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PETA India Roundup

Written by PETA | October 1, 2008

Covering a variety of pressing issues, the fantastic PETA India team took to the streets with some great demos this month! And since it’s just so dang encouraging to be reminded of how many of us cruelty-free folk are working around the world to lend a loud voice to the voiceless, we figured we’d give you a sampling of PETA India’s latest rabble-rousing. Here’s a look at our comrades in action:


Gaurav Jain and his bunny friend call for a Cosmetic Testing Ban in front of Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi during a press conference on tobacco products.
PETA India Demo


A powerful anti-leather demo in Bhubaneswar exposes the horror of Indian leather.
PETA India Demo


Coffins positioned in front of Kanpur Zoological Park, where six black bucks recently died in ‘mysterious conditions,’ alert passersby of a deadly trend occurring in Indian zoos.
PETA India Demo


With the spotlight that September 11 casts on terrorism every year, activists in Banglore took the opportunity to focus attention on the terror Kentucky Fried Cruelty unleashes on millions of chickens every day.
PETA India Demo


Woot! Woot! Seeing activists bring the raucous to cruelty’s front door gets me amped! Great work everyone!

Written by Missy Lane

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