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Pamela Anderson Helps Out in a ‘Cat’astrophe

Written by PETA | August 11, 2010

It’s been barely a week since the fabulous Pamela Anderson rolled up her sleeves and opened her wallet to help PETA rescue nearly 50 dogs from overflowing Gulf-area animal shelters, and she’s already back in action—this time, she’s helping PETA rescue a special group of cats.



Pamela is helping pay for veterinary care for nearly 30 “special needs” cats, many of whom are suffering from illnesses and injuries (one has a misshapen face, another is half a leg short of four) or from chronic stress from being left at an animal shelter some years ago. The gang of 30 is en route from New Orleans–area shelters to PETA’s headquarters. uShip, an online shipping company, has generously donated its services to transport the cats, and our staff is taking care of the animals along the way. Two desperate dogs—Sandy, a lab mix with a flea allergy, and Cassie, a pug mix—came along as stowaways and will be transferred to our friends at the Washington Animal Rescue League’s well-run shelter in Washington, D.C.

Countless cats have been abandoned in the wake of the Gulf oil gusher. Older and “special needs” cats have an especially hard time finding homes because animal shelters are flooded with kittens who were born because people didn’t have their cats spayed or neutered. There are many advantages to adopting a mature feline—including knowing what the cat’s personality is like and bypassing the rambunctious kitten stage. Virginia residents with exemplary veterinary references and quiet households who are interested in giving one (or two!) of these hard-luck cats a second chance can visit to fill out an adoption application.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Saniya says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while loiokng for DIY litter boxes. I absolutely adore your blog and look forward to all you post. Thank you for the great ideas and the peek inside your home!!

  • Delailah says:

    YOU are ONE OF A KIND Pam! You’re an inspiration!

  • Connie Crouse says:

    Hi peta is really helpful to all poor animals im so glad these little creatures have lots of people who love them. my nephew recently gave me a bitpull puppy I havent owned a dog in over 20 yearsand to be honest i have never had any of the ones i did own needled except for thier rabbi shot so i decided that i would take my puppy karma to have her checked out needled the whole nine yards had made plans to have her mirco chip the works so off to the doctors we went only to hear the most heartbreaking news we could hear the vet told us that she has a heart murmer and he left it at that me of course wanted a second oppion decide to take her to other docter and was told the worst news we could be told yes she has a heart murmer and it is a stage 6 murmer meaning that she has a whole in her little heart somewhere my heart is breaking for her she will be six months old the 9th of september they want over $9000 and cant garrentee that she will recover from surgery they told us she couldnt even be put to sleep to be spayed she didnt have to get a rabbi shot because it would be to hard on her we are at our wits end not knowing what to do for her we recently found out that my nephew bought her from a friend of his and him not knowing them well found out it is a puppy mill when our karms was born she was one out of three litter of puppies that were all born around the same day. we also found out after we reported him that he is still breeding sick dogs. the person he doesnt deserve to be called a man knew that the dogs he is breeding have this heart defect and doesnt stop. he now has another set of puppies on the internet for salewe have called and reported him everywhere we can think of to stop him i hope and pray someone will help. as for our karma she is starting to collapse now and we have to keep her as calm as possible and with her being a puppy it is very difficult. she loves everyone and is a very very kind and gentle puppywhat i find funny is here as i would imange around the world is everyone complains about people not having any animal looked after they make animal owners feel bad for not having animals spayed and netured why cant they put thier price down so people like me and a lot more animal lovers can have these things done. as much as i would love to take my puppy to another province and have these teats and operation done there is no way i could afford to do it and with no chance of her even coming out of the surgery should i even consider putting her through it. she is my heart and soul never have i ever had an animal take over my life so completelyand those people who harm any animal i believe what tey do to them should be done back to those who harm them and then some.We were also told that she may live any where from a month to a year. thank you so much for all the good work you do and for listening

  • Rachel says:

    Venice the family pet and our baby. About a month after the BP Oil spill my girlfriend and I went down to Venice LA to see the staging areas for the cleanup of the oil spill. We fish there often twice a month the wildlife the cypress trees and the lilies and marks it one of our favorite places to fish. Due to the staging area we had to pull off the side of the road to allow the unusual heavy traffic pass us. While on side of the road we decided to take some pictures of some lily flowers that were growing on the waters edge. Near the edge of the overgrowth we discovered a raccoon that had been hit by a car and crying beside her was a newborne baby raccoon. He was only a day or two old. The mom was dead and both were full of ants. His eyes werent open his ears werent open and being that close to the waters edge they were bound to be eaten by the ants and gators. My girlfriend picked him up brushed him all off and got out the first aid kit and put Neosporin on his little hands and feet that were eaten up by the ants. We brought him home and downloaded instructions and did some research on how to take care of him and how to feed him. We had to bottle feed him every 3 to 4 hours for the first 6 weeks. After that it went to only 4 or 5 times a day. Rachel my girlfriend nurtured Venice as if it were her child. And in fact it was. His eyes started to open up and would play as a puppy would. Venice is now 3 months and 8 days old. He lives inside and uses a litter box and pretty much roams the house as a dog or a cat would. Every night he would climb into our bed and curl up between us and sleep. We had a long cable run in the back yard where he could travel the distance of the back yard on a leash. You would find Venice playing and splashing in the pool with my 4 year old son they were best friends. Every morning and every afternoon we would get out the leash and Venice would get so excited he would run around in circles because he knew it was time to go for a walk to the bus stop to wait for Chris to get off the bus. Then on Thursday August 26 2010 at 4 pm Rachel and I got out the leash and headed to the bus stop only to find St. Tammany Parish Animal Control waiting for us to walk with Venice down the street. The officer informed us that a neighbor reported that we had a raccoon as a pet and that its against the law to own one in St. Tammany Parish. They took away a part of our family. My girlfriend feels like somebody stole her child from her and my 4 year old is devastated. They would not tell us where Venice would be going and having the vision of him locked up in a cage angers me. We dont live in the city and wouldnt really call it the country but I have had deer walk through my back yard even a fox or two and there are about a dozen or two wild raccoons that have roamed this neighborhood for the 19yrs that I have lived in this house! So St. Tammany Parish leaves the wild raccoons in the neighborhood and takes the tame one. Venice the family pet! It has been reported in some cases that pet raccoons tend to get aggressive when they get older and it has also been reported that they can be very good pets and lifelong friends. On the other hand it has been reported that pit bulls tend to attack children turn on their owners and have even killed in some instances. And St. Tammany Parish allows vicious dogs to be bread and owned in St. Tammany Parish but we cant rescue a baby raccoon a victim of the BP oil spill and care for him in St. Tammany Parish. They confiscated the family pet!

  • Erica says:

    To pamela she is such an inspiration to me and someone who I really admire and I hope to do the same thing she does to help animals





  • rose cromby says:

    Dear Pam i too rescue many cats from the streets so God bless you for your great act of kindness. We need more people like you in the world.

  • Mina says:

    Ty Pamela I wish there were more of you out hear in this harsh world… I cannot believe all these inhumane people who cannot see God in all the animals of the world.

  • janeen gielniak says:

    it is amazing to see celebs with all this money actually put it to good use! pamela you are amazing and those of us who have hearts bigger than our pocket books thank you!!!

  • Angela says:

    Pamela is a wonderful person! She is a great role model and I love the fact that she uses her celebrity fame and money in a positive way. Go PAM! U really are an angel to animals everywhere

  • Lucy says:

    Thank you Pamela you are inspirational. I admire your commitment and caring nature. You’re TOPS in my book!

  • natalia mendez says:


  • MA Moore says:

    Thank you Dear Pamela Ingrid and friends at PETA! Sending you all Vegan hugs and kisses!

  • Christy says:

    Pam you’re an animal saviour thank you for all of your hard work. We love you for it.

  • Caro says:

    Thank you Pamela you are the USA Brigitte Bardot. You inspire all of us to help.

  • Donnie mastro says:

    Go Pam urge other celebs and people blesses with your finnancial power to do the same PLEASE!

  • Poppy says:

    Way to go Pam! You rock! Pam and other commenters check out the Senior Dog Rescue SAINTS based out of Mission BC Canada. AMAZING rescue!

  • mag says:

    Pamela Sue Anderson If I had a ton of money I would do the same thing. You are very generous and kind to do this. I am grateful. Best mags.

  • emma says:

    I give my due respect to celebrities like richard gere tina turner paul mccartney etc… and of course our very own pamela for their compassion care and unconditional love for those animal abusations. these celebs have become vegans and are also showcasing the rights for PETA. You all have my honorable respect and salutation!!

  • brittany says:

    Whoot!! Go Pam! Awesome lady D I was wondering if someone was going to actually help cats too…seems they seem to be forgotten at times which is sad.


    thank you pam i would like to make a donation to peta and all the other groups that are trying to help save our beautiful precious animals but for me and a lot of others we are losing our homes and don’t know how we are going to feed our kids. so i am doing my part writing letters and hoping someone out there hear our cries. we have to depend on great people like you to make donations so thank you again.

  • Donald L. Hostetter says:

    Pamela I’ve always admired you now you will be admired by myself for your loving and kind nature and inner beauty. Incidentally I think your animal activism showcased on DWS did much for animals and yourself. Your professionalism on the PETA video was amazing I liked the butcher chart too saying that weyou have the same body parts as animals. Keep on going and growing professionally. Don

  • Lana Marie says:

    Pam you are a true ‘animal lover’ !! Thanks Wish more people in ‘your position’ would step up for the animals. The wild horses are having their own battle as well…it’s horrible! Thanks again Pam !!

  • Connie Wagoner says:

    Way to go Pamela it is so good to hear of some one doing so much for the forgotten

  • Beth Brant says:

    Pamela you are one of the most caring and loving women. I never knew how wonderful you are until my daughter let know of your attachment with PETA and your veganism. You rule and rock and I love you!!

  • Anthony says:

    Thank you Pamela for doing such a awesome work on a large scale. I wish the media would shine more spotlight on your causes and good deeds. You are one special girl and sexy too !

  • Diana G. Guerra says:

    You can always hear about the scandals in the news but they sometimes forget to mention all the good things some celebrities do. Pam you’re awesome!! It’s because of people like you that we still have hope the world will be a better place someday!

  • brendan says:

    she got my repect. any celeb who helps animals has my respect.. instea dof preening around and actinmg like tarts i wish lohan paris hilton and the like would do the same

  • Helene Rookasin says:

    Pamela inspired me years ago when she wrote a column in Jane magazine. It is because of her I became a vegetarian. I was also fortunate to meet Pamela at her book signing and at a trade show in Las Vegas. She is beautiful inside and out !! She is the best role model anyone can have. I applaude her work commitment and compassion for animals. love you

  • Linda says:

    Way to go pam…i do what i can with our area SPCA trapneuterrelease program…its heartbreaking but i know i am doing the right thing…i have 11 cats that have been abandonded and do what i can with the resources and money that i have…

  • Vicky says:

    Thank you Pam Your such an Angel.

  • DennisK says:

    You’re an angel of mercy Ms. Anderson. When it would be so easy to look the other way you follow your heart and do the right thing. We love you for this and all the work you do on behalf of those who have no voice.

  • sonia says:

    you are the best Pam beauty inside and outside

  • Mary O'Donnell says:

    When I lived in Ft. Dodge Iowa ou had to register all pets and prove they at least had rabies shots. It cost a few dollars. People that honestly love animals should not mind this. Every time I see an ad “free kittens to good home” I want to cry. If you don’t love them enough to get them neutered or spayed you don’t love them

  • Audrey says:

    So many celebrities claim to be animal lovers yet so few show it. Yes a celebrity may adopt a dog or cat once in a while but Pam is really going above and beyond. Clearly she honestly loves animals which is awesome! Her generosity really gives hope to “hopeless” animals. THANK YOU PAM!

  • winnie savage says:

    interested in adopting a kitten thanks winnie

  • Lee says:

    Thank you Pam for your relentless efforts to help our dear animals in desperate need. You’re a wonderful caring person a guardian angel

  • Chloe says:

    Gotta love Pam using the media in the best way

  • John Carmody says:

    As always Pam you are relentless in your efforts to help the animal rights movement and for that we…and the animals thank you. From us all at Animal Rights Action Network ARAN. John

  • Alan Braganza says:

    As an animal rights protector and advocator you are the BEST Pam!! Keep doing this and showing how much you care!! You ARE A GUARDIAN OF EARTH and you will ALWAYS BE NEEDED and APPRECIATED LOVED and RESPECTED.

  • debra paul says:

    bless pamela anderson for her kind and generous heart. i look forward to reading in the future about each and every one of these special cats finding new loving homes. i’ve had special needs cats myself and have some now. somehow all of them found their way to me and i could not have been luckier! their loving hearts and buoyant spirits more than make up for what others may consider an inconvenience but i consider a privilege to be able to do for them! not to forget about their canine counterparts i also hope to read more here about their transition to new loving homes and will celebrate all these kitties and dogs being placed in the gentle hands of their new furrever homes! thanks again pam for all you do for the animals! you’re a goddess!