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NRA Defend Us!

Written by PETA | December 22, 2006

Wonkette just reported on a leaked NRA manifesto (in comic-strip form, no less) entitled “Freedom in Peril,” which outlines the greatest threats to gun-toting NRA members who apparently can’t even allow their children outside unarmed for fear that they’ll be accosted by tree-hugging hippies and made to live in a commune.

The whole thing is priceless, but my favorite part by far is the section devoted to animal rights activists, including (apparently) a kamikaze owl, a young lady with stubbly legs and (heaven forbid) a bare midriff, and a fearsome land lobster! It looks like there’s also a cute little chicken among these “frightening forces,” from which the manifesto tells us “only the NRA has the will and the experience to do battle with.”

This seriously made my day. Check it out.

NRA comic.JPG


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  • Jerry Salem says:

    i agree …….. any one of us. as in a law abiding gunner such as i. there’s another coyote. gotta go.

  • Nancy says:

    Tess is absolutely right. I lived in a Washington DC suburb until a couple years ago and a woman in my neighborhood was arrested under suspicion of terrorist activities. There were never any charges filed against her. But she was paraded all over the network news all of them following the same talking points calling her gasp “an alleged peace activist”! Okay maybe I don’t get out enough… but since when was being a peace activist a terrorist activity? Don’t kid yourselves. This administration means to silence any and all dissenters. The Patriot Act has taken away our 4th amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. And more recently the Military Commissions Act gave the President sole authority to classify anyone he chooses as an “enemy combatant” hole them up in Guantanamo with no charges filed and keep them there indefinitely. Senator Dodd has a bill going before the senate the Effective Terrorist Prosecution Act that’s designed to correct this insanity so contact your senators and implore them to support it assuming it hasn’t already gone up for a vote. I agree with Steven that violence solves nothing. It only perpetuates itself. But the “terroristenemy combatant” designation is no longer limited to those who commit violent acts. Its scope has been cleverly and quietly broadened to include anyone who dares speak out against cruelty injustice and the status quo. And that could be any one of us.

  • Steven says:

    I hate the NRA but when people start setting fires to get their own way that is terrorism. Also you can not call it liberation as it would need to be the animals setting the fires. It made me sick when those people dug up that persons mum. If I had two minutes alone with those hippies I would give them new holes to eat string beans out of.

  • TeN says:

    does anyone know where I can get a copy of this?

  • Arthur Berkhardt says:

    They can pry my Tofutti away from my cold dead hands

  • tess says:

    These people and the puppy millers etc fully intend to try to get the federal government to start arresting people as animal rights “terrorists.” We need to be vigilant with our legislators and courts that this will not be permitted. The animal abusers lie to legislators and the courts and are trying very hard to get the government to persecute average people who care about animals. And yes some of these accusers are connected to the AKC who is now registering puppy mill dogs Check out the crazy stuff that your local “AKC legislative liasion” is coming up with. They are contacting legislators and police in their various states and falsely reporting that people connected to local animal welfare groups and animal shelters are “terrorists” and receiving “terrorist money.”

  • Blah says:

    You’re ridiculous.