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National Pigeon Day: It’s for the Birds

Written by PETA | June 12, 2009
jrcompton / CC

In cities all over the world, humans share sidewalks, windowsills, awnings, and patches of grass with pigeons. And while some people, businesses, and government officials aren’t always nice to these amiable urbanites, pigeons have many defenders.

The New York Bird Club and pigeon fans are gearing up for the National Pigeon Day celebration on Saturday, June 13—and they want New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. to make an official proclamation.

A few quick facts: Pigeons are courageous and intelligent birds who mate for life, and both parents tend to their young. They are hardy birds—adept at dodging pedestrians, taxis, and the occasional hawk. No wonder so many humans are content to sit back and watch them during their lunch hours.

Please ask Mayor Bloomberg to officially declare this upcoming June 13 “National Pigeon Day.” And if you’ll be celebrating at Pilgrim Hill in NYC’s Central Park,look for me. I’ll be wearing my Pige Patrol T-shirt.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • gee says:

    im glad something is being done about these beautiful birds im glad that im also not the only one opsessed with them..and yeah im glad the day has came that even pigeons who have been with us thry centuries get their day

  • irena says:

    I love all animals and pigeons .

  • Sophiya says:

    Yay! Pigeons are my favourite animals! I love them so much and think they are adorable. I spend a lot of money every week to buy pigeon food and I feed about 16 wood pigeons P I hate that they have such a bad reputation like people thinking they are dirty and calling them flying rats. I will definitely be celebrating this holiday D x

  • roxanne says:

    NYC has announced that 2000 Canada Geese will be exterminated while they are in their molting season and unable to fly. They will be killed by gassing and the killing will begin immediately. Please contact Mayor Bloomberg and ask him to stop the killing and save the geese. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall New York NY 10007 Phone 311 or 212New York outside NYC Email… Tuesday 61609 from 1200 pm 200 pm join compassionate New Yorkers as we protest the killing of Canada Geese at NYC’s airports by the Port Authority. Protest will be held at Port Authority Headquarters at 225 Park Ave South close to Union Square.

  • roxanen says:

    Pigeons are cool

  • Alicia says:

    I race pigeons and truly love them I wish others could see them the way I do.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Pigeons are peaceful smart and I’ve seen many homeless people who are comforted by them. Humans who abuse harmless pigeons are moral morons.

  • Canaduck says:

    This is so cool! I love pigeons!