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PETA’s 2006 Worst Dressed List!

Written by PETA | November 28, 2006
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It’s that time of year again, when it starts to get a little bit colder and you can spot a select few of Hollywood’s trashiest celebrities strutting around with dead animals strapped to their backs. At PETA, we have far too much tact to name any of these people personally, but we would like to send a general message to all celebrities to please just think hard and search your conscience before you consider buying fur. OK, just kidding, we have a list. Here it is:

PETA’s Official 2006 ‘Worst Dressed’ List:

  1. Nicole Richie: This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones. She’s an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match.
  2. Ashley Olsen: Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead.
  3. Christina Ricci: Disregarding the holiday season’s “Peace on Earth” message, Ricci recently posed for a magazine cover wearing fur from slaughtered reindeer. At least she’s not into fur hats: Imagine how many more pelts it would take to cover that forehead.
  4. Eva Longoria: You’d think she’d be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane.

You can vote for the number-one worst-dressed celebrity here. Notable absences from the list are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, both of whom have made some attempts to ditch the fur from their wardrobes this year—so here’s hoping they remember their resolution.

In the meantime, here’s Nicole and Ashley!


Nicole Richie.jpgAshley Olsen.PNG

And finally, in case the pictures of Nicole Richie and Ashley Olson looking like they just got finished robbing graves at a pet cemetery aren’t enough to convince you not to wear fur, check this out:

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  • mathilde says:

    Bonjour je suis franaise et je trouve a scandaleuhonteu….dguelassecruel.Et pourquoi ne pas faire la meme choses avec les gens qui tue ses animaux hun pouquoi pas les laisser en tte   tte avec un lion par exemple ou un ours!!!!Ces gens mritent la peine de mort!

  • Jessica says:

    Hi first off to all of the ignorant people that are posting messages saying that PETA advocates need to get a life…you need to get a life! Why are you wasting your time writing on here anyway? Dont you have better things to do than talk crap over the computer? I want to see you do that in front of our faces and we’ll see how far you get and while you are at it go and get some education because your statements are ignorant and pathetic just as yourselves. Second of all I am a psychology major and I am specializing in eating disorders and as these disorders are very serious they are sistonic disorders meaning that these people know they are sick and they refuse to get better thats why they are so hard to treat. So there is no basis to say that these comments are going to really affect them and have them fall deeper into their emotional not necessarily psychological by the way disorder. They are doing this to themselves so in other words I believe that it is perfectly fine for PETA to talk crap on these celebrities who must be coldhearted or just plain and simple ignorant to the fact that these poor creatures are brutally tortured to get THEIR precious fur. And to the people that believe animals dont have personalities…god you are so ignorant go and do some animal behavior research and then come back. I am also a premed student and most of the biological knowledge we know about humans is based on animals. Animal behavior is one of the main ways we study human behavior because they are so much like us. And no God did not put animals on this planet for us to eat! Come on now are you serious! We are animals! We can be wipped out at any time just like the dinosaurs and considering how we have been treating this planet and the creatures WE SHARE this planet with I wouldn’t doubt that our time is coming soon! However back to what it important is that these poor defensless creatures need our help to survive and go through life the way they were meant to…without us getting in the their way all of the time! We need to learn to leave animals the f alone! To skin an animal alive to make money by selling it to SICK people is definitely NOT one of the reasons why WE were put on earth! This is disguisting and shameful and after watching this video 2 seconds of it anyway because it was too difficult for me to watch has actually made me feel ashamed of being a human. I will do whatever it takes for me to help PETA in stopping this masacre of precious life.

  • anne says:

    all the slashing on celebrities wearing fur is childish. you would think that a group trying to get the public aware of the cruelties happening in the world would not only act professional about the situation but also be the bigger person in this.

  • Liliana says:

    No puedo creer que todava haya personas que estn dispuestas a tolerar esta clase de actos MATANZA DESENFRENADA Y SALVAJE slo por vanidad. Hablando ms en serio por favor difundan el video a fin de que sean menos las personas que propicien este tipo de actitudes.

