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New Impotence Ad!

Written by PETA | January 30, 2008

This one’s a total winner, from the folks at PETA Asia Pacific, who want you to know that eating meat can lead to impotence. Check out the brand-new ad below, and click here to see it in context, doing its job in the men’s room of a Bangkok bar.


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  • mooka says:

    i agree with kenady and if i was a guy i would rather be a vegitarian than take a drug!!!

  • kenady says:

    humans ate meat. yea cave men ate meat but they also did lots of bad things but do we do thosetoday? no so there! no more excuses….GO VEGGIE!

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Ana Great post overall. One thing to comment on though I wouldn’t suggest supporting Friends of Animals. They are incredibly ineffective. They claim to be abolitionists but they walk in lockstep with HSUS with their dogmatic opposition to direct action. Maya Welfare reforms do not make lives better for the animals currently imprisoned to be slaughtered for food. It’s not like these corporations cut down the battery cages and immediately move the animals into the larger cage meaning the floor of large building upon agreeing to “cagefree” reforms. The change begins if it even begins at all with future animals used for food usually years later. Do not be deceived welfare reform does not do anything meaningful for the animals currently being slaughtered. These marginal changes only come in the future. Meanwhile we as abolitionist animal rights advocates reject such reformist strategies as a waste of time. As more and more people become vegetarian and subsequently vegan the animal exploitation industries will reform themselves to stay profitable. It is a zerosum game. All of the time and money spent on welfare reform is time and money that could have been spent promoting veganism. For it is veganism which strikes the roots and shifts the paradigm from animal use to animal rights. Veganism will help bring down this unjust system. You can argue that it is hopeless to advocate abolition because you think it will never be acheived. If we took your fatalistic view you would be right we would never achieve abolition. Our society teaches us that it is moral to use living sentient nonhumans as resources for food clothing experimentation entertainment and other things. Most do not question this point. We must continue to educate people that they do have a choice. They don’t have to support the use of animals as property. Considering the fact that we can be completely healthy on a 100 plantbased vegan diet and can choose this alternative killing an animal for food is completely unnecessary unjust and wrong. We can eat a wide variety of plantbased foods wear many different nonanimal fibers such as cotton conduct nonanimal product tests and medical experiments which are also more valid and reliable and support nonanimal forms of entertainment like circuses without nonhuman animals such Cirque du Soleil and view animals in their natural habitats instead of zoos. I think once people are confronted with the vegan message they may initially fight against it because it is in opposition to mainstream thinking. However if they critically analyze what we are saying I do not think they will reject it. I believe they will make changes in their life and eventually adopt our position. If we want to shift the paradigm from animal use to animal rights we must never give up or compromise. Above all this is an issue of justice and justice does not demand reform it demands abolition!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Ana! and Brandon! Brandon I did not intend to sound so hysterical in my comment sorry. It sounded disrespectful and I didn’t mean it that way. And Ana you’re right that the standards aren’t high enough right now but I think that can change. I think it’s fairly obvious we must agree to disagree on this but I promise I will think it over you two have made very provocative points!! Namaste my friends.

  • Ana says:

    Maya With all due respect none of these cows are going to be treated like a pet horse and in many circumstances it is not so good being a companion horse since many are sold for slaughter. In fact they will not be treated well at all. Try to examine the fact that this is a PR ploy and nothing more. So do you think that by the time 2012 comes around some changes will be implemented?? Not if it costs these monstrous companies any money. But what does this all serve? Not the animals who are to be slaughtered anyway. That is an animal welfare stand these incremental changes are only there to help those who want to continue eating animals it is not a means to encourage people to stop eating them. Read Gary Francione look at FARM Farm Animal Reform Movementabolitionist Friends of Animals and Vegan Outreach for example. Wasting time and money getting minimal changes is absurd. These animals are still going to receive a horrible violent death no matter their previous state. There is no space to give animals on these factory farms. They are drugged and abused in order to sell their flesh cheaply it is not about what is best for the animals. Again your negative tone to Brandon and in general about veganism is counterproductive and quite frankly disconcerting. The animals suffer not you so it is easy to dictate conditions for those that will be murdered. I do not agree with you at all. How to change minds…education and example. It will not happen as you take them to a store to purchase organic flesh. HSUS is a welfare group for you they condone this. The groups I named don’t so I support them. Peace to you and the animals who suffer as both factory farmed and organic flesh is consumed.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Brandon respectfully I think you conveniently changed the subject so you could win the argument. Can you please answer the question at hand? Assumption We all agree that cows should not suffer. You I and Ana are all people who do not eat cows. What are you Brandon proposing to do about the cows who are factory farmed torutred kept confined and abused right now? Are you saying that you can make everyone go vegetarian right now in the next 24 hours in the next 2 days in the next 2 years?? What are you going to do to help those suffering right now? Unless you plan to put a gun to the head of everyone who eats cattle then you’re allowing them to suffer. HOW are you going to make people go vegetarian? Your fancy words are not helping the many cows being eaten right now. If the cows went from living in toruturous conditions to living in conditions where they are treated as well as any beloved pet horse at least that buys us time to alleviate their suffering. By saying that I should not promote humane treatment you put yourself in charge. Now what’s your plan???

  • rojo says:

    ana i will stand by “ineffectual” by any standard in relation to rights but particularly if welfarists are to be put offside. You speak of fighting for the bulls freedom but freedom to do what exactly eat grass and die slowly. Not a huge difference either way besides speed of death. You’d rather see no bulls than exploited bulls what would they say about that? Would the slaves have elected to be freed if it ultimately meant starving? Think about it from a loafing around no work perspective as opposed to hard physical labour. I don’t see viewing animals as property having much influence. Freedom isn’t affecting the game hunters perception of their preylegal hunting that is. They don’t have legal ownership of say a deer prior to killing it. Deer are free irrespective of farmed animals being “owned”. With similar results. During the middle ages they burned witchesfairly loose defintion of witch and they’ve burn’t more than the odd heretic along the way I don’t think animals have been singled out to be abused. It’s quite amazing what people will believe with no basis in fact. The justice system was farcical if you survived you were a witch and subsequently killed and if you died you were innocent. But dead. There’s a win. Sure there are homeless people etc I guess it’s because no one thought of abolishing them? One would think antiwar protestors had a fairly good point. Not exactly welfarist ideology but it hasn’t stopped war. What abolitionists are up against is that there is no widespread feeling that animals are worthy of the same rights as humans. I can’t say welfare is universal either but an awful lot closer.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Great post Ana! When we speak of animal rights we speak of fundamental rights like the right to life and liberty. If we’re debating the details of animal exploitation i.e. which forms are more or less inhumane we are speaking on the exploiters’ terms. Due to their legal advantage of property rights laws animals are considered property by the legal system economic and political power and PR ability they will always win the welfare game. To shift the paradigm from animal use to animal rights we must be steadfast in our opposition to animal exploiation. This does not mean pushing “Certified Humane” flesh dairy or eggs it means advocating veganism choosing plant foods like grains nuts legumes fruits and vegetables. Finally we must remember eating animals and their secrections is not a “personal” choice. There is an “other” involved and that is the animal that suffers and is killed for these “products”. Your taste buds do not outweight their right to life and liberty. We all have the power to optout the first step on the path to liberation is veganism.

  • Ana says:

    Rojo The only thing that is certain is death. But again I will state that the abolitionists fghting against slavery didn’t care what their detractors said about their movement they simply continued forward and did not digress from their vision of freeing the slaves. Many said the same as you it will never happen but it did. The abolitionists broke federal laws but were steadfast in their convictions. As abolitionists Brandon and I do not prolong the other animals’ misery quite the contrary. By appeasing the masses with these “happy meals” there exists no incentives to change diets or attitudes. Supposedly the animals are “happy” so what’s the problem. Brandon and I explained it well we are not concerned with a few moments reprieve from ultimate slaughter we are opposed to their oppression and the injustices committed against them. The imprisonemnt of animals has gone on far too long. If you were a bull I think you would rather I fight for your freedom than that you have a grass meal before your very violent death. It is abolitionists that made changes for human society not those that capitulated to the demands of the oppressors. BTW 2012 is the supposed date for cratefree conditions for pigs. Who is prolonging what? Who is to say industries won’t change again. This a PR ploy from these animal abusingkilling enteprises. The HSUS and others of their ilk are sleeping with the enemy and everyone is giddy and smiling while animals continue to suffer and be subject to unspeakably violent deaths. The slaves were property and thus an investment in their businesses cotton tobacco rice. There were also blacks that had black slaves and there were whites that worked side by side with their slaves in the fields. There were also “owners” that taught them to read and write. In the North blacks were attending schools and there certainly were those that had attended colleges. These welfare laws for animals are both soft and very rarely enforced. If a judge sees fit he might fine someone a few dollars for having brutally slaughtered someones’ cat or dog. As long as animals are treated like property what chance have they in a society that brutalizes them and feels it is their right. Rights does not mean weak laws it means being givien the right to go on living without fear of being made into a coat or a meal. The welfarists have accomplished what??? There are still homeless cats and dogs slaughtered in kill shelters rodeos continue to terrorize and break the bones of calves horses bulls. During the Medieval Age 10661500 animals were put on trial. Absurd sure but just another way to abuse animals. They are property but they can still be put on trial and sentenced?? Yes it happened. Human stupidity and cruelty at best. By describing us as being “an ineffectual fringe group” you have already judged us by your standards not ours. I believe I am effective and many social movements were commenced by the very few who saw a different vision. Maya you have displayed a give up attitude and that does not benfit the animals one bit. Always remember it is the animals that are suffering and being killed. Your generalizations about people knowing PETA’s issues is your conjecture not a fact. Most people I have met don’t know. I have introduced others to veganism but with lots of encouragement. But I also am very tenacious and have great faith in what I do. Take a look at Vegan Outreach and read about their efforts and successes. Peace

  • Kurt K says:

    Well said Christopher well said!

  • Paul says:

    it’s about choosing to end suffering or cause suffering it’s about choosing compassion over killing. All of us in civilization can make that choice. You talk alot about choosing but what if a person choose to carry on meat? I suspect that you suggest a choice so long as the answer it was what one side of the argument considers right. This will never happen. It will never wash to suggest someone has a choice followed by a declaration tyhat one should stand for unity. I love animals and I care about their treatment but I am not a vegetarian. I do however care about the treatment of those animals I eat and ensure that I do not buy from a mistreater of animals so far as I know and can. But what PETA members seem to not understand is unfortunately you are up against those who ENJOY eating meat. To say that ‘it is not neccessary’ does not make it pointless. Years from now should humans be able to clone humans it may not be neccesary to have sex but people will. Because they like it. I mean you are not going to win a battle by declaring vegetarianism is healthier and better for the environment than eating meat which I do not subscribe to for one minute but that is a different arguement because you still have people who care little for health and smoke and become obese regardless and more for the things they like unfortunately in this world. Anyway I am pleased PETA exists though I think they’re advertising and hypocritical comments beggars belief on occasion and I would say keep up the good work in looking out for animal interests.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Christopher Cochran Hmmmm….let’s see. All we need to do is to stop breeding domestic animals care for the ones in existent and they will all die out eventually. The undomesticated versions wolves coyotes feral cats will continue to live their lives free of man’s influence. Nobody with any intelligence would advocate “emancipating” domestic animals and most would consider that to be abandonment.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I suppose it depends on where you draw the line. By some good well thought out arguments presented here humans are “smug” in deciding when a domesticated animal dies and we are asked to put ourselves in their place when we decide how to treat animals. Well lets pretend for a moment that nonhuman animals are sapient not sentient which they already are and that they are pondering their fate. I the cat wander this planet in hopes of few things. I like to eat I like to practice hunting so I can eat and I like to screw whenever I can. I unfortunately live in LA and the big tall biped has decided to put me in a wee cage and I am outside the vets office awaiting my fate. I have decided that since you will be taking away one of my few hobbies just go ahead and kill me. The symbiosis that domestic animals exist in can be tricky for you folks. Keep in mind if the domesticated are emancipated they will die eventually remember it’s a symbiosis of sorts. But you do love you some animals around so you are compelled to force your will upon them. In the animal world a eunuch is a waste of carbon unless it’s eaten by another animal. In the pet world it’s human entertainment. Don’t poke that elephant with a stick oh wait I have to take my dog to be mutilated I’m sure that is what the sapient dog would call it CGM canine genital mutilation! Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against cutting the balls off a dog against his will thereby denying said dog his right to make a puppy family that he can love forever. You know me I actually eat some animals so what’s a few dog balls. So like I said I guess it’s where you draw the line of control. Nonetheless the end result is the same. Domestic animals aren’t emancipated nor will they ever be. They have been bred so far away from the natural evolutionary processes they can not live as specieswithout human intervention. We completely control their lives in every way. When to eat poop screw god forbid and we also decide if they live or die euthanasia. I know many will say that this is a short term outlook and that this is a transition plan for “total animal liberation.” Short term transition plans tend to favor the pigs in the farmer’s house don’t they? Keep on truckin’

