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Michael Vick in Disgrace

Written by PETA | April 26, 2007

Michael Vick.jpgLike most people, I love to watch the man play football, but if the allegations I heard today are true, I’m not sure I ever want to see Michael Vick suit up for a game again. According to news reports, local and state law enforcement discovered more than 60 pit bulls and other dogs on Vick’s property in Surry County Virginia yesterday, who showed signs of serious abuse that is consistent with having been used for fighting. Officials also evidently discovered dogfighting paraphernalia, including a “rape stand” on the premises. These are deadly serious allegations, and it’s immensely distressing to see such a high-profile athlete accused of this kind of cruelty. PETA is calling on the Atlanta Falcons to immediately suspend Vick pending the outcome of the investigation, and if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting, we’re asking that he be released from the team.” You can help out by clicking here to write to the Falcons about this issue, and for more information you can read our letter to Falcons Owner Arthur Blank.

The Atlanta Falcons should be kicking themselves right now that they traded away backup QB Matt Schaub this offseason, but even a year with Joey Harrington at the helm is better than having your team led by someone with a mark like this on their record.

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  • Teresa says:

    Michael Vick has 4 major endorsements that provide him with millions of additional dollars a year Nike CocaCola Kraft Rawlings If you want to hit him where it hurts make your opinion known to the CEO of each of these companies. There are probably others these were readily available.

  • John D. says:

    How fucking stupid is Michael Vick? Duh…. I had no idea! Yea right. And that scumbag Clinton Portis saying dogfighting was no big thing and that Vick didn’t do anything wrong. Well football players have never been known for their brains and Vick and Portis prove the point. Not only are they both complete morons if they think having dogs rip each other to shreds is fun they should be thrown in a pit with a few hungry pit bulls. Well see how fast and evasive they can be then.

  • Joe says:

    What did Vick do to help the animals found on his property?

  • Makin it rain says:

    Being that Michael Vick AKA Ron Mexico knowingly passed genital herpes onto a woman who will have to deal with the disease for the rest of her life it is not surprising that Vick would have the ability to justify having dogs fight to their death for his own sick entertainment. The evidence is mounting against him with neighbors local store owners claiming he was often in the area and anonymous NFL players stating that Vick is intimately involved with dog fighting operations. This is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg and more damaging information will be revealed in the coming months. Though he is only an Average NFL QB 75.7 career QB rating he is proving to be a much worse human being. It is a bit strange that his demonized younger brothers career was partially ruined for stomping on a players leg there were other incidents as well while Michael Vick is celebrated in undeserved Jordanian proportions while knowingly spreading herpes and murdering countless dogs.

  • Brian says:

    vick needs to go to prison and see first hand what a rape stand feels like. Burn in hell VICK for scarring the lives of animals the NFL and America!

  • Michele says:

    So Mr. Big using your logic a police officer should not be criticized for being a male stripper when off duty or a daycare provider should be allowed to get loaded after all the kiddies have gone home. The point is one’s behaviour outside of the workplace can certainly have an impact on one’s work life. Mike Vick is supposedly a “professional” in his field pardon the pun and could be a role model to many children and adults is that the kind of person that others should be looking up to? NOOOOOO!

  • Mr Big says:

    I don’t understand attacking a person’s job for transgressions in his personal life. Atlanta has a perfectly capable system designed to catch this stuff investigate it and prosecute it. It makes no sense to carry that prosecution over into his professional life. Moreover to do so before he is found guilty such as suspending him from his job opens the door to start punishing all kinds of people before we know if they actually did anything wrong.

  • Ali says:

    I am very disturbed that ANYONE would believe that any dog of any breed should be abused. I can’t believe that some of you can justify Vick’s actions simply because he plays pro ball. As the proud mom of two rescued pit bulls I am appalled by both the actions and lack of compassion that Michael Vick has shown since this discovery. Vick should be suspended and then sent to jail. I am so sick of people abusing this breed!! It’s because of him and those like him that sweet loving pits like mine don’t have a chance in hell of finding a good home. Every animal deserves respect. Fighting dogs must make Michael Vick feel like a real man. Maybe Vick should spend some time in “the pit”!!

  • memories says:

    Vick should be jailed now not later!!!!! He is a true low life!!!!!! Don’t let him get by with this!!!! His family is just a front he knows whats going on See Sports Illustrated

  • W.TURNER says:

    first of all for all you hater’smichael may own the property but he can’t watch his cousin every movethe man has a life as well.and yes i agree with himfamily will bring you down.and no he should’nt be prosecuted to the fullest extentwhy should he be held accountable for someone else action.oh yeah! for the one who called him a looserdon’t hatejust because you don’t have game.all of you who think so badly of vickwhat’s in your closet huh?yeah think about the little things you done and still doing them.HELLO.and no the president don’t have a sonhe got 2 100 proof daughtersvick baby just keep your head up and continue to help your team mates go to the super bowl.bobby petrino is the one who will make you guys go all the way.much love07.ATLFALCONS ALWAYS.

  • Marcus says:

    Michael Vick should be banned for being such a crappy QB!!

  • Michele says:

    “Mike Tyson” are you for real? THIS particular blog is about the issue of a very cruel man who is encouraging a very cruel practice. If you actually took the time to look into what PETA is all about you would know that PETA IS fighting to have leather balls eliminated from professional sports. Too bad it is unlikely that no one will ever skin you alive so that you would know how the animals feel that end up being used for footballs shoes and other accessories. So Mike Tyson by the way if that really is your legal name I would change it if I were you he is not exactly a nice person to be compared to unless you are also a vicious wife beater I guess it’s okay to torture animals as long as they were well cared for before the fighting started??????? WTF???

  • Mike Tyson says:

    Peta is a joke. It’s called a “breeding stand” you idiots. Don’t hear you complaining about the pig skin that’s used to produce the balls used in sports. Or the leather. I also hear that the dogs are all well cared for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy says:

    I could care less about what color Michael Vick is. I could care less if he was a martian. We are talking about disgusting and cruel behavior from someone who has allot of kids looking to him! As an NFL Fan an Animal Lover and one who loves puppies kitties dogs and cats I am personally disgusted that the Atlanta Falcons Organization would continue to employ a person who is or has been involved in Dog Fighting and Animal Cruelty! I am repulsