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PETA’s 2006 Worst Dressed List!

Written by PETA | November 28, 2006
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It’s that time of year again, when it starts to get a little bit colder and you can spot a select few of Hollywood’s trashiest celebrities strutting around with dead animals strapped to their backs. At PETA, we have far too much tact to name any of these people personally, but we would like to send a general message to all celebrities to please just think hard and search your conscience before you consider buying fur. OK, just kidding, we have a list. Here it is:

PETA’s Official 2006 ‘Worst Dressed’ List:

  1. Nicole Richie: This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones. She’s an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match.
  2. Ashley Olsen: Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead.
  3. Christina Ricci: Disregarding the holiday season’s “Peace on Earth” message, Ricci recently posed for a magazine cover wearing fur from slaughtered reindeer. At least she’s not into fur hats: Imagine how many more pelts it would take to cover that forehead.
  4. Eva Longoria: You’d think she’d be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane.

You can vote for the number-one worst-dressed celebrity here. Notable absences from the list are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, both of whom have made some attempts to ditch the fur from their wardrobes this year—so here’s hoping they remember their resolution.

In the meantime, here’s Nicole and Ashley!


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And finally, in case the pictures of Nicole Richie and Ashley Olson looking like they just got finished robbing graves at a pet cemetery aren’t enough to convince you not to wear fur, check this out:

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  • Katherine says:

    boo hoo hoo you whiney people need to stop complaining. THINK ABOUT THE POOR ANIMALS WHO CAN’T SPEAK. nicole richie already said she doesn’t have an eating disorder.. she’s ‘under stress’ and ashley olsen doesn’t have an eating disorder either. anyone who wears fur deserves to die the same way the animal did there is no EXCUSE for fur in this day in age. i saw the chinese fur trade video for the first time a little over a year ago. i became antifur and more into animals rights more than ever. i had a pancho i purchased it before i knew anything about the fur trade FYI with a little bit of rabbit fur on it and i donated it to PETA right away. so people go fake for the animal’s sake.. and remember karma will get you if you don’t.

  • Lindsay Martinez says:

    This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. I couldn’t even watch past 13 seconds. I’ve read about this kind of stuff and seen other videos but this was too much. Doing this to animals is so wrong that I can’t even put it into words. Then PETA’s 2006 Worst Dressed List!se people who torture them….how can they go home and sleep and night? Evil evil people. I value the life of an animal far more than a human being because animals are so innocent helpless they have no clue why they are suffering through this torture. They don’t have a voice to speak out about this. I thoroughly hate people who can torture poor innocent animals and they deserve much worse than I can even think of.

  • crystal says:

    i love ashley olsen and nicole richie’s style but today i was very dissapointed in them. And yah peta was a lil harsh with the comments but it doesnt matter what it says. cause its really not about the celeb… think bigger picture. how can people be so concerned about “their” feelings when animals are being skinned alive and left to writher helplessly with all but there muscles showing? priorities people. who cares about the peta comments. watch that damn video. its heartbreaking.

  • serinity says:

    okay WHY are there a bazillion comments on here not defending animals or even adressing the issue of AR fur ect. but…talking about how we make fun of celebrities? Hello if you’re dumb and selfish enough to wear fur you DESERVE to get made fun of. For gods sake people it isn’t like you know Ashley Olson or any of the others personally! If you don’t want to see celebrities made fun of I suggest you don’t turn on the TV or pick up a tabloid magasine either. We aren’t the first people to say something about how sickly skinny some of these girls are getting.

  • Maria says:

    wow! I HAD NO IDEA! That is why you need shock tactics! God forbid we call some spoiled celebrities names when these poor helpless animals are being tortured! Some of these comments by people condoning this is just sickening like who gave humans this right to torture animals?! They don’t feel pain?! And those of you saying this is a small part should really look at this Cats and dogs same torture and thier fur being sold as rabbit fur!!! I’m so sick I can’t stop crying!

  • Juan says:

    ANYONE who wears fur is a shameless sinful and souless WRETCH! That video was incomprehensible…how can you do that to them while they’re alive??? I don’t advocate death but anyone who supports the fur industry needs to be SKINNED ALIVE and even that wouldn’t be enough. And as for the comments about the celebrities go right ahead humiliate and degrade them those revolting fiends apparently support the fur industry so i HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THEM!!!! PETA you’ve just found another strong supporter.

  • tia says:

    i respect what peta does and do not wear fur. however i think peta loses credibility when you make fun of celebrities. let the facts and your work speak for itself.

  • adriana says:

    Wake up people stop gloryfying people who dont give a rats ass about killling and torturing animals like People who are hypocrites and want to own a pet and care for it. How bout if we take your pet and skin it alive to turn a profit.Disgusting money whores you know the infamous two clothing skanks Iam talking about. no respect not humane

  • loulou says:

    awwwwwww eva the comments were so rude…and yet so funny lol. i think the point is that u don’t get on PETAs worst dressed list to be flattered. tabloids r worse. people who wear fur make me really sad and so do people who think that if the law claims that animals don’t have any rights they must not. since when has legalitymorality? think for yourself.

  • Timothy Donner says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is about fur coats. I know lots of people who eat meat and wear leather but act like fur coats are terribly immoral. There is only one difference fur coats are luxurious and extremely bourgeois. Anyway animals are legal objects and do not possess any rights as individuals such as the right to live.

  • Jessica Duran says:

    I had heard about how torturous obtaining fur was but i never believed it. I am in the fashion industry and thought that fur was just another material for making fashionable clothing. I am very happy that you put this video onto your website. It brought me to tears and I am still crying but it showed me cruel fur is. I want to show this to everyone I know and hope that they will no longer use animal products. I know I wont there are plenty of real looking synthetics that will not require torturing God’s creatures. Make this available to more people and maybe they can be enlightened like I was.

  • sarah says:

    why would you not kill an animal before skinning it…even more importantly why would you let its skinned bleeding suffering body still live? people disgust me

  • Helen says:

    I think what they do to animals is HORRIBLE but i don’t think its right for you Peta to make fun of people like you are saying Christina Ricci has a big forehead and that it would take too much skin to cover it is just nasty and I don’t think nicole richie’s weight is relivant to the killing of animals I however STRONGLY agree with the concern of PETA but pointing out certain celeb’s issues is not a right thing to do and how come Beyonce isnt on there? She is the one who is actually designing a fur based brand and same with J.Lo that video is sick and cruel and i hope all those men have to suffer through 4 times as pain they are worthless to the world and have no decent character inside of them.

  • Sonia says:

    I totally agree that Peta should show as many of these videos as possible to all and sundry. These so call stars would have all seen what happens to these animals to produce these fur coats that they are wearing. I’m so tired of people sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring the cruelty that humans inflict on everything around them. As for those people that say that animals should be kill because of over population then when do we start on humans. Humans are taking over every inch of the environment and changing every eco system on this earth. For thousands of years animals have controlled their own populations it’s only since man has taken their habitats that there has ever been a population problem as the few animals that are left are all squashed in to small areas and everything nowadays is classed as a pest. This isn’t for survival this is so we can entertain ourselves and don’t get me started on these so called animal loving hunterstrappers yeah right!!

  • zoe says:

    how anyone can justify wearing real fur after watching this just aint human!

  • Tanya says:

    I could not believe this video I never thought wearing fur was that big of a deal until now. I had no idea that animals were treated this way is it a reason that they keep them alive while they do this? I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight much less see how these horrible people sleep at all. I don’t see how they don’t get arrested for animal cruelty. I wish I had never watched it to tell you the truth my heart breaks.

  • Katrina says:

    I think PETA’s comments on these celebrities is amusing. If a celebrity has a eating disorder they need to seek help for it. And wearing a murdered animals clothing will not help them gain weight. These celebrities KNOW they have anorexic issues they choose to not seek help and continue to flaunt there disgustingly skeletal figures. I think a little “picking” from PETA is nothing compared to what these women do to themselves.

  • Susan says:

    I could not stop crying while watching this containted the most disturbing image i had ever seen.

  • Ashleigh C says:

    I see no problem with a few personal attacks on these celebs. What’s worse.. a few WORDS or being mercessly slaugtered so people can make coats out of you. Whenever I see someone wearing fur I shoot them the DIRTEST look I can I think it’s disgusting and the epitome of TACKY.

  • Kara says:

    That video is disturbing how are things like this being allowed?…why isn’t it regulated i’ve never nor will I ever wear fur its gross would we walk around wearing human skin to try to make a fashion statement?? that poor raccoon. It is sickening to me that someone with a pulse or beating heart can do somthing that cruel to another living creature. I’ve also seen the Documentary Dealing Dogs it was almost to much to stomach thiers a huge problem with animal cruelty and i feel like its just getting worse. People need a big eye opener. You guys at PETA do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work!

  • Paul says:

    I think the point is being missed here. I would like to say that the use of fur has been around since the early stages of man go back to the times of Neanderthals and cavemen However killing and the wearing of fur was done for their survival not for sportfashion. Man is no longer dependant on fur I think that anyone that kills in the name of sportfashion are showing their true IGNORANCE!! Organisations like PETA shows there is some humanity in this Mad World.

  • M Smith says:

    “I understand how most of you feel as far as the sheer brutal images on this video. But wearing fur has been around since we have been on this Earth. Please do not think that I’m saying it’s OK it has become a “fashion statement”. But I think God put animals on this earth for humans not the other way around……” Black were used as slaves we used to live in caves use horse cart as transport. When people used fur they would have killed the wild animal for it’s meat not factory farmed them!. Animals are not ours to use anymore than any people of a different colour of skinreligion or child is there to be exploited by ANYBODY. Get the point?!

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    please know that it would be very important that peta celebrities talk to these fur wearing celebs in order to make up their minds to blame them in public is not good but talks between stars would show a better result. please consider that many of fur wearing stars are still very young also chinese stars are wearing much fur but are not at all conscious about what they do pls visit the site asianfanatics and you shall see that even if these celebs ow and love animals they are not educated about fur. so celebs like jackie chan jet li and other animal loving chinese actors should talk to them personally!!! this horrible crime against animals must stop as quickly as possible it’s also against human dignity!!! what kind of a species are we to do such crimes to other living beings???

  • clay says:

    This probably wont get posted on your site because of the extremist nature of your organization but this is what I have to say anyway. First off there is nothing wrong with a woman wearing fur. It’s your right to bitch and complain about it but it’s their right to wear fur. If I bought my girlfriend a fur coat and one of you nutcases wrecked it I’d have your ass thrown in jail. Second while I do not codone the nature of the video you posted I feel you misrepresented the fur industry. Anybody with an ounce of commen sense would realize that what was shown in the video was the act of a few people who like to watch animals suffer. As a hunter I have great respect for the animals I hunt. I know the majority of trappers also have a great deal of respect for the animals they trap. You need to realize that there is a food chain and we as humans are at the top. Hunting is necessary because without it the animals would die far crueler deaths from overpopulation and the diseases that stem from it. So in conclussion1. wearing fur is not wrong2. you’re a bunch of crazy radicalsand 3. and maybe the most important thing I have to say Nicole Richie and Ashley Olson hot.

  • Charmagne Dulaney says:

    I think these people should of been exposed. How can anyone watch what actually happens to the animals they wear and still wear them. That is not a fashion statement that is pure ignorance. These stars should set an example for others. And Beyonce and JoLo should be on the list.

  • ekleinee says:

    That really is a low to snark about eating disorders. Obviously these women do have psychological problems. It’s wrong to wear fur but PETA’s attitude about eating disorders shows ignorance and poor taste.

  • junior says:

    Its pathetic how this celebrities buy fur without knowing the pain that the animals go trough. the worst thing is that the killing of baby seals its about to begin in Canada. and it would be another SAD SITE. these people should pay the SAME WAY Odilon Jr

  • Savannah says:

    I can’t even watch more than 10 seconds of this video. It’s completely incomprehensible that this actually has been going on. Within 10 seconds my spirit was considerably bruised and a piece of my innocence was lost. All this being said having knowledge of extreme cases such as these I hope this is an extreme case and not normal circumstances… helps to build on my firm belief that cruelty to animals is completely unethical unnatural and unnecessary and must be stopped.

  • Soleil says:

    I didn’t watch the video I’ve seen too many and know exactly what goes on. But I do understand why Peta has to resort to “shocking” people into realisation. A lot of times people don’t know or understand how horrific the methods are that are used. As for the celebrities who wear fur it’s shameful. They should follow Martha Stewart’s example and give it up.

  • Ashley says:

    While I am against wearing fur and don’t like it when other people sport fur I think PETA should be ashamed of itself for personally attacking these women. Speak out against their choice to wear fur not what goes on in their personal lives. I think very highly of PETA and support its cause but this time you guys took it too far.

  • monica says:

    Don’t get me wrong I am 110 against fur but two seconds into the video I had to stop. When I saw the poor racoons little face beaten it was just to much for me. I disagree with many of the first commenters these stars are wearing fur and need to be brought down a peg. Magazines comment when they any thing else hidious PETA just covers the fur. I too believe in krama and just can’t understand why the people who made the fur and wear it knowing what we do today about fur aren’t treated as the animals are I won’t go detail. Let’s pray that day is coming. P.S Why wasn’t J.Lo Beyonce on the list?

  • vanessa says:

    yeah yeah i feel bad for the animals and all but there was definetly no reason to mock anyone. you need to stay out of other peoples business and mind your own. if people want to wear fur or eat meat they are not bad people so stop treating them like they are and get a life you freaks! eating meat is the circle of life people! if we just let the animals stay alive and keep having babies then the world would get overpopulated and it would be chaos. so chill out PETA and lay off.

  • Michelle says:

    Absolutely no offence to anyone I don’t like people wearing dead animals either…BUT you guys would think if it was cruelty to animals which is against the law that officials would ban it all together????

  • Laura says:

    Wow I’ve seen fur videos before from the US that were bad but this is truly awful. I can’t believe that it takes that much effort to put an animal out of misery before you skin it. I couldn’t watch all of this video. As to the previous poster who said “God put animals on this earth for humans” exactly whose god is that? My God did not put humans on earth to create suffering for other creatures. If you believe we are better than all animals than use your position for stewardship of the earth not desecration. All of God’s creations are sacred not humans alone.

  • HANK says:

    I understand how most of you feel as far as the sheer brutal images on this video. But wearing fur has been around since we have been on this Earth. Please do not think that I’m saying it’s OK it has become a “fashion statement”. But I think God put animals on this earth for humans not the other way around……

  • dan linders says:

    I agree that they should not skin these animals alive. It is horrible to watch. Why couldn’t they just shoot them in the head instead?

  • maliacoco says:

    How in the hell do these sick people get away with doing things like that they need to be stopped or skined what ever is easier what goes around comes around

  • maggie malhado says:

    This is the saddest video I have ever seen. I don’t own any fur and never will. If the stars want to eat animals it’s fine with me but why would you want to wear an animal’s skin?????? It’s sad to think of all the poor defenseless animals dying in such horrible ways to keep their bodies warm when they can just buy a nice wool coat that will keep them just as warm. Don’t these stars live in LA???? What do they need a fur coat for anyway????

  • Conscience says:

    they are far more cruelty and atrocities going on in the world right now. why not start by helping people then the animals

  • Sandra says:

    Anybody who wears fur has got to be out of their minds. I just hope the people who are guilty for torturing these poor animals get tortured the same way! Karma!!!

  • shayquan says:

    all you vegetarians are just jealous that some people can look thin and still eat meat

  • Daleo says:

    If you’re going to do this to animals… show some respect. That was just rude and inconsiderate. I couldn’t imagine being in that racoon’s possition!

  • Paris says:

    That is the worst thing I have ever seen! I had to stop watching it!! How can someone do that? Makes me cry!

  • g3kogur1 says:

    This is macabre. I can’t believe you people would actually put this video up on your site. Obviously the people who visit this site know the horrors of animal cruelty. Why on earth beat it into our heads by such shockvalue methods? I am disgusted by the video but even more disgusted by your lack of couth.

  • Paul says:

    There’s a old saying “To find God in all life is to find God in yourself” However it seems the people in the video only found the devil.

  • Victoria says:

    This is why I became a vegetarian and am slowly going vegan. How can someone do that to a living creature with a beating heart? All I can think about is the fear going through those poor animals. This is not how God wanted us to care for his creations.

  • Nele says:

    I had to cry when I saw this how is it possible that this CAN happen? I wish I could torture these people like they torture these animals…

  • Mara says:

    Wow. So it’s all right to make personal attacks against someone and insult them behind their back? Nice to see PETA taking the high road. Honestly guys. Try and be role models.

  • Laura says:

    I don’t think it’s right to get a point across by making fun of people. Yeah it’s wrong to support the killing of animals for vanity but it’s also wrong to take cheap shots at someone’s eating disorder. I think this “Worst Dressed List” shows PETA in an immature light and doesn’t adress the real issue of what PETA stands for.

  • SARAH says:

    I support PETA’s longtime fight for the humane treatment of animals. And while i don’t particularly like celebrities i thought the PETA comments on the Worst Dressed List were in poor taste. Mocking young women that may have eating disorders and negative body images is cruel. Humans are animals too.