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PETA Wins Convio Innovator Award

Written by PETA | October 27, 2010

Woo-hoo! We rock, we rock! OK, I know that no one likes a braggart, but we’re so excited about winning the Convio Innovator Award for Best Email Communications—our second Convio Award in a row—that we can’t help but gush a little! PETA’s Marketing Department—led by Joel Bartlett, who accepted the award at a recent ceremony held by Convio—gives its all to make sure that our members and supporters know about our campaigns and can take immediate action to help stop animal abuse and exploitation.

Special thanks to all of you who subscribe to PETA E-News, A-Team alerts, or other online communications for PETA for getting involved and making this award possible. You’re truly helping to make PETA a force to be reckoned with. Keep up the good work—and get everyone you know to visit and our other websites!

Written by Heather Moore

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