  • .Rachel. says:

    I dont eat meat dont wear fur but really i dont care about what celebrities do! All I care about is that I dont eatwear animals. If they want to wear it then their guna wear it. A little bullying from PETA isnt going to stop them. Its abit childish I think. I still like PETA but all this ‘Worst Dressed’ stuff is abit gayy.. just my OPINION so people dont go slatin me.

  • bonnie says:

    PETA has all the right in the world to attack these women these women have all the money in the world and they’re just everyday celebrities i don’t give a rat’s ass about them because we’re all human and they have no exceptions

  • kristy says:

    will everyone shut the hell up about PETA making comments on the underweight issues here on these celebrities. THE ISSUE HERE IS the fact that THESE “CELEBRITIES” are supporting the video that you just saw. What the hell is wrong with you people look what more important issues we need to deal with. For everyone who believes that the world does not have any issues fur wise can all go to hell if you don’t give a shit. These celebrities should know better and be a positive role model for everyone….PERIOD

  • diana says:

    can’t they wear fur or skin from animals that we actually eat? like sheeps cows or pigs? works as a multiplayer. D. the worst thing of the video is that those cursedbyanimalspeople did not kill the animals first and then skin them. hurts me to see them suffer. saying this doesn’t mean i approve wearing fur they freakin pulled the raccoon’s fur like a shirt. in the first place whats with a fur coat? i mean there’s lots n lots of other materials we can use from. we’re not living in antartica that we need really thick clothes in the first place. i guess people have to much money that they don’t know what to spend on.

  • Victoria Beltran says:

    Why dont these celebs just wear peta approved fur! I have a coat from ralph lauren with peta approved fur trim! These ladies are very selfish you can tell by their lifestyle!

  • Brittany says:

    Disgusting and despicable the people here posting comments about Peta lightening up. Why are you here in the first place at the site of an organization which promotes the ethical treatment of animals? You must have pent up guilt for consuming animal flesh and wearing the fur of tortured animals. I’m suprised that every one of these comments wasnt’t riddled with disgust and disbelief. Peta is trying to reach a goal and these celebrities in the pictures wearing those furs are part of the problem. That’s quite apparent. “My God” didn’t create beautiful creatures just for human use and consumption In fact my God didn’t even create humans we evolved from other species of ANIMAL to what we are today still a form of animal. I’m entirely befuddled as to the lack of sympthany and empathy shown from some of the people commenting here in response to the video. Like Peta says concerning animals they aren’t for us they aren’t ours or anyone’s for that matter they are their own entity and have their own intrinsic value. People obviously need to see these things to know whats going on and those who promote excessive cruelty to animals need to be shamed Good Job!

  • Doanh says:

    To PETA personal attacks are downright wrong and should not be used in persuading people to accept certain opinions. Eating disorders are very serious and should be taken that way. Making fun of the size of Ricci’s forehead or Longoria’s role in her show is totally uncalled for and immature. Are we in high school again? These women are not cruel horrible people for wearing fur they are simply ignorant to the facts. These comments about them are very disrespectful. I support animal rights but i’m not very fond of peta and its use of propaganda and such language. The fight for not only animal rights but for any political stance in history is riddled with these kinds of extremists attempting to distort the truth and give people a biased viewpoint. enlighten us dont lie to us. Despite what some people have said animals are not legal posessions. everything that is born has its own right to life. we do not choose to be born as whatever we want and to take advantage of other species is wrong simply because we are more intelligent. And because we are we have to go even further as to protect other living things. There is no arguing against this. The only reason why animals are killed today for fur or food the way they are today is efficiency. They need to make as much product as they can to generate the most profit. spending time and money to slowly kill every animal before skinning is time consuming and wasteful. Big businesses do not relate God or grief and sympathy for animals when there is money to be made. it is sad but thats the way the world is. All you can do is not support it. I doubt it will ever stop.

  • Sad says:

    I could only watch two seconds of the video it’s too sad for me. Certainly we have advanced to a point in civilization where we no longer need animal fur to stay warm. We are no longer cave men! No matter what anyone says some people will still choose to wear fur and eat meat and I guess that is their perogative. Why do the animals have to beaten and skinned alive to do it? There must be some more humane way of getting what we need from the animals. This is just sick sick I say.

