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PETA Monkeys to NASA: Stop Radiation Tests!

Written by PETA | November 20, 2009

It was a cagey scene outside NASA headquarters in D.C. yesterday when our primates urged NASA to scrap its misguided $1.75 million plan to torment monkeys in radiation experiments. The demonstration was out-of-this-world spectacular, prompting NASA employees to approach our volunteers for some dynamic discussions. No one could walk by these guys without stopping to have a second look:


Photo | Kenneth Marty


The more than two dozen monkeys in NASA’s crude experiment will be zapped with a massive dose of radiation at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York, and then spend the rest of their lives condemned to a laboratory at Harvard’s McLean Hospital where they’ll be enlisted in a never-ending series of experiments to assess how the radiation devastates their brains and bodies. NASA has admitted that the radiation is “going to cause some cellular damage.” What they really mean is that the monkeys may likely suffer from brain damage, cancer and premature aging.

It goes without saying that you should urge NASA to abandon these abhorrent experiments ASAP.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • lucy says:

    People who directly or indirectly but still are complicit in these barbaric animal tests etc. look the other way are cut off from their own feelings. These people suffer the most. They’re the biggest losers. Innocent animals will suffer and tens of billions do annually each year as a result of agribusinessfactory farming. Unless you are completely vegan you shouldn’t be allowed to post any comments. Monkey. Cow. Pig. Chicken. No matter. All sentient beings have RIGHTS screw welfare rights are the only way to go. Again unless you have forsaken “creature comforts” of eggs dairy meat fish supplements containing gelatin whey in power drinkbar products as well as numerous personal care products tested on animals and not labeled vegancrueltyfree you are a hypocrite. Get out and protest NASA live in Cleveland next week. And send messages to NASA and the gov’t. It’s idiotic but completely true leaders actually need to hear from constituents the obvious.

  • Lisa Roden says:

    thank you so much for taking a stand against this. I hope that it will make a difference they don’t deserve it. How could they be so cruel?

  • Paula G says:

    It makes me sick!!!

  • Sarah says:

    I wrote to NASA about these barbaric and unnecessary experiments and am deeply saddened that they are proceeding. Other advanced countries in the world do not treat our fellow primates as we do. It is a disgrace.

  • Amanda S says:

    Please stop.

  • Laurie Denis says:

    Please stop

  • Gail Weyant says:

    I plead with NASA to abandon this planned experiment with spider monkeys. The use of taxpayer funds to explore a thesis that provides no benefit to our planet is unconscionable. I have seen the results of experimentation on animals and it’s heartbreaking to observe the devastating condition in which they are left to live out their damaged lives. As a society we can be considered moral only when we treat our fellow creatures honorably and kindly. Otherwise we’re using them to “enhance” our lives at the expense of theirs. Given the medical and scientific advances we’re presently experiencing there is no justification for using mammals in your experiments. This makes caring people sick.

  • JoAnn Schneider says:

    Come on now. It’s ridiculous and we the public want this to end now!

  • Linda Keener says:

    I think it’s an absolute disgrace that NASA will spend 1.75ml. to torture and ultimately kill these helpless living beings. I think we all pretty much know what exposure to radiation will do to us. They should also consider that we are not monkeys or squirrels or whatever other helpless animal they’ll decide to use. I watched a video of NASA astronauts throwing a frightened cat around in a weightless environment as they laughed. What is wrong with people. I thought these people were highly intelligent quess NOT.

  • yadira tosco says:

    Can you please STOP putting living beings through all this stressfull procedures especially when we all know what radiation does to people. There are other ways to experiment. Please do leave animals alone!!! They have feelings just like you and I.

  • lynda downie says:

    I’m all for space exploration but surely the brilliant minds at NASA can come up with alternatives to cruel radiation experiments on sentient nonhuman animals. And like KelleyNov23639PMsays “Don’t we already know what radiation does to people??”

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kevin There’s no guarantee that any other planet will sustain human life. We have evolved to thrive on planet Earth. Had we not the human race would have become extinct eons ago. If we can’t live on this planet forever as you suggest then barring future natural calamities it’s our own damn fault. We created the mess we’re in by ourselves. We should have more pressing priorities than the radiating of monkeys. I say let’s try to preserve what we’ve got. There’s no way that 6.8 billion people could get ferried to some distant orb millions of miles away. Anyway who would get to go?

  • Kevin says:

    Apparently none of you realize how little of a budget NASA actually receives. They receive 110th of a percent of the national budget while things such as social services receive a very large percent of the national budget. We can’t live on this planet forever. Mankind yearns to explore. Scientific research done by NASA and associated groups have brought us such things like artificial limbs solar energy collection water purification portable vacuums freezedried food and many other innovations. Slam NASA if you like but stop using all those things then.

  • Kelley says:

    Don’t we already know what radiation does to people??

  • hannah maden says:

    I can’t understand how people have the inability to care for animals that feel just like us. Reading and watching about the terrible acts thats are carried out on animals each day in labs makes me cry and feel sick I can’t get the thoughts out of my head after reading it.

  • Lorena Mayani says:

    NASA stop animal testing!!! animal testing breaks hearts.

  • Vic says:

    And we thought radiation experiments were only in sciencefiction Bmovies. … Well not anymore. Time to save the primates.

  • Arsalan Shams says:

    This is absolutely barbaric and disgusting how dare they use primates in such invasive testing in the 21st century! I am appauled…

  • Jean Senogles says:

    This is a sad indictment on so called intelligent sensitive empathetic Homo sapiens sapiens

  • Michael Essi says:

    It is alarming that we even consider space exploration when we haven’t explored many places right here on earth. It is even more alarming that in the quest for space exploration NASA believes that it is ethical to completely disregard the wellbeing of our fellow earthlings. I am certain that $1.75 million could be better spent to improve the lives of many right here on our own planet.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Frankly I don’t know why US taxpayers allow this pseudoscientific garbage to go on. Man is never going to find another planet as hospitable to us as Mother Earth. NASA represents a huge waste of money at a time when the US is in a pitiful state financially. We have to learn to take care of what we have now. Going veg is the absolute best way to accomplish that.

  • Marianne raine says:

    Guys we’ve already established that 96 of animal testing doesn’t work so why don’t you step into this century use stem cells from Humans! To establish your info there are plenty of serial killers living it up in jail so actually you could practice on them live like you do with the animals with zero anesthetics!

  • carla says:

    NASA Nasa All Stupid A holes!

  • Randi Jackson says:

    leave the monkeys alone use dummies like your employers

  • Tommy Mooney says:


  • bonnie allgoewer says:

    PLEASE stop animals abuse at NASA. It reflexes on all Americans making us all look uncivilized. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    All the bilions wrongly wasted on space exploration should be rightly used to feed hungry people and to save endangered animal species.