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New York Times Features Full-Page Ringling Expose Ad

Written by PETA | January 14, 2010

Sorry, Internet, but even as a blogger, I have to say that there’s no better way to start the morning than to get newsprint-smudged fingers as you flip through the Times. Actually, I stand corrected: The only thing more satisfying is opening up this morning’s New York Times to see an ad that exposes Ringling’s abuse of baby elephants.

Didn’t get a copy of this morning’s paper? Check out the full-page spread here:


NYT ad


Written by Logan Schrer

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  • Jennylee says:

    That’s what we’ve all been watinig for! Great posting!

  • Jan Bridges says:

    What can I do? I’ve written letters sent money and the circus still has animals in it. I would love to see those evil trainers be tortured and electrocuted in the same manner and made to do what the animals do naturally. The elephant “trainers” pulling giant trees out of the ground and then carry them for miles and while they were doing that be shocked and stabbed with those bull prods that have sharp points. They are sadistic humans for wanting a job like that. The whole thing is appaling. Not only is it wrong taking animals out of there natural environment and force them to perform stupid human tricks. But what effect is it having on the humans who get paid to be cruel and violent everyday to these precious animals that are helpless. Do they have any morals or compassion? Do they then do horrible things to humans? Serial killers start out by abusing small animals and progress to killing them and then move on to humans. Do we know the real reasons of the deaths of these tortured CIRCUS animals? Let’s work together as humans with compassion and save these fabulous animals. What do we need to do? What can I do? I want this stopped. It is absolutely unnecessary and inhumane. Come on folks! Help me help them!

  • Debi Mills says:

    I have writing to Lowes Foods here in NC for selling circus tickets…do ya think I have heard anything…..I’m not giving up until these elephants are in a sanctuary!

  • klarasun says:

    Dear Emma it’s your right to decide by your own if you like to eat meat or not! People have done a lot for years that doesn’t say anything. Take prejudices wars slavery etcetera… I think we really work on more humanity and what our forefathers did can not be the excuse for something we recognized as wrong.

  • emma says:

    Patti i know how you feel im constantly fighting a losing battle with my friends and family I try and tell them the horrors of animal suffering and eating meat but they dont wanna know i recently had an argument with my mum she asked me why i now refuse to go to mcdonalds and kfc i live in the uk and im not sure if they have the same cruel way of killing as they do in other countrys but i wont eat it anymore i wont eat ANY meat anymore in support of the animals but all she says is ‘people have been eating meat for years’ blah blah blah. everyone thinks i take this too far and they dont wanna listen to the truth its frustrating but some people just dont wanna know. I think theres an eliment of ignorance too. In respect to this article this is fantastic im not sure if the paper in question is popular but i hope it affects ringlings ‘so called’ buisness if only every paper in every town and city would do the same these animals need freeing once and for all well done new york times i salute you.

  • Diana Gredesky says:

    omg!!!!!! this is so cool finally is out there people need to see thing to belive them!!! thanks nyt!!!!!!

  • Patti Gray says:

    I just wanted to say that I always follow all of the anticircus postings and I strongly believe that circuses with animals must stop NOW! I regularly post these updates etc. on my facebook page and I just had a friend of 20 years mind you comment saying that I was “stupid” for being a member of PETA and thinking this way. I gave her argument after argument for why I don’t eat meat and why circuses should be banned and I was deleted…20 years poof! Honestly I don’t want “friends” like that and I pray thatone dayher mind will be opened to the TRUTH! Thank you for all that you do!

  • Abby says:

    After Ringling’s big win in the Rider case in DC I’m it feels like a victory to have the NY Times accept this ad. It will be interesting to see if it affects circus attendance and profits. I read in some of the coverage of the Rider lawsuit and loss that Ringling’s profits are massive. The only way that changes is if protests and ads like this one actually turn away large numbers of customers.

  • Brittany says:

    I checked into it and the Ringling Bros. circus is coming to my area this week. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to urge people going to the show not to support this kind of animal cruelty and mistreatment? Any LEGAL suggestions? It tears me up inside how successful this company is and how they can live with themselves knowing how they’ve made it so far. Not to mention how many people support them. I’m just looking for a simple gesture that won’t get me in any legal trouble but SOMETHING needs to be done! Thank you in advance Brittany

  • klarasun says:

    When I was a child I believed the st that circus is funny. I was fascinated by the elephants and asked myself how they learned their ‘enchanting’ tricks… but something was wrong watching them after the show in the shed did you watch them there? You really get disappointed when you expect them to look happy. You hear the chains because they move their feet while standing shaking their head or having it sadly down that’s no happy life and when you know that they normally communicate very low and have no possibility to get close enough together for it… Many read the Times and if it’s only the half that remembers the picture. That’s so brutal… unbelievable what some do for a living without reflecting about it.

  • Shari says:


  • Marissa says:

    Even if the animals werent abused circuses are still a horrible place for an animal to be with all the traveling and performing its not natural at all for an animal to be doing that and I wish all people would realize that.

  • ejh says:

    GREAT!! Maybe no march through the tunnel in NY this year? This is a great way to get to more New Yorkers many of whom will be very sensitive to this if they were not previously aware.

  • John Carmody says:

    I am over the moon to see this well done!

  • NT says:

    So proud of Peta!

  • Pauly says:

    I think this is above awesome. I side with Shari on this how can we get this ad to run in our local newspapers?

  • Lisa says:

    Someone have the link of the article?

  • TC says:

    Hi Shari You can get some help here httpwww.petapsa.comsponsorprint.asp Thanks for getting active!

  • Mara says:

    Let’s let the owners of this “circus”experience this that would be fair.

  • Shari says:

    I have the biggest smile on my face right now!! In your face Ringling Brothers PETA strikes back to save the elphants!!! Here is my question How can I put this “ad” or put a smaller scale version of this in my city paper. I would pay to have it put in!! Get back with me on this!!

  • Patty Bowers says:

    Circuses are horrifically brutal medieval barbaric and a sick form of “entertainment” for any society. If most people knew what went on behind the scenes they would never take or allow their families to go to a circus or any place where animals are caged enslaved and tortured until they perform stupid tricks for humans. These animals belong in the wild with their families and their own natural environments where they can roam and pursue the kinds of activities they were born to do naturally would. Education is the key pressuring the agencies to confiscate these tortured often ill animals and deliver them to a Sanctuary. Please educate everyone you come in contact with about the horrors of circuses. Thank you. Patty Bowers

  • GW says:

    Awesome! Wish one could run in every paper in every large city in America!

  • john says:

    Finally the truth The family that owns Ringling brothers has been allowed to get away with horrible things partly because their lobbyist this guy httpwww.consumerdeception.comindex.asp uses the media to spread his lies

  • MH says:

    I hate circuses. In general.

  • Carla says:

    I viewed the pictures attached and it made me sick to my stomach. These people are sick in the head. How can you do this to an innocent baby elephant? This should not be legal!!!!! I swear if this was close to where I live I would find a way to rescue these innocent elephants. I don’t care how much trouble I got into.

  • carla says:

    These B…..tards should be hung!!!