  • Shorty says:

    I honestly think that what PETA said about the celebrities is amusing but if you want to get your point across you shouldn’t point out a persons flaws disorders or problems. You should put the spotlight on their ignorance and poor choice of fashion. I myself think that wearing fur is tacky and I would never wear it. And people should really stop wishing bad things on the people who skin the animals. Yes I dont agree with what they are doing either but if there wasnt such a high demand for fur then people wouldnt have to have jobs doing these types of things. If its not these people killing the animals its gonna be some other person. Yes it is their fault but you cant blame them for trying to make a living. Do you think that if they could make more money doing something else they would choose to do this instead? By saying that Im not trying to say that wearing fur is right nor am I saying it is right for a person to do such a horrible thing to a living creature but you have to realize that people need to do what they can to get paid. In some cases these people skinning the animals choose to but sometimes there just isnt any other option. So everybody in the fur industry is at fault but if anything blame the fur wearers. I think that there needs to be more organizations like PETA to educate people on what happened to the poor animal whose fur they are wearing.

  • debera says:

    go peta for telling it like it is. people who wear fur should walk in shame. i hope one day people wake up and finally see what is really going on with the fur they wear.

  • ancelin says:

    Unbelievable. I can’t understand why this still happens. I could only watch the first 10 seconds. Why didn’t anyone step up and stop it. Before I saw the video I thought PETA’s comments were a little harsh but now I think they are 100 justified.

  • foxy says:

    hey tomcat too bad for you that you got just instinct and no feeling you are a real problem for animals!

  • Trappist says:

    Poverty and malnutrition are conditions not disorders. And this is about wearing fur not anorexia bulimia or famous people. Or perhaps Cinnabon you can’t tell the difference?

  • Ashamed Of You says:

    Clay I cannot tell you how ashamed I am that my cat has the same name as you. Disgusting pig.

  • Dorei says:

    this is soo horrible!! how can this happen!! the human heart is soo evil!this is soo sad it made me cry

  • Cinnabon says:

    Why does this country have SO much empathy for a ‘disorder’ thats a far cry from a real disorder? Calling Anorexia nervosa and bullimia disorders insults the plight of those who suffer under conditions they cannot avoid. Its disgusting and ignorant. Its first of all a developed country disorder you don’t see people in India putting fingers down their throat to be skinny. Why exactly DO they deserve our sympathy? Because they are stupid enough to think imaginary and odd things? Shouldnt we be teaching our children to be strong enough to fight against the current of Nicole Richie and the likes instead of ‘sympathizing’ with ‘victims’ of the eating disorder. They are not suffering they are choosing to suffer you dont see everyone sympathizing with masochists do you? So why is this different. They know very well what they are doing to themselves. Just because something happens to increase in trend doesnt mean its societys fault as a whole. The individual falling under the pressure is to blame too. Why dont kids who grow up eating health food and without drugs deserve an applause then. If you turn out okay its unrecognized but if you start hurting yourself suddenly you are deserving of all the sympathy in the world. It really makes me support PETA’s mockery of them clearly they strive for it.

  • Teresa says:

    How could anyone wear fur after seeing this sick video. I think the comments toward fur wearers is meant to hit home and it does. I will look at someone wearing fur in disgust for the rest of my life AND maybe hand them a business card if I had one.

  • susan says:

    Before i watched this video i didnt have a strong opinion on fur yes i wouldnt choose to wear it myself but i didn’t necessarily condem someone for wearing it… its funny how one little vidoe can change your views. i was completley appalled to watch that video. i dont see how anyone can watch something like that without it breaking their heart never mind do it. i have been told that animals were skinned alive but i never realised how gut wrentching it is. call me naive but i am just finding it hard to grasp how someone can do that to a such a beautiful LIVING creature. It just goes to show that there are people out there who are low enough and evil enough to put a defencless animal through a life not worth living and a death too agonising all to make a pretty penny

  • Sonia says:

    Tomcat As a hunter I would presume that the vast majority of the animals you see up close are dead or writhing in pain from being stuck in a trap so how on earth would you know if they have feeling or not. I care for wildlife and I know for a fact that every animal I have seen has it’s own personality. They all react differently to different situations and all of them are effected by stress and in fact can die from stress a lot more than people. I also have domestic animals and they are the same. If they had no feelings then how do you explain this.

  • Trappist says:

    For several decades now PETA has been at the forefront of the fight against cruelty to animals. It’s a bit disheartening to see how they like much of the rest of America’s institutions have been seduced by the shallowness of celebrity in order to get attention. Several posts have articulated the ironic insensitivity of mocking the physical appearance and perceived eating disorders of the young women on this list while trying to project an image that is overlysensitive to the plight of animals. What this worst dressed list accomplishes is creating yet another distraction based on the very temporary appeal of very temporal actresses. While I’m no fan of the fur industry it’s quite a leap to go from depicting racoons being beaten to death to the red carpet. It’s one thing to expose an elected politician’s support of apartheid or another’s collusion on trading arms with rogue nations it’s something else entirely to blame an actress for the slaughter of racoons. None of the women cited participated in the killing of the animals nor is there any proof that any of them are even aware of the practices which this video illustrates. What seems to upset many of those who have commented on this article is not the insensitivity of wearing fur but the vanity and excess of those who choose to do so. I live in Asia where it is not uncommon to eat animals that were slaughtered at the table sometimes by the diners themselves. To some this is the height of barbarism to others it is the essence of the nature of man the huntergatherer only killing for sustenance. In some regions it is a delicacy to eat live octopus. Are the grown men who do so on a par with Nicole Ritchie? She might not think so but it is clear that many people believe that as an “idiot” she has no capacity for rational thought. If educating people is PETA’s objective then they need to continue to highlight the atrocities of the fur trade and distance themselves from the superficiality of people who will be forgotten before days end.

  • Kendra says:

    This video absolutely broke my heart. How can humans be so evil? I am speechless…

  • helen says:

    I AGREE 100 WITH THE STATEMENT THAT THERES NO NEED TO MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES FLAWS….yah i dont support eating meat or wearing fur but to poke fun about somthing so serious is stupid…its like one of them coming back and saying somthing about why animals should be killed for fur…come on PETA….have more…pride

  • claudia says:

    folks there is something important i want to tell you it is really sad to live all the tragedy of animal abuse and distruction life on this page there are really backminded neandertalic mean spirits at work taking excuse in two things 1. the barbaric world of the past caused by humans 2. the so called ‘word of god’ just let me explain the following people making this kind of statements do not have any ethic background nor wisdom or knowledge. they loose great part of time with nonsense then they open the peta web site just for to insult them in the ugliest way. they don’t understand anything from the animal kingdom. to tomcat i would like to add you didn’t even get the sense of the statement blacks were used as slaves…. this statement refers to alice walker the great african american writer poet human and animal rights activist and means that animals are not ours to use aswell as black people are not made for white people to be used nor women for men to be abused. it has nothing to do with racism or comparison of humans to animals please study the meaning of a statement before you use it wrongly! second it is not true that animals react just instinctively. since 50 years i share my life with dogs cats and horses and it is absolutely ridiculous to pretend that they are just nice to get food it’s the contrary my cat refuses to eat if first i don’t caress her and my dog is absolutely free to chose his behaviour and lifestyle but i get bonus he barks for to call me when the telephone rings or when the baker arrives in the car. in winter he barks already when the car enters the village because he knows that first i have to put my boots. there is also another same car but he knows the motor and makes a difference. he just understands that these things are important to me and he does this favor! sic! animals also have their own language and i learned about 40 words in cat language i talk to them in cat language and 25 words in dog language. my collie is very intelligent for example he knows exactly which pair of shoes are for to go out or into the garden the stable or the house. once i was busy and he took the shoe for the garden and put it in front of my room. so he wanted to show me that it is time to care about him. once i had a deaf dog and i just talked to him by movements of my hands and it worked perfectly. with the horses i work on a spiritual basis. i have a mare who was very dangerous because of bad treatment. i was the only person to approach and to ride her. she is just adorable and has a big sense of humor! so please educate yourself sharing your life with these adorable creatures and do not judge the animal kingdom out of ignorance! animals also have to make their way in evolution and not to be systematically deteriorated by human beings! third i address to fd kunz it is not god who gave animals to people. i heard this talking in churches before and it is dangerous. the same people feel free to tell us that tsunamis and illnesses are god’s punishment. but the human being has megalomania and it would be reasonable to understand that nature is just for itself and has nothing to do with any ‘god’. this does not mean that there is no god there is an absolute truth but the human doesn’t have it and we should finally be reasonable enough to recognize this. human is not superior to anything we do not even know what’s in the universe! the biggest ignorance of human is to accuse the non humans of ignorance and it shall be the fall of mankind!!! sic!

  • Ryan says:

    Its alright to love animals and for you to discourage that people do not wear fur and become more sensitive to the rights of animals because it is important but I think it is pretty sick that just because Nicole Richie is wearing fur someone would post the comment that they hope she burns in hell and that she is fat… come on people if you care more about the life of some over populated animal over a persons life then you have serious issues

  • quena says:

    i cant help but notice all these ridiculous comments on this site. im glad this video is on here to spread the word of what actually happens to animals that get skinned for fur. i think its disgusting people would actually consider wearing a living beings fur. people need to understand what life is like for these tortured animals. i wish i could save everyone of these suffering animals.

  • julie says:

    i’m glad peta is getting the message across i cannot believe people are ranting on about stupid nicole richie’s eating disorder who cares she is an idiot seeking more fame unfortunenately these poor animals do not have a second chance at life nicole needs to rot in hell and she’s fat

  • serinity says:

    “God did not put man on this earth to serve and worship animails. God put animals on this earth to feed and cloth man” See now there’s a problem there. Who said “God” did anything? I’m freakin sick of this argument. Not EVERYONE believes in the bible what about the people who beleive in different gods? or no god at all? Me i’m eclectic meaning I basically beleive in whatever religion i’m feeling at the time. I do beleive in God and Jesus just not every word of the bible so saying “god put animals here for us to eat” doesn’t hold any relevence for me. Sorry but you can’t go through arguments by throwing in the God card all the time.

  • Bill says:

    When some proud son of man returns to earth Unknown to glory but upheld by birth The sculptor’s art exhausts the pomp of woe And storied urns record who rest below When all is done upon the tomb is seen Not what he was but what he should have been But the poor dog in life the firmest friend The first to welcome foremost to defend Whose honest heart is still his master’s own Who labours fights lives breathes for him alone Unhonour’d falls unnoticed all his worth Denied in heaven the soul he held on earth While man vain insect! hopes to be forgiven And claims himself a sole exclusive heaven. Oh man! thou feeble tenant of an hour Debased by slavery or corrupt by power Who knows thee well must quit thee with disgust Degraded mass of animated dust! Thy love is lust thy friendship all a cheat Thy smiles hypocrisy thy words deceit! By nature vile ennobled but by name Each kindred brute might bid thee blush for shame. Ye! who perchance behold this simple urn Pass on it honours none you wish to mourn To mark a friend’s remains these stones arise I never knew but one and here he lies. Lord Byron

  • F D Kuntz says:

    When in God’s name are you peta windbags going to get a life. God did not put man on this earth to serve and worship animails. God put animals on this earth to feed and cloth man. Stop worshiping IDOLS and get a life.

  • Ali says:

    Yeah wearing fur is wrong but its horrible how you put people out like this and make fun of them. Many other people wear furhow about taking a shot at them?

  • Lisa says:

    The reason they skin these animals alive is to preserve the fur in its natural state. If they kill the animals first the fur will get limp due to no blood circulation which by the way this video is unbearable to watch.

