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Michael Vick Wants a Dog? No. Just … No.

Written by PETA | July 19, 2012

If he had any shame or decency, federally convicted dog murderer Michael Vick wouldn’t dream of suggesting that it is somehow “unfair” (his word) to suggest that he shouldn’t have another dog. But now he’s out in TV Land promoting a book and expressing his desire to give his son a dog. Perhaps he’d have a hard time explaining to his son what Daddy did with the last “pet” dogs who lived in the house: Vick threw them into the fighting pit and laughed his head off while they were torn apart. 

A suspected victim of dogfighting whom PETA staffers were able to rescue with the help of local law enforcement officials.

Since PETA was instrumental in efforts to make sure that Vick’s crimes were taken seriously, people naturally want to know our opinion of Vick’s hopes of getting his hands on another dog. As PETA’s president, Ingrid E. Newkirk, who met privately with Vick when he attended our animal empathy course following his 2007 arrest, expressed it:

PETA knows from firsthand experience that Michael Vick is a selfish man and a proven liar, probably a psychopath, who, if he had one grain of remorse, would never go near another dog as long as he lives. All things considered, it is a very small price to pay, especially compared to the suffering endured by the dogs who were abused and killed at the Bad Newz Kennels.

Michael Vick lied to my face about how he loved his pet dogs and didn’t see them as the same as the dogs he forced to fight to the death. That was before it was revealed that he threw those dogs into the pit—and laughed while they were torn apart.

Just as convicted pedophiles aren’t allowed free access to children, anyone who is responsible for hanging, electrocuting, and shooting dogs and who caused them to suffer in other unimaginable ways should never again be allowed to be within 50 feet of a dog.

Vick needs to teach his children that actions have consequences, that people who can’t be trusted with animals shouldn’t have any, and that it’s important to take responsibility for our choices and to make better choices going forward—like not getting another dog. First, he’d have to learn those lessons himself.

What You Can Do

PETA continues to make strides against the hideous cruelty of animal fighting. Learn more about dogfighting and how you can help stop this merciless blood sport.


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  • DixieMarie says:

    this is horrible!! if it was me i’d tie him up with a logging chain and not feed him for a month and see how he likes it! i only use logging chain for my work horses.

  • Wait What says:

    How dare he be given a second chance, he should be put to death for what he is trying to do because he is obviously going to throw little spot in the ring once he comes of age. You people are pathetic.

  • Angry one says:

    It is DISGUSTING how America has Forgotten the Horriffic Crimes this demon seed has gotten by with. He has Us Taxpayers pay for his bankrupcy, while he enjoys the newly found Millions in his bank account! O.j. Is rotting in jail and hopefully he will have some company soon. Please let’s find some Justice in this World.

  • brendur says:

    He regrets he got it ok for “ex-child molesters” to hang around his kids. Second chances? Not when you disrespect life

  • john says:

    he has changed. Its legal. He can do what he wants

  • M Coffin says:

    Michael Vick should have been euthanized! No questions about it!



  • pulikesihero says:


  • Irene Leggett says:

    This low-life piece of scum should never be allowed to own any living, breathing, feeling animal for as long as he lives. He has NOT shown any remorse or regret over his actions. His only regret is the fact that he got CAUGHT. How can he even contemplate having a dog knowing exactly how he treated his other dogs, how he made them fight and when they were no good, how he hanged them, how he electrocuted them, how he drowned them, how he even threw family pets to the fighting dogs watching them getting literally torn apart. How he sleeps soundly at night is beyond my comprehension, but perhaps he get his REAL just deserts one day, karma is going to get him sometime.

  • Tasha says:

    No way in HELL should he ever be allowed to have a dog. NOT EVER. Playing the my kid sympathy card is disgusting. Do they even live with him? I am sure he is a shining example to his children. He makes me sick.

  • erinrh says:

    Even though I believe In forgiveness, this case does not merit such….Vick is a disgusting, dispicable human being who lost the privlage of having the unconditional love and friendship of a companion animal when he committed some of the most horrible atrocities against animals that we have ever seen……he is a horrible human being who received wayyy too light of a sentence for his dispicable crimes….he is one person I can truly say I hate…..he just looks evil

  • Rob says:

    Deep breaths…. The fact is that his son won’t be given a dog to throw into some fighting pit. It will be offerred a home and probably a bunch of love from his son, and hopefully the love of the dog will pass on to Michael Vick. Wierder things have happened. Don’t blame his son and let the dog have a warm place to stay imo.

  • Jacquie Nielsen says:

    Michael Vick got off with a slap on the wrist. He should be required to give a HUGE percentage of his income to approved animal welfare organizations for the rest of his life. He should NEVER be permited to be in contact with ANY animal EVER.

  • LBoogie says:

    Michael Vick should have a dog! A rabid one with a taste for human flesh.

  • Marin says:

    This makes me so angry!! I can’t believe he’s even thinking about getting another dog, but what’s worse is even with all the public outrage over it he’ll probably end up with one. What if he teaches his childrent hat violence towards animals is OK? This just terrifies me.

  • Patricia Riggleman says:

    No way he should have a dog not now, not ever!!!! I would not even trust Vick with a stuff dog. God knows what he would do with that. He does not even have the right to breath!!!

  • Lisa Doyle says:

    No dog for Michael Vick. Not now, not ever. I wouldn’t entrust this nightmare of a man with a plant, much less a dog.

  • vickisasociopath says:

    Vick is a frightening, unprincipled, unstable man. Who cares about his football playing – this has nothing to do with football. It’s about living beings who are in danger when he is around.

  • Jake says:

    This man has shown not a shred of regret or horror or shame about what he did to dogs. It’s always been about him. There is NO WAY he should be allowed near animals ever again.

  • Allen L. says:

    WHAT??? Michael Vick IS AN IDIOT!!!! How could anyone let Michael Vick own ANY ANIMAL? PLEASE PEOPLE!!! WE have to make shure that Michael Vick NEVER OWNS a dog or an animal again!! Sorry to diapoint his son but come on People REALLY??? ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Michael Vicks New Clothing Line.

  • Donna Carney says:

    Michael Vick should show his son pictures of dogs that he ‘loved’ after they were forced to fight in an arena to their death.

  • cheryl says:

    no no no he had his chance and blew it

  • AngryGirl says:

    And another thing, if the dogs would have attacked him, would they have been given a second chance? Of course not. But this idiot can kill and torture these poor dogs and he gets a measly 2 year sentence and all is forgiven. Unbelievable.

  • AngryGirl says:

    It’s bad enough that this worthless scumbag is not still in prison, but now he has the nerve to say that he wants another dog? This moron should stay away from dogs and all animals for the rest of his scummy life. He should get his little brat a rock for a pet, and leave the dogs alone.

  • Alex says: