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PETA Germany’s Investigation Reveals Cruelty to Chickens

Written by PETA | January 26, 2010

Last week, PETA Germany released an undercover investigation inside a farm owned by “cage-free” Wiesenhof. The company is a giant producer in the world’s chicken-meat industry, and it sells its chicken flesh worldwide, including right here in the U.S. Undercover footage taken at Wiesenhof’s hatching facilities shows untrained workers breaking chickens’ necks, failing to treat contagious diseases appropriately, and refusing to empty manure pits for 10 months. One worker punched a rooster who tried to escape and later urinated inside the barn next to the animals.



Unlike birds who are fattened and then slaughtered at the age of only 5 weeks, “parent animals” at hatching facilities suffer abuse and neglect for up to 10 months. PETA Germany has filed a legal complaint against Wiesenhof, claiming that the company is guilty of violating the German Animal Welfare Act, German slaughter and transport laws, environmental laws, and laws concerning epidemic outbreaks and hygiene.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Wiesenhof’s parent company, PHW Group, has strong ties to Aviagen—owner of the turkey farms in West Virginia that were the site of PETA’s landmark undercover investigation that led to the first-ever indictments for felony cruelty-to-animals charges for abusing birds as well as the first-ever cruelty convictions of turkey factory-farm workers. The owners of PHW Group and Aviagen’s parent company are brothers. Cruelty apparently runs in the family, and if you aren’t looking to support it, go vegan.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • vaibhav says:

    Hi This is ‘V’ ..vaibhav as vegan. I would like to point on the ‘Fishing’ which took place in every costal region around USADenmark China India etc.. They are disturbing the ecological balance by destroying Crabs Fishes etc…..we must put check on this…..before it’s too late. Thanks Vaibhav

  • Klara says:

    This footage together with one of the slaughter combined with a KFC commercial holds many apart from eating chicken.

  • Ashleigh says:

    Im 17 years old and have been Vegetarian for quite some time. Ive felt no major change in my life since making that decision and have not had to forgo anything. Yet I know my decision is making a difference no matter how small it may be. My family and friends do not seem to understand my moral obligation to refuse to support such cruelty. This video just emphasizes my point. Thankyou PETA for showing the world the pain and suffereing which is done willingly at their hands.

  • Jay says:

    Worldwide this abuse of poor week poultry. The consumer sets the value the only way out is not to buy meat but people do and decide the cheaper the better. Make it expensive people do not need to eat it every single day. Every animal has a soul and wants to live.

  • Marnie says:

    All these poor chicken living in a filthy shed then crammed into boxes like waste. The pictures of the turkeys get in my mind put in the trash after they got too heavy for their weight and broke their bones. Like waste and still living! Only because the industry wants to fill the need of the market. Thoughtless consumers like it as modern “light” food feeling a duty to demand flesh it’s low fat. More low would be without just leave it out! Did you watch the poor cows? …when do the humans wake up and behave compassionate?

  • Carla* says:

    David no meat is humane meat. Their fate?? A grueling death. Just like you and I they don’t want to die.

  • David says:

    The last sentence in the movie was terrifying. I’m also carnivore but I don’t support such kind of treatment of animals. I’m even willing to pay more to get meat from animals treaten well not held in cages beaten and living in bad conditions. But knowing the situation in middle and west Europe most people prefer lowest price doesn’t matter what it means. Supermarkets are selling the cheapest products which contains more water soya and E’s than meat and are pushing producers to “lower costs” which means break the animal treatment laws. Sad to say the majority wanting the “best quality for lowest prices” supports this treatment.

  • Olivia says:

    vegan for 6 years and I will never go back thoes animals value their lives just as much as we value ours for someone to think that is ok it takes a small person to treat something that cant defend itself like that

  • Zoi says:

    As i watched this and heard the crys of the chicken i almost cried. How can they be handled in such a maner? Although they are being sent to die but cant they at least place they properlly into the cages? Dont they feel sad when they torture the chickens and have their bones broken? it saddens me so watching this.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The sadistic mistreatment of chickens is an international atrocity and provides ample evidence that the human race is an inhumane disgrace.

  • Leslie says:

    What is wrong with humanity today to accept this treatment of animals?? And how could anyone work in one of these places and sleep at night. If I had a choice between being homeless and being forced to work at this kind of place I would rather be on the streets. And yeshow can ANYONE eat ANY meat after seeing this? Despicable

  • dani says:

    people who see this and think it’s okay to eat meat are not people. they’re the devil in my eyes.

  • carla says:

    I have so many friends and family who tell me that their are so many more important issues that animals. I say … that’s your opinion. I also know that the chinese put dogs and cats in cages and throw them to the ground. Are you serious?????? We need to be the voice for every animal. Something must change!!!! You go Peta!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Thank you PETA for getting this video out to the public. The people deserve to know what’s going on behind these walls.

  • Kelsey Johnston says:

    OMG How can people watch this and think its ok to eat meat? I cant believe theres people out there that dont care how animals are treated its soo rediculous to think this is ok!

  • sammi says:

    i am also ashamed to be human!! poor birds! this is almost like the situation in asia where too many dogs and cats are pushed into small cages and the cages are thrown off the truck to the sound of bones breaking. we europeans americans like to think we are sooo much better than the chineese but we’re obviously not! I am proud to be vegan

  • Rad-Rosa says:


  • annie michaux says:

    Is there not enough pain and suffering in this world? Why hurt animals that dont deserve it! And give you meat eating idiots nutrition?!!!!I am ashamed to be Human and will never eat chicken again!