  • Colleen M Callahan says:

    I have never seen anything as horrible as this film. I don’t know how far they went with that poor animal alive because I could only watch the first few seconds. May God see fit to do to them what they have done to these poor animals. I hope you have more videos like this on your site I’d like to show them to everyone who. As for myself My father hunted to help provide food and raised a bull for food also. I KNEW this bull played with it petted it and named it. I was 7 years old when he had it butchered and for me it was like eating the family dog! I haven’t eaten meat since.over 40 years

  • tomcat says:

    Black were used as slaves we used to live in caves use horse cart as transport. When people used fur they would have killed the wild animal for it’s meat not factory farmed them!. Animals are not ours to use anymore than any people of a different colour of skinreligion or child is there to be exploited by ANYBODY. Get the point?! J. Smith Are you saying that black people are animals? I’m suprised people like you can sit there with a straight face and compare animals to people as if they were on the same level. Animals are not people! They do not have emotions. What you think are emotions coming from your pet are actually instinctive behavior patterns that have been bred into that particular domesticated animal. Animals do what they know to survive. If that means being friendly to humans to get a food reward that is what they will do. Do you understand what I’m saying? Animals do not have emotions they don’t have souls therefore they cannot be comaredit’s like trying to compare apples and oranges. Although I don’t agree with torturing animals I also do not beleive it is anyone’s place to tell someone else they shouldn’t be doing it. I am a hunter and as a hunter I strongly beleive in preserving habitat for wild animals. As a matter of fact hunters spend more than any other group preserving wildlife. But there is a difference between wild and domesticated animals. Domesticated animals are raised strictly for human use and consumption. There is nothing wrong with this. This is how the world turns. Animals eat other animals. Does that make them guilty of cruelty to animals? Have you seen some of the methods certain animals use to kill other animals. Snakes either suffocate their prey or inject them with venom until they slowly die. I think if peta members spent an extended amount of time out in the wild in a situation where they had to find a way to survive their views would change dramatically. They would better understand the natural balance of life and death. And from this they would have a greater apprecitation of nature. Because a tree hugger can never understand nature until they understand this aspect of it.

  • Kirk says:

    I have no problem with the comments made by PETA in relation to the “worst dressed” list. Honestly these women are wearing the skins of animals obtained in the most barbaric manner and we are supposed to be sensitive about THEIR feelings? Please. The whole point is that furwearers are selfish selfabsorbed sociallyirresponsible and unfeeling idiots. I think PETA could actually have made the point a LOT stronger. Celebrities don’t respond to subtle social commentary or earnest entreaties not to wear fur. They only respond to IMAGE and public opinion. Ridicule is THE BEST way of being heard. Beyonce for example turned a deaf ear to PETA’s extremely polite attempts to reason with her use of fur in her “fashion” line. But I guarantee you if PETA ran a campaign suggesting that fur only makes Beyonce’s ass look bigger all of a sudden they would be getting a reaction! I have to say though I thought PETA’s list was on the politicallycorrect side this year. Where was Beyonce JLo Lil’ Kim etc??? Don’t tell me that Christina Ricci is more of a fur hag than Beyonce!?

  • B. says:

    Andrew I think you are referring to Timothy Donner post the names are underneath the post.

  • jamie litzner says:

    this is to CLAY who said wearing fur is not wrong. i am gonna be very rude and inconsiderate right now just like you were when you said wearing fur is not wrong… are probably some hick who lives in the middle of nowhere who actually has to kill animals for food and clothing….get a car and drive to a store you freak….why would you go hunting? people who actually kill a living thing for the fun of it are mentally disturbed and should be put away…i dont know if you know anything about serial killers but the majority of cases start with the sickos abusing and killing animals…..its one thing for people to eat meat but its another thing to torture beat and brutally kill an animal for pleasure or fashion. youre a jerkoff…and that was being nice….and really who cares if peta makes fun of celebrities who have eating disorders they deserve a lot worse for wearing animal corpses…boo hooo

  • Liz says:

    I cried when I saw this video these people do not have a heart I am a animal lover and I wont not be able to do this …. . I just would love for one of them to fell the pain those poor scared animals are going thru .

