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It’s Official: Vegetarians Are Smarter

Written by PETA | December 16, 2006

The BBC just reported on a study by Southampton University scientists which showed that individuals who were vegetarian by the age of 30 recorded an average of five IQ points higher than meat-eaters. The initial IQ tests were performed in the ’70s, and the results of the study (after adjusting for social and economic factors) demonstrated that the intelligent children were significantly more likely to become vegetarian later in life. Researchers have hailed this study as a compelling explanation for why “higher IQ in childhood or adolescence is linked with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease in adult life.”

Incidentally, the study also showed that vegetarians were more likely to be female, which may be evidence that girls are smarter than boys. But I don’t really need to think about that.

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  • mandee says:

    to halo snipe you can also have a meat eater who is obese with arteries clogged full of fat. sound familiar? hey it’s 99 of the population. chew on that!

  • halo snipe says:

    +5 on IQ? wow NOT! A meat eater can be caring nicer and healthier than a veg because you could have an anorexic goth vegan!

  • Kaelynn Johnson says:

    I’m a veggie and very smart and PROUD OF IT!!!!!!! I’m even smarter than my dad but that isn’t saying much. No boy can out smart me. I love ME!

  • Amber says:

    don’t forget phoebe from “friends” and yes I truely don’t think that not eating meat has a real significant difference in one’s IQ I think there are many other factors but this isn’t one. don’t get me wrong I’m a fourteen year old vegetarian and have been since i was eight If anything i just think it means we use our minds more than others who do eat meat. For instance all christmas i had to hear ppl yelling at me saying Jesus had meat at his last dinner and that cows aren’t tortured for milk i simply like to think of them as naive not neccessarily less intelligent as you or me for that matter.

  • Erik says:

    the media portrays vegetarians as airheads but this proves them wrong!

  • oswaldo says:

    ive been vegetarian for 4 years and vegan for 3 years and i just started to notice that in tv and movies they always depict the “veg” character to be somewhat of an air head. i.e Tara Reid from “Josie and The Pussy Cats Chelsea from ” That’s So Raven” and Dharma from “Dharma and Greg”. hopefully this will get rid of that stereotype.

  • Joel says:

    I’ll keep my aboveaverage IQ and continue eating large bloody porterhouses thank you.

  • Stephanie says:

    We’re healthier more caring and passionate people and now it’s proven that we’re smarter. We just keep winning.

  • Jim says:

    I guess that explains my stupidity. I wasn’t a vegetarian until 33…yet I believe I’m still smarter than the average Republican voter who hasn’t gone veg…

  • Chelsea (Cuckoo4tofu) says:

    That’s interesting but a fivepoint difference isn’t really much to be taken accountable. Also the reason why more females are vegetarians probably has more to due with their nurturing instinct than intelligence. This is coming from a female vegan.