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PETA Pizza in the City of (Culinary) Angels

Written by PETA | March 3, 2010

I was already stoked about PETA’s Marketing Department‘s upcoming move to Los Angeles, but after watching this exclusive footage of PETA peeps at Cruzer Pizza—the city’s all-vegan pizzeria—I’m ready to get on the next flight and finish the construction of our new office myself. Check out the epic culinary journey of Royale, our Twitterer and veganista extraordinaire, and Lauren, our celebrity marketing coordinator, who went behind the scenes to help choose the ingredients in Cruzer’s new “PETA” pizza.

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Free of cholesterol, trans fat, and cruelty, the vegan pizza at Cruzer has 33 percent less fat than do pizzas made with dairy ingredients. And the only torment involved is that it makes those of us here on the East Coast salivate. So if you’re in the area, stop by Cruzer Pizza and make sure to order the PETA (a portion of the proceeds is donated to us)!

Written by Logan Scherer

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