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A New Leaf for Marcia Brady?

Written by PETA | October 31, 2008
poptower / CC
Maureen McCormick

You probably remember Maureen McCormick as Marcia from The Brady Bunch—as in, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” These days, she’s enjoying a renewed sense of celebrity as a result of her appearances on popular reality TV programs, such as Celebrity Fit Club, Gone Country, and its sequel, Outsider’s Inn. She’s also just released an autobiography, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, and it’s already successful.

Maureen has long been known for her adorability—it’s true, she’s super cute!—but even after her (winning!) stint on Celebrity Fit Club, she’s still been looking to shed a few more pounds. So, being the helpful people we are, we’re sending her a copy of PETA’s “Vegetarian Starter Kit” and a word of advice—that one of the best, healthiest ways to lose weight is to go vegan!

As we wrote in our letter to Maureen, vegan diets are a great change from the heart-damaging cholesterol that is found in dead flesh. Cutting out dairy also means cutting out a lot of fat—dairy foods are, after all, about as high-fat as you can get.

You can check out our letter to Maureen here. We hope that Maureen can turn over a new dieting leaf, and maybe she’ll find her true voice—as a vegetarian!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • SASHA says:

    HOW NICE OF PETA TO DO THIS FOR HER! Keep us posted on how she does. I hope she goes VEGGIE! And lets PETA know about it! And then she could start speaking up for the animals! I wish her the best! GO VEGGIE MAUREEN!

  • Chris says:

    Chips and beer seems vegan to me. that’s pretty fattening You ever think that you lose weight because your body wasn’t designed for a vegetarian diet it seems to me that meat is a more efficiant form of food because you need less of it to get your calories for the day. eating to excess without exercise is why people are fat. find me a picture of a fat carnivore in the wild.

  • Kelly says:

    Uh veggie luvr most vegans are not fat. If you eat the right vegan foods you won’t be fat.Who doesn’t know that?!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Veggie luvr As the letter stated “Because vegetarian diets result in longterm weight loss it’s no surprise that studies show meateaters have three times the obesity rate of vegetarians and nine times the obesity rate of vegans. Of course it’s still possible to be an overweight or obese vegan just as it’s possible to be a thin meateater but adult vegans are on average 10 to 20 pounds lighter than adult meateaters.” So people that go veg have the odds on their side. By the way nuts and seeds are mainly protein and good fat with very little starch. If you eat whole grains you will get starch complex carbs but this promotes a very stable blood sugar.

  • Crystal says:

    Its true I went vegan and I am already starting to lose wieght how wonderful! I always knew Peta was a group of sweet hearts! XOOXOX’s Thanks for everything!

  • veggie luvr says:

    PETA please remember that veganism is not necessarily the way to getting thin there are fat vegans because the vegan diet is all starches. Just please keep that in mind. And happy Halloween I loved that cute little ‘Nugget’ Ecard.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    She still has that youthfullooking face. Maureen was definitely hot as Marcia Brady. Hope she gives veg a try.