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PETA to Usher: Don’t Replace Stolen Furs!

Written by PETA | January 15, 2010

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Usher Raymond


This is my confession, Usher. When I read that you’d fallen victim to a robbery over the holiday season, I felt bad for you. Someone ripped off your unreleased music and you lost more than $1 million in jewelry! Tough blow. But I hope you realize that you weren’t the only victim. Considering that the original owners of the fur coats stolen from your car—the animals—were probably skinned alive, I’d say you got off lucky.

Instead of stealing other animals’ skins, I’d love to see you make a donation we can all benefit from. It’s been three months since Glee‘s “Confessions”-“It’s My Life” mash-up, and we’re dying for more.

So, to sum: Glee donations = good, fur = bad. Robbery = hassle, being skinned alive = horrific. I hope that you will listen when we urge you not to replace the fur coats and to take our pledge to be fur-free.

After all, they call you U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-D—it would be great if we could call you C-O-M-P-A-S-S-I-O-N-A-T-E.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • nick says:

    let him do what he wantsP

  • jade slee says:

    Usher please do not replace your stolen furs. I do feel bad you were robbed but to me these poor animals were also robbed of their fur. Would you like it if someone made a fashion statement out of your hair??

  • klarasun says:

    Please don’t replace them! And to calm you down fur is out!

  • Michelle Tomkinson says:

    Watch how furs are made and decide for yourself and if you are offended then please make a stand and buy faux. Unlike the commercials cavemen don’t exist anymore and there is not one reason why skinning an animal alive is necessary in the society we live in today.

  • susan says:

    What is up with all of these singers wearing fur? Usher needs to hang it up along with Kid Rock and Rihanna. They were both featured in magazines with long white furs. Were they real or faux?

  • emma says:

    Two words usher…..’trading places’. fantastic song but imagine if you traded places with the animals you wear.. would you still wear fur???

  • kayla says:

    Usher dont wear fur. just dont. i dont care if u have all the money in the world. its not cool and if u still think so then ur more than a little messed up in the head.

  • Sabine A. says:

    If you know the word empathy you’ll don’t replace the stolen ones. FUR IS DEAD!

  • Maureen C says:

    What is up with performers and their furs. Get over it! We all know you’re rich. Fur is tacky in this day and age. Get up to date.

  • Nici Wasserfall says:

    Have you looked into the eyes of a stillalive skinned animal Usher? These skinned still breathing animals are thrown on a heap to die a horrific death because you want what does NOT belong to you! Please think of the millions of petrified bewildered animals screaming in agony for the sake of your vanity!

  • serena says:

    Usher it’s not cool to wear fur it’s pretentious ignorant and crass.

  • Bernadette Berens says:

    Usher…I’m sorry your things were stolen. I feel even worse to learn that furs were among the missing items. I realize that owning furs may be a status symbol to some but do you really need to feed your ego in such a cruel way? About a week ago I watched a video that showed how fur is actually obtained for such items. I didn’t know what I was about to witness. If I did I wouldn’t have watched it seeing as how I don’t need to see something I’m already against. It has been haunting me ever since. A “man” stripped the skin right off an animal while the animal was still alive. The only hair left was the lashes around eyes that reflected the horror of the torture this animal was being put through. I watched it suffer as it struggled to stay alive silently screaming with it’s expression of anguish. There was no mercy shown for this poor animal…none. Sadder still is that this was not an isolated incident. This is a common occurrence that happens over over again. As long as there is a demand for fur coats etc. this kind of unspeakable horrifying torture will continue to happen. I suggest anyone who thinks that owning fur is “classy” or “cool” should witness the same video. If there is any compassion in your heart for other living beings you will change your mind realize that there is nothing classy or cool about what happens to these animals in order to supply such a sickening demand. Please don’t look away. Face the fact that there are consequences for every choice we make. Please let your heart conscience be your guide be a good enough man to make the right choice by these animals.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Come on Usher Don’t buy real fur again. It’s not right!!

  • LGTan says:

    Usher please stop using FUR! You are still cool and hot without it.

  • Abbey m. Ryan! says:

    OK usher maybe its time for you to take this into consideration! I personally think that you got off pretty lucky compared to the poor defenseless animal that was killed maybe even skinned alive just because you wanted its fur!!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Usher you don’t need to be pushed into fur by those money hungry fur corporations.

  • Wendy Primo says:

    Usher You possess mad talent and millions of dollars. But Please leave Fur with it’s Rightful Owner. Believe us when we say ‘You are Far more badass without it’. Peace Wendy

  • laura says:

    please don’t use FUR !!! also don’t eat meat S don’t kill animals

  • Mel says:

    I feel for Usher but how do you know if he had furs stolen or not?

  • B.E. says:

    I couldn’t agree with this blog more! It’s true that the animals were the first victims in this crime case. I simply have never understood why people want to wear fur especially since we’ve had more than adequate replacements to fur for many many years now and most people know the torture horrors that the animals suffer. I hope pray that Usher accepts PETA’s furfree pledge!!! JUST SAY NO TO FUR!!!

  • Janet Stafford says:

    I am also asking on behalf of PETA that you not replace those or ever buy real fur again. You are wealthy and successful enough that you don’t need to prove it in this world. You don’t need real fur to show off what you have accomplished! I also ask that you refer to your idol and icon our beloved M.J. and how he spent much of his time money and soul into charities that struck out against cruelties to animals and human kind alike! You said you would have never been what you are without him. Honor him! Do NOT promote skinning of animals. He wouldn’t! Thank you.

  • Rob MacKnight says:

    Usher time to realize it is not cool to kill animals so that you can have fur coats. You have the money to enjoy any sort of comfort it need not come from the unnecessary killing of animals right? Do the right thing Usher. Life is about evolving and this is your time re this point. YOU can influence so many to think about it and do the same.

  • darien Stefani says:

    Please ask yourself why you think cruelty is a fashion statement. We all matter even those of us that walk on all 4s.

  • Ally May says:

    Usher Please don’t replace your stolen furs with other real fur take this act of theift as a sign to go in a new direction towards compassion and love.