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PETA’s Gift to Will and Kate

Written by PETA | April 27, 2011

In honor of William and Kate’s wedding, PETA is sending the royal couple “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”  

We chose some favorite movies and a book that each have an important message about compassion for animals. For “something old,” we’ve chosen three classics: Disney’s family anti-fur film 101 Dalmatians; Bambi, with its anti-hunting message; and the classic about the suffering of horses, Black Beauty. For “something new,” we’re sending the dolphin-hunting industry exposé The Cove.  

We’re letting the couple indefinitely “borrow” from PETA’s library a signed first-edition copy of the seminal animal rights book Animal Liberation by Peter Singer.

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Finally, we included two films that may make William and Kate “blue,” but that have touched the hearts of countless viewers and inspired them to make simple changes in their lives that have a big impact on animals. They are PETA’s slaughterhouse exposé Glass Walls, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney, and the documentary I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA.

We hope the couple finds these gifts illuminating, inspiring, and even challenging—much as marriage can be.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Valentina says:

    @Ralpy: Bro, your comment was not only in low spirits, but completely innecesary. If YOU knew ANYTHING, you would know that the DVD’s zones can be changed. If YOU knew ANYTHING, you would know it “Dalmatians”, not “Dalmations”. It makes me completely sick to my stomach to think that you, a sad, bored person who judging by your words isn’t fond of animals, is lingering around on PETA looking for something to bash. Get a hobby, dude, for real.

  • anna says:

    I doubt that the movies and book will have any effect on the couple. Kate learned to shoot to join in the royal family bloodbath inflicted upon various animals. And william and harry kill various animals for fun even though it is said their “beloved mother” did not approve. And lets not talk about the many canadian bears that are killed so that british soldiers can march around with the dead bears on their heads at these royal exhibitions.

  • pamela brossard says:

    the royal wedding is NOT gonna be vegan!! MA Moore is a liar, spreading fake information! thumbs up for Peta!!

  • pamy says:

    it won t be a vegan ceremony, why spreading fake information? what s wrong with some people?? as for Peta’s gift, you rock !

  • Ga says:

    Banbi, and 101 Dalmations ok, but I think the rest are a little too rough as wedding presents, I think Vegan champangne and other animal friendly things like chocolates would be much more appropriate.

  • MA Moore says:

    Awesome! I heard their Wedding Dinner is going to be Vegan! They are Royal Vegans! Spread the word. Love to Ingrid and friends at PETA!

  • rissakai007 says:

    I agree, you should have added The Fox and the Hound.

  • Ali says:

    Nice. But you could have thown in a couple of booja booja truffes and vegan champagne!

  • waltersmom says:

    lauren took the words right out of my mouth about the fox hunting-what a cruel cruel sport!

  • DebbieH says:

    Will & Kate please please please stop the horrific pup seal massacre that happens every year in Newfoundland! Begging and pleading. I will be watching your wedding at 4:00a.m. here in New York. Wishing you all the happiness you both deserve.

  • Jenny Morales says:

    Esa cantidad de dinero que gastan en esa boda es absurda. Existen muchas personas damnificadas por el invierno, por terremotos, personas que mueren diariamente de hambre y ellos gastan una fortuna en una boda….

  • rosalyn says:

    Will – please wake up and do the right thing for animals as you are in a position to do so and you mummy would be quite proud I’m sure.

  • marji mcdonald says:

    have a great life but do not forget the evil people do to animals X

  • mister jingles says:

    these are very well-chosen gifts, indeed! May they enlighten the royal couple!

  • Lauren Holt says:

    Definitely need to chuck in an anti-fox hunting one for Will… but not for Kate – she’s allergic to horses! As against the Royal Families “sport antics” as I am, I’ll be tuning in to see them get married. She’ll look gorgeous. 🙂