were casual clothing and do the kind of job they used to before being imprisoned. The prisoners were all convicted for serious crimes. The result? Several prisoners in Section Bvegetarians were released in favour by the us president due to the enormous positive change in their personality!!!

  • Jamie says:

    The mural will not solve anything in terms of the brutal illegal occupation of Palestine but I love it. And along with the countless war crimes committed by the IDF recently imagine how many animals were killed livestock people’s pets wildlife. Not that the Zionists care about this. The Zionists care only about the Zionists. And even though they transformed the Gaza strip into the Ruble strip they are no further ahead. Fools.

  • Mardi DeBerry says:

    Diet is irrelevant to the situation in IsraelGaza and I don’t particularly care for the way that PETA capitolizes on current events and popular culture.

  • la montanara says:

    Pam according to the Old Testament there was indeed a continuous Israeli presence in the Kingdom of Israel but they lost it according to history! and just because of the hideous crimes and extermination of jews all over Europe during World War 2 the europeans got a bad conscience and so the english sovereign over Palestine in that time decided to give them a Homeland expropriating the whole Palestinian indigenous population! There is nothing to be said against a Homeland but a Homeland for both fifty fifty! That’s fair and just and not a onesided expropriation of indigenous arabians in favour of mainly european emigrants living thousands of years as europeans in europe even if those evil bastard europeans didn’t recognize the jewish europeans at their side! In fact many jewish europeans identified themselves completely as europeans and only after the horrible holocaust under the hitler regime awoke inside them the thought of returning to the home of their ancestors! but it is the home of their ancestors and not theirs! for example as an italian of swiss origine i cannot go to turkey and take their land just because my ancestor Aeneas left burned Troy to find a new homeland in Italy even if His original homeland is Troy in Turkey! Did you get the point? even this here has not anymore much to do with animal protection but i think that justice for animals and justice for people is ok in the same way!

  • Amrita says:

    Rachel I think you meant Amrita You have very beautifully described that we all are connected we just need to hear listen and feel in a very different way. Those who feel pain hearing and watching animals suffer or for that matter any living being suffer are blessed to know of this connection. I too do not doubt that when I am sending my prayers many people across the world are doing the same at that moment in time. And I too wonder were we to unite at one point in time in sending out our thoughts what miracles we can create….

  • Moyrah says:

    Its a nice saying if peace and respect can start for animals then maybe it will spreed do i think it will make much difference…no people becoming vegetarian will not stop the inocent deaths unjustice happening in the gaza Strip but its a positive idea

  • Bridgette says:

    Hi I agree with Cath from Ireland and Mitzi Ocean. The message of Animal rights is so important I would like to see a meaningful quote instead of the cartoon. We need to respect the pain and anguish of the people wouldn’t Peta’s message be lost if approached in a light hearted way? If it reached right down into the hearts minds and souls of people then I believe it would be appropriate at this time and place. I would also like to see a wall full of peace banners one adjoining the other animal rights beside womens rights beside respect for earth beside love of all….I wouldn’t like to see Peta’s message ostracised it could be a part of something bigger which I believe is Peta’s intention inspire an end to all suffering……this is a major place of pain…we need big healing here.

  • Pam says:

    Brad wow your knowledge of history may be an immeasurable void. Just for starters nothing about the creation of the modern state of Israel had to do with racial purity and there has been a CONTINUOUS Jewish presence in the area even in Jerusalem even after the Babylonian exile the Crusades and the reemergence of Islam since Biblical times. The “Palestinians” many of them recent descendants of laborers who moved to Palestine to work for the early Zionists even Arafat was Egyptian having been sold out by their own people and by the British is another story. You might want to do some selfeducation before adding to the destructive misinformation out there. Peace and love peas and lunch? everybody.

  • Ieva Lancmane says:

    I don’t think that people in such situation will worry about animals when their lives are in danger… but maybe one in a thousand or less would consider that. worth trying though..

  • the shoes says:

    kurt k it was bharata the first culture to embrace one GOD but illiterate and uninformed western spirits ignore it as the english invaders understood the word ‘JAGANNATH’ which means the ‘Lord of the Universe’ as JUGGER NAUGHT’ the ‘moloch of hindustan’ you see how blindness works? and there are terrorists in this world with little purse like hamas but there are terrorists who are much more dangerous those of the western countries who insist in lying and selling weapons to the near east and third world and their leaders are sitting on the highest possible chairs and their purses are filled with dirty blood money from killing humans and animals! they don’t do it themselves but ignorant people are serving them in falling on their nose in front of them because they are blinded by their false ‘glitter’! these terrorists are the ‘sheeps in wolfs’ pelt’ and far more dangerous than the otherones because all the negative power of this earth is within their hands!

  • Dave says:

    Your suggestion presumes an equality between Israelis and Palestinians and that if each side just treated each other and animals nicely things would be better. This naive view oversimplifies and trivializes a very serious and deadly situation. You wouldn’t have suggested in apartheid South Africa that black people just sit down with whites and everything would be nice. And suggesting posting anything on the separation wall implies an acceptance of the apartheid system currently in force in Palestine. Rather you should protest the separation wall as cruel and inhumane which it is. I’m sure Palestinians will appreciate yours and PETA’s interest in their wellbeing but I don’t believe this is the best way to let them know of it.

  • Charles S says:

    I believe everything helps. Keep up the good work PETA. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Dana Barakat says:

    Great idea PETA! Hi Rex’s mom there is vegetarian sushi it’s made of seaweed rice with cumcumber or avocado rolled inside it and other kinds of vegetables or fruits. The shoes I agree and besides children and women I have seen birds flying out of bombings on the news Al Jazeera how many other animals do you think have died and no one can rescue the still alive injured animals because even people were deprived from medical help and were dying.

  • Diana says:

    The family in the cartoon is half arab and half jewish. Look at the dinner plates. Life is a constant struggle of good versus evil. Half the people mess up and the other half tries to do something to fix it. I feel so sorry for the animals everywhere in the world.

  • Kurt K says:

    the shoes I’ll trust Al Jazerra with an un biased view of the Israeli conflict when pigs grow wings and fly or it snows in Hell. Don’t speak to me of atrocities commited by the Irsaeli army. Show me proof if it so prolific. Israel has the right to defend itself from the thousands of rockets being launched by Hamas and their thugs. Israel wants peace and so do the Palestinian people but there are those among the Palestinian population that want nothing but blood. Everytime there is a ceasefire it is ruined by Hamas. Having said that I never said the Jewish religon was the oldest. I said it was one of the oldest and one of the first to embrace one God.

  • Rachel Boonin says:

    Maynor I am interested in the things you said. While riding my bike I have visualized opening up my spirit and sending it out to every nonviolent person who also believes in prayer. I can see us encompassing the Earth with a strong spiritual shield protecting Mother Earth while she protects us. I actually call out loud to unite us all spiritually and say “Come on everyone! We do have the power to bring peace and harmony to the planet. Let’s do it!” If we all did that at the same time who knows what changes we can bring? When I do it there is no doubt in my mind that there are people out there doing the same. People who know the kind of change that would happen if we could stop the violence.