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Update: Fetish Animal Torturer Sentenced to 10 Years

Written by PETA | May 30, 2014

Update: Ashley Richards was sentenced last week to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of cruelty to animals for her involvement in making “crush” videos. “While we are satisfied that the defendant received the maximum penalty in these cases, we will fight at the next legislative session to increase the punishment range for this offense to better protect these animals and all citizens of Harris County,” said District Attorney Devon Anderson. “When a person tortures and kills an animal that raises a red flag about that person’s capacity for violent behavior in general. It will always be a priority for our office to aggressively prosecute offenders who abuse animals.”

Richards’ co-defendant, Brent Justice, is scheduled to appear in court in July.

Originally posted on August 21:

After PETA was alerted to violent fetish videos sold online showing puppies, kittens, rabbits, mice, and other animals who were tortured in ways that would make even a hardened person sick, our Cruelty Investigations Department staffers worked around the clock to find the perpetrators. Thanks to skillful sleuthing and with the help of the Animal Beta Project, PETA determined that the alleged producers of the videos lived in Houston, Texas, and rushed the evidence to local authorities. Two days later, the Houston Police Department (HPD) arrested Brent Justice and Ashley Richards, two suspects believed to be involved in an international video sales scheme, on felony warrants and charged them with animal torture.

Photo: Houston Police Department/Houston Chronicle

Photo: Houston Police Department/Houston Chronicle

The Real ‘Torture Porn’

PETA applauds the HPD and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for their swift action. We will be pushing for federal charges as well, as making crush videos is a violation of federal law. Such videos feature animals, including mice, puppies, kittens, and rabbits, slowly tortured to death for the sexual gratification of fetishists.

Charges for both suspects result from a video that PETA gave to the HPD, in which a woman prosecutors say is Richards is shown cutting the leg and slashing the neck and throat of a puppy before beheading the struggling animal with a meat cleaver. Richards also faces charges related to the torture and killing of a cat in a 2010 video. As the Houston Chronicle reports, a “judge halted the reading of the court documents during a hearing last week because the details were too graphic.” Richards has reportedly admitted to killing hundreds of animals over the years. The investigation is continuing.

What You Can Do

As this case shows, for animals in danger, one phone call or e-mail can the make the difference between life and (perhaps a horrible) death. Please, if you witness or hear about cruelty to animals, never be silent.

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  • Looise says:

    These people are psycho. Hopefully, their fellow inmates are animal lovers and these two will get what’s coming to them. Karma can be a bitch.

  • ldrboyle says:

    The best news I’ve heard! Very thankful these evil no good low life were caught. Thank you, for all your work you do for innocent animals!

  • Danbar says:

    Truly awful vicious people!!!

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    AlmightyVP: Your suggestion that PETA supporters who take up animal causes do not care about humans is beyond ignorant. Are you that intellectually or socially challeged that you cannot imagine being concerned for more than one species?

  • Sweet Sue Ohio says:

    These people make me ill. I will now go and hug Ms Kitty.

  • Karmakaze says:

    These moral freaks should be in prison for the rest of their lives, both for what they did and as an example for other substandard human beings who might be thinking about doing something similar.

  • JenJen1314 says:

    these sick psychos are not human they dont deserve prision. prison is a paradise to what they deserve. government needs to spare room in the prisons and save money. these kind of monsters have no heart! we dont need people like this in the world. if it was up to me those people would have went threw what they put harmless MANS BEST FRIERND!!!! if they can put an animal threw day and be able to sleep at night GUANTEE THESE PEOPLE WOULD NOT HESITATE TO MURDER A PERSON. THEY HAVE NO FEELINGS, NO HEARTS, NO EMOTHINGS, EMPATHHY, SYMPATHY ABSOLUTLY NOTHING AT ALL. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN!!!!!!

  • Tina Dinkins says:

    People like that make me sick!!!! How can anybody be so cold-hearted as to hurt & kill animals that way???? They should be tortured the same way so they know how those poor animals felt!!!!!

  • JuicyJynx says:

    These people need serious help… That is all I can say.

  • jeannette says:

    This is good, maybe others that carry out what those two did, will get the message that they will be found and punished.

  • TangoWhiteTrash says:

    You know PETA ya’ll don’t all ways understand the way the world works, but I damn sure am glad ya’ll busted those sick bastards. -Tango

  • AlmightyVR says:

    Way to go PETA for helping bust animal torturers. Why do I get the feeling that most PETA supporters who came upon snuff videos of human babies would be forwarding the videos to their friends as memes with lots of lulz…

  • Lisa says:

    The truth should never be hidden. The full graphic nature of what was done should have been read in court. Evil needs to be thrown into the light so it can be seen for all it is. We must feel the pain they have bestowed upon others. Without this full disclosure we cannot truly punish them as they must be punished if we aren’t in full knowledge if what they did. I hope they go to jail for more than 45 years, I hope a hardened criminal in there who lives animals finds out what they did and slaughters them like the evil people they are and save the tax payers and the world from two disgusting creatures that don’t deserve the air they breathe. Save on Carbon emissions too. Or that they both get a fatal disease and die a long, slow death.

  • Prem says:

    These couple does really need psychiatry follow up.

  • Dagmar says:

    @Larisa Ahearne Seriously? Blaming video games? This is an animal activism issue, not a technology one. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • Cecilia says:

    Yes, I hope the inmates give the same feeling.

  • Maribeth says:

    Once again, Peta, you have demonstrated effective and brilliant skills at investigation and prosecution.You have the support of hundreds of thousands who want you to go after all offenders but are truly grateful for stoping the worst ones of all. You have prevented unspeakable torture and suffering with this compelling success.


    carcel para los asesinos y maltratadores de animales

  • OMG says:

    omg they make me sick i hate humans


    carcel para estos desalmados

  • dayana defex says:

    Que todo el peso de la ley este sobre, merecen que los metan por siempre en la carcel

  • Kathy says:

    Whether you agree wholeheartedly with PETA or you think they are “too extreme”, you can’t deny the great amount of good they do or the effectiveness of their tactics. WAY TO GO PETA!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You’ve got the b@//s to do what has to be done with courage and determination and I’m so grateful we, as a sentient society, have you to help set our standards. Thank you all!

  • Jenni says:

    Bastards …. Can we do unto them as they have done unto poor defenseless animals that are here for humans to love and care for …..that would be JUSTICE.

  • Gwen says:

    it is only justice if these —-racist comment beep$%$#$ are handed over to us so we can bestow the same kindness to them as they have towards hundreds of animals. I volunteer, for free.

  • Larisa Ahearne says:

    These sadists are the products of cruel computer games, which are making people zombi who can not feel someone’s pain. The only thing they want it is fun and fun in the most of computer games is to kill somebody. If we want to stop these sadistic monsters around the world we should delete from our life and life of our kids those computer games theaching how to kill.

  • Arista says:

    I would not be surprised one bit if one or more of the other inmates kill them. Having worked in forensics, lots of inmates are also animal lovers.

  • Jenni says:

    They do not even deserve to be in jail for life so we can pay for there living threw our taxes they deserve to be put to death right away people like this disgust me. What kind of sick twisted people get pleasure out of something so barbaric and cruel!

  • leftwingmafia says:

    thats great! So now what about the cops that are shooting dogs for fun?

  • Kimbo says:

    These two should be given consecutive sentences for each animal they have killed. Not only that, but they should spend their prison time in solitary confinement for the entire length of their sentences, never seeing another living thing, including humans, for the rest of their lives. These pieces of trash should not be allowed to live, but that would be too easy. Solitary is the truest form of punishment. Shame that the taxpayers should have to pay for their room and board though. I hope the judge throws the proverbial book at them.

  • DEBORAH says:

    These beautiful animals will met these two at the gates of Heaven and make judgement on them and they will feel every bit of pain that they caused God’s creatures…..God will not have mercy on their souls…



  • kristin dicioccio says:

    These people are mentally deranged to do the acts they did. I only hope at the trial, they gt a judge that will actually punish them instead of a slap on the wrist. They will do it again given the chance, it made them money and they wanted to do it why would they stop. Sick sad butt ugly people. Thank you PETA!!!!!

  • Tony says:

    This is obviously truly horrendous. I wish the world would stop expiating any animals and move to a healthy, compassionate plant based diet. For our own health, the planet, to end world hunger and last but not least to end the suffering of our fellow animals who we share our planet with.

  • Rita says:

    This is so sad, as I sit here & cry to think what these poor babies went thru…. I hope they rot in jail & I hope the word gets out all around the U.S. to know the people will not tollerate this.. it is about time people pay, & not just misterminers.. Animals are humans too… I hope these creeps get a lot of years, in fact they should never let them out… I’m so sick that I will pray for these poor animals that I know they are at peace even though they went thru hell… I will hug my 7 cats & my 2 dogs….I hope they get to see these posts to see how much they are hated…..

  • Mrs F says:

    Unfortunately there is no punishment – even torture and death – that would be severe enough for this heartbreaking crime against innocent defenceless creatures – Let’s hope that if there is an afterlife that these evil bastards get what they deserve there …. In the meantime maybe their cell mates will let them know what they think of them every day for the rest of their pointless lives – which I hope won’t last very much longer ….

  • Chellie says:

    Lets hope Karma really lives up to its duties here. Well done Peta. Its cases like Thanks again from animals all over the world!

  • Kim says:

    Thank you Petta for standing up for the ones who can’t. You’re amazing

  • MinzMom says:

    HORRAY!!!!! GREAT NEWS FOR ANIMALS!!!!! WONDERFUL THAT THESE BUNGHOLES GOT BUSTED!!! Words cannot describe the joy I feel knowing that they are punished and held accountable for their sick behaviors. Anyone harming an animal like that is also capable of moving onto humans. Who knows how many humans have been saved from the great actions of those involved to bring these two reprobates to justice. Way to think ahead!! *>..< * The Min also approves! *>..<* He says Opposable Thumbs Up! God Bless those who brought these two human shit sacks behind bars!

  • noor says:

    That is what i like to hear, animal justice all the way! Thank you PETA for all you hard work! xo

  • Me says:

    I don’t always like the things that you do PETA. Some of it is ridiculous, like that whole Poke’mon thing a while back. However, in this instance, you have done something amazing and I thank you for that.

  • Vicki says:

    These two sick, twisted bottom feeding demons need to be put away for life! They have a sickness that can never be cured and if they are free they will continue to kill innocent animals and possibly move to people! I say, rid our earth of these disgusting maggots and do us all a favor!!

  • James Coster says:

    These two things are not poeple; they are demon spawns of whom should be incinerated.

  • Lucille says:

    These pieces of shit should be tortured just like they did those poor helpless animals. I’d cut his n*ts off and shove a broomstick up her you know what.

  • Vance says:

    Thank you PETA for being a part in stopping these sick fucks. I wish these sick pieces of shit the same agonizing torture on themselves. I hope some animal people in jail do the same to them. May they rot in hell.

  • Denise says:

    I never heard of “crush video’s” until just now… OMG that is so discusting and sick! How could people torture animals like that??? What sick people make and watch these films??? Good Lord this country is going to Hell in a hand basket as my Grandmother use to say!

  • A.L says:

    I hope these people die the way those animals died!

  • SANDRA says:

    These 2 sick things should be thrown in a pond with very hungry alligators so they can suffer and die slowly too…this makes me very angry every time i know of something horrible happening to innocent animals that cannot defend themselves. but i thank you PETA for working very hard on saving the lives of these innocent animals…. God Bless PETA.

  • karmapolice28 says:

    My name is Megan and I was just curious as to why you chose these specific people to show as what is in essence the poster children for animal abuse? I am a Sociology and Women’s and Ethnic Studies double major at UCCS and am taking a course on race and the media. This to me stood out because it re-emphasizes the stereotype of low income African Americans are the only ones who abuse animals (specifically dogs); there are people of every ethnicity severely abusing animals (if you want to really see who the abusers are, go watch Animal Cops). Am I saying these two shouldn’t be prosecuted? No, absolutely not. However, what I am saying is that we need to be fair in showing the diversity of these abusers and show that it could be anyone among us doing such horrific things; because when we feed into the stereotype, we overlook those not fitting that stereotype and give them an opportunity to get away with disturbing acts. As an example, when the majority of people think about a nurse, the nurse is a woman; however, there are plenty of male nurses out there making a living. Though due to the perpetuation of the stereotype, we automatically assume that only women can be nurses and overlook the positive actions that male nurses have contributed to the medical field. Again, I am not making excuses for these people, I’m just trying to put another perspective out there and throwing some caution out into the wind. I hope you all take this the right way: with an open mind. If you want to me to hear your opinion on the matter, you can contact me at: (I will only discuss with those who are respectful–no trolls please). Thank you for listening.

  • Courtney says:

    I’m not really a vegetarian..just not big on meat or anything..and sometimes I have problems with HOW Peta gets the messages out. But this is WAY out of line, and I am happy Peta is providing ways for us to call and email about this horrible tragedy and death of innocent animals.

  • Amanda says:

    People like this deserve to rot in jail and then hell for their actions. They have no souls.