  • Andrew says:

    This comment is to everyone who thinks that wearing fur to make a fashion statement it alright but mainly to jessica duran the idiot that left a comment a few spaces up. I dont know what exactly it says about animals in our laws but it shouldnt matter what they say when it comes to skinning animals and wearing there fur as a fashion statement or whatever you want to call it. It is not our god given right to murder animals and where there fur for fashion. In this day and age there is no need for this once so ever. Now back in the old days thats what people did to stay warm was kill an animal and wear its fur i have no problem with that they did what they had to do to survive and they also ate the animals they killed also to survive. When you murder animals for there fur not to survive but so you can look good and just throw away what remains of the animal then you need to think about what it would be like to be in that animals position. It doesn’t matter what our laws say about what you can and cannot do you all know what is right and what is wrong. Now I don’t know God personally but i seriously doubt this is what he wants for his creations. It is beyond me how any one can do this to animals and live with themselves weither they are doing it like the pieces of shit in that video or in a so called more humain way that they might do in a major fur making company. Jessica that was one of the most evil and unhuman things i have ever heard you cannot have soul after posting something like that. Its sad someone can be so ruthless when it comes to the murder of innocent creatures. Nothing good can come from murdering these animals and i can only prey that the sick and twisted pieces of shit that do this come to there senses and realize that the profit they make from this is not really worth it and stop the murdering. p.s. Please excuse any gammar mistakes i may have made its not like i murder an innocent animal or something.

  • Keer says:

    I love PETA and I am an avid fan but the comments made about the women on the list sounded like comments from an asinine teenager. If you want to prove your point try facts and figures not shockvalue videos and immature comments about women.

  • clay says:

    right on jojo

  • Frank says:

    Jojo did you watch the video do you think that it is showing animals being demeaned? How can the two be compared??

  • Sonia says:

    There are millions of charities for humans. Ironically it is humans that generally cause the suffering of humans as well as animals. It is humans that give organisations like Peta the reason to exist. Why is it that all these wonderful people like Jojo who has no doubt taken in orphan starving children or donates most of their wages to charities for humans and doesn’t use any chemicals as these chemicals are slowly poisoning the world which they are no doubt trying to save for future generations of humans why is it that they are so put out by people who try to do the same for animals that are only suffering because of these so called caring humans. Why can’t there be people looking out for the animals as well as humans. Why am I constantly told to support charities for humans instead of animals. I don’t use chemicals I recycle everything I try to produce as little pollution I can in my daily life. If I wanted to have children then I would adopt one that needed a home rather than just adding blindly to the population that is suffocating the world to the point that it won’t exist. The animals are the innocent victims of human greed so why shouldn’t someone stand up for them?

  • rosario says:

    just i would like to ask jojo pls inform us about your charity for human beings which kind of organizations do you support or manage or is your primitive comment just another excuse for being a good christian!?

  • JoJo says:

    How about ‘People for the ethical treatment of PEOPLE’….ok…PETA yeah you look out for animals and everything but you still suck when it comes to treating PEOPLE in an ethical manner.. HOW LAUGHABLE is it that you love things that dont give a crap about you MORE than you love HUMAN BEINGS. Some people dont know any better…their mothers wore fur…so they do..BUT the way to inform people is NOT to throw blood on them in public..OR jack them in a fake contestinterview like you did with Beyonce . OR demeaning them in a ‘worst dress list’. ITS OK TO DEMEAN PEOPLE.. BUT NOT ANIMALS.??? YOU DONT GET RESPECT FROM PEOPLE WITH YOUR APPROACH…. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THIS ORGANIZATION BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GUERILLALIKE APPROACH THAT IS BARBARIC AND UNCIVILIZED…REALLY MATURE GUYS REALLY MATURE… GROW UP….STOP POURING BLOOD ON PEOPLE AND DEGRADING THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY DONT SEE YOUR POINT OF VIEW.

  • Gerardo Mendez says:

    I can’t Believe that they would do something the Cruel and Awful to Animals. Just So they can Sell the Fur off the animal for Profit Its Disgusting. And The People in The Video are Actually Laughing as they Skin the Animals. What kind’ve human would enjoy this and laugh about this needs help. I have seen some disturbing stuff but this tops everything I’ve seen. And it sheds some light. Best of Luck to PETA “maybe one day people will stop abusing animals But For now we must fight to protect them”

  • Christine says:

    That was the most horrifying thing I have seen! But what’s worse than that video are people who actually wear the fur.. if they didn’t wear it.. the things that happened in the video wouldn’t be happening. The girls on the worst dressed list and anyone else who wears fur is disgusting. How can they wear it knowing all the cruel things that happen for that one article of clothing?? They are cold hearted self centered materialistic undeserving people with a very screwed up morals!