  • Michele says:

    For anyone on here who is thinking about going veg who is just not sure they can give up meat and who lives in an area of Canada where you can buy “President’s Choice” brand foods or for vegns who are just looking for something new you have GOT to try their newest Blue Menu Meatless “Chicken”. It’s something you cook like a chicken breast on the barbecue in the oven in a skillet or in the microwave though I think the first 2 options would give it the best taste and texture. I had one today with a mango curry sauce “Memories of Bengal” also by President’s Choice done in the oven. It was delicious! The only downside is that it has a relatively high amount of sodium but it is very low in fat and has plenty of iron and protein and all the B12 you need.

  • rojo says:

    Mike Q jeez you don’t read small articles! Didn’t get through it all so I’ll take your word for it. My take on soybeans is that meat eaters aren’t the reason for their production but that their value is higher because the byproducts can be sold at a higher price to animal producers than say energy producers. I know we are a long way from your posts original intention anti thousands of animals die every day regardless of whether it is for human use or not. No exploitation does not mean life happily ever after. Sorry. Ana and Brandon I accept your argument for not supporting “welfare”. Unfortunately abolition is not a certainty and the animals don’t deserve to suffer longer because it suits your cause that they do so in the interim. A long interim. In my view it would be best to work toward acheivable goals for the animals. In effect you are ostracising the support base you need to make any meaningful change to rights and relegating yourselves to being an ineffectual fringe group within a minority group. If you haven’t noticed petas “successes” are welfare related a foot in the door. Ingrid herself isn’t sure that factory farming will end let alone free range production. part of your arguments are that animals be granted rights but by and large they already do have rights. There are a numerous laws regarding cruelty to animals even in texas. httpwww.animallaw.infoarticlesqvustxcruelty.htm I wonder did such laws exist for the slaves during that period of history which are afforded to animals now. Would we feel any differently about slavery if they had?

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    And just to clarify I am a vegetarian who is very very active in speaking to friends family and coworkers about going vegetarian. Many of them join me in vegetarian meals. So I do engage in those activities you mentioned. However I don’t know that I can influence those outside of my closest circle.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Ana thank you for explaining that to me! Very interesting and good to be aware of it. I’m going to have to see real numbers to believe that people who eat humane raised wind up eating more meat. I’m not trying to be a jerk by saying that. I just mean let me see the numbers. Real numbers. It may be completely correct but who’s studying such things? From my understanding there is a concept in psychology where if YOU do ME a favor I will like you better because I will subconsciously think “I did Ana a favor I must really like her”. So if a meat eater does something that they beleive is kind for animals they will think “I must really care about animals” and they may then go vegetarian. The people who eat meat now they most likely know all of PETA’s issues and they still eat meat. What do you propose we do to change that if not what I proposed? I would like to know what the better plan is because as far as I know the current plan is not working too well. Merci.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Maya Well for starters I never say things like “I have no problem with people eating meat.” You may not change everyone’s lifestyle but that doesn’t mean you have to condone it. If you give people the impression that humane slaughter is possible they will claim to support that over changing their habits. If however you tell them that eating meat is unacceptably cruel no matter what compassionate people WILL change. When I realized what was happening I changed.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Rojo You’re distorting the abolitionist position. The animal rights philosophy is fundamentally opposed to the continued use of animals for our purposes for food clothing experimenation entertainment or any other purpose. As Tom Regan said “It is not the details of unjust exploitation that must be changed. It is the unjust exploitation itself that must be ended whether on the farm in the lab or among the wild for example.” see httpwww.cultureandanimals.organimalrights.htm Veganism must be the moral baseline of the movement. When I advocate veganism I give the person literature describing the why’s and how’s and let them work out how quickly they want to get there. They may take a while to get there but as long as they are still striving towards the goal of vegan living they are moving forward. What I never do is suggest they eat “cagefree” eggs or any other products of violence. To do this would be to endorse this unjust practice and would be a betrayal of the animals. The animals want freedom. They will be emancipated when humans make the choice to move away from this oppressive system of institutionalized exploitation. We all have the power to change let us never forget that.

  • rojo says:

    Hi all the problem isn’t that abolitionists want people to be just vegetarians but to become vegans. Cold turkey so to speak. Ana thats an interesting statistic about cratefree veal but what happened to the total amount of veal? Isn’t it better that it be cratefree until liberation?

