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Nia Long’s ‘Naked’ Interview

Written by PETA | August 10, 2009

OK, she’s not really naked in the interview below, but I did see her naked on the subway. And so can you! Proving that she’s oh-so-comfortable in her own skin, the stunning star of Big Momma’s House and Are We There Yet? recently bared it all on the subway for PETA’s latest “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad. And let me tell you: Nia Long + subway + naked = one of PETA’s sexiest ads to date. What made the alluring actress get onboard our anti-fur campaign? Well, let’s let Nia tell you for herself in this PETA Files exclusive interview:

Nia Long PSA

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Marquita Archie says:

    Wow Nia Long is such a beautiful person with a wonderful talent. I have always admired her for her class. She has always had my respect for the work she does while maintaining respect and dignity for her self. I am soooo glad and happy to see that when she decided to take her clothes off it wasn’t for a sex scence in a movie. I love the cause for which she decided to go nude. She just inspired me. Thanks Nia for speaking up and speaking out.

  • walter sibert 111 says:

    Thank You Nia. my heart breaks when i see these things happen to animals. why is it some of us and not all of us see the love in there eyes?

  • Joe says:

    I love Nia Long and I respect PETA’s work however why must she be nude to make a stand. Lets respect the animals by not taking their clothes fur but lets strip the women naked. Powerful message!!!

  • Cristiano says:

    Muito bem. Gostei demais.

  • kelly says:

    I am really glad Nia Long did this. She is a great actress. I love her comparison of slaveryholocaust bc she is correct. GOOD JOB NIA in speaking out!

  • lisa says:

    Message is clear and to the point…I love her comparisons of the fur industdustry to slavery and the holocaust…very true .

  • Sandra 4 animals says:

    Yes Kyle I agree Wendy Williams has always promoted fur on her radio talk show and I’m sure she has increased the sales. JLo needs a reality check also she may even welcome it now being motherhood opens new doors as it did for Nia and myself.

  • Francesca Frangipani says:

    Thank you Nia for being another voice to advocate for our animal friends.

  • Kyle Svendsen says:

    Nia should try to get on the Wendy Williams show! Wendy loves Nia and Wendy wears fur! Try to get Nia on the show!

  • vegancoin says:

    yes she is talented this could be interesting.

  • Indi says:

    Wouldn’t that be considered indecent exposure?

  • Desiree says:

    Nia is superb in Boiler Room and Soul Food she’s such a beautiful talented actress and I’m so glad she’s speaking up for animals!