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PETA (Hearts) Australia?

Written by PETA | December 26, 2008
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G’day, mates! I’m stoked to tell you that the blokes in Victoria, Australia, have given the flick to cruel mousetraps. It’s a rip snorter of a decision, and our hats are off to ya. Onya, Aussies!

Translation: Hello! Great news: The government in Victoria, Australia, just passed its new and improved Prevention of Cruelty to Animals regulations and (drum roll, please) glue traps are now highly regulated and can only be used by commercial pest-control operators and only after they get approval from Victoria’s agriculture minister. This is a landmark victory for animals and will significantly cut down on the number of glue traps used in Victoria. Yay!

It seems the whole world is realizing that glue traps are cruel and unnecessary (it’s about time!). Animals who become trapped in the sticky adhesive substance suffer for days before succumbing to starvation, dehydration, suffocation, and shock. The torturous conditions drive animals to rip off patches of skin and fur while struggling to escape, and many even attempt to chew off their own limbs. Safeway, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, the Dollar Tree, and now the whole state of Victoria have banned the cruel traps. So come on, Lowe’s! Won’t you please stop selling them already?

You know what’s even more amazing about Victoria’s new regulations? The passing of the updated resolutions not only strictly regulates glue traps but also does the following:

  • Bans the use of twisted bits on horses
  • Bans the transportation of dogs and livestock in the boot of a car
  • Restricts the use of some electric-shock devices on animals

You can check out the full version of the regulations here.

Anyone up for a victory barbie?

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Julian says:

    Goodness what an insult to believe that Australian’s use such uncouth language and we dress like Paul Hogan Crocodile Dundee. Whilst we are working to phase out mulesing we have best practice dairying no veal crates a rapidly growing freerange egg industry no use for feedlot cattle and numerous animal cruelty prevention groups.

  • Belinda says:

    I think any initiatives towards better animal care should be embraced and yes at the same time we should strive for further progression and positive outcomes as the ones stated above.

  • Matt Frazier says:

    This is good.

  • rac says:

    What is the status of lamb mutilations in Australia? Has that practice stopped? If not it is a bit premature to start loving Australia. See httpwww.savethesheep.comfboycottAuWool.asp and

  • niolai alexis g. garalde says:

    here in philippines many places or many animals also suffered animal cruelty especially dogs and cats.many of the dogs or street dogs were being taken to the streets then they make them foodsome when doing it the put the dog in an empty sack of rice then tie it up in a wood or tree that is high then they get a piece of wood and battered the dog until the dog dies.goverment needs to promote the anti animal cruelty but here they don’t or it has no value to them but for some people value that because we are also animals and when we die we die peacefuly but not for some but those animals leave their family and they don’t know when or were they die in that case we as a family or a brothers or sisters to them shall take care of this matter so i post it here so that many people will know of this cruelty some of us commited to those who are defencless or vulnerable……….

  • roxann says:

    Hey mates Thanks for leading the world on this humane issue. P.s. I am boycotting Lowes since the are the Lowest!! Low in Morales and compassion. LOW in quality and humanity. They are just a corporate monster destroying our society

  • Anonymas says:

    So you losers are gonna let innecent sheep and whales die too?