  • Brandon Becker says:

    If we want people to go vegetarian and transition to veganism then let’s advocate it. Pushing “humane” flesh dairy and eggs inherent products of violence will only make people feel better about raising and killing animals for food while not at all shifting the paradigm from animal use to animal rights. In fact I would argue you further entrench the speciesist idea that animals are ours to use so long as you treat them “humanely” whatever that means!. I am an animal rightist I believe animals are not ours to use for any purpose. Our voices for radical change are countinually suppressed by animal welfarists like HSUS who push weak and reformist methods of “humane” use. If we want a world were all animals are free of human control and domination our advocacy must be consistent with that goal. Therefore rather than encouraging people to consume socalled “humane” flesh dairy and eggs we should advocate they optout of this injustice. As more and more people become vegetarian and subsequently vegan industry will reform itself to stay profitable. We do not need to become its spokespersons. Why do you think industry speaks the language of animal “welfare” and set up “humane” advisory boards? It is because they want to assure the consumer that it is OK to use animals for our purposes! To win justice for animals reject this welfarist thinking that continually denies nonhuman animals the basic rights to life and liberty to satisfy petty human pleasures. Let us stand firm and uncompromising in our defense of the oppressed.

  • Ana says:

    Hello Maya! Chattel means property just as humans continue to treat the other animals as property. If you read a lot of the socialabolitionist movements you will see that their sucesses stemmed from not softening their positions. By giving credence or supporting all of this “humane” flesh bunk we simply agree to eat meatanimals as long as their incarceration was “nice”. To be abolitionist is to mean that you view that killing animals for their flesh is inherently indefensible. I don’t care that chickens walked on grass for a few weeks their deaths are still violent and cruel. It is very smug of humans to think that it is their right to determine which creature lives and for how long. The other animals are abused mutilated and murdered because we can not be because it is right. Might does not equal right. Children are put into pornography because their parents can not because it is right read the stats on this it is horrible. I will never accept sleeping with the enemy corporate America in the meatdairy industry in order to assuage the consciences of those that want to feel better about biting into lambs piglets and chicks. Yes we eat baby animals. Abolitionists did not want less beatings for slaves or children or women they wanted the oppression to end. Less hours for child laborers…uh no! NO CHILD LABOR! Educate and you can change minds. There are many vegans whose lifestyles in their past included even killing animals and they have changed. More people eat animals when it is certified as “humane” not less. Veganism is the answer not bigger cages or walks in the grass. Also please don’t romanticize the noble savage it is an exaggeration by not very good historians. I am quite sure you would agree that a woman wants her partner to STOP the abuse completely and permanently not occasionally and maybe less punches to sweeten the pot. Again put yoursef in the place of a piglet chick calf goat sheep and ask yourself whether you want someone to fight for your life or for a little bit of grass before you are violently slaughtered. The trip to the slaughterhouse isn’t pretty either. I would rather an abolitionist fight for my freedom and not for some grass and a gruesome violent death. Peace!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Ana Okay you’ve got me what’s chattel? I apologize I should probably know. I’m also lacking in history but if there’s a quick way to getting everyone to go vegan or vegetarian maybe we should start now. Somehow I can’t picture you throwing bricks through windows. So I’d like to know what the plan should be if not my plan. Peace and lots of respect for your cool knowledge of women’s and civil rights history!! I love reading your comments!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Antigone hi again. Okay let’s do it your way. You think people should NOT be eased into going vegetarian. I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear how YOU plan to make everyone vegetarian. Can’t wait to hear your suggestion Antigone because right now there are ahem just a few people left on Earth who still eat meat. Let’s hear it.

  • Ana says:

    Brandon Becker I agree with every word in your posts. Please keep coming back. The animals need people like you and I to continue with the abolition of their oppression. Maya I cannot agree with your stance about vegetarianism or “humanely” raised meat. All nonsense that term. If people couldn’t change you and I would still be chattel. A MP once stated in the late 19th century while debating in parliament that women don’t even have souls he thought the idea was preposterous. I am an abolitionist. I think you and I think diffently when it comes to fighting for the end of the animals’ oppression. People feel great comfort in their “happy meals” and are even less prone to change to vegetarianism. The sales of cratefree veal went up in Europe not down. Research this and find out. Peace!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mabel said “For everyone I know who has gone vegetarian I know at least one person who has stopped being vegetarian!” How many vegetarians have you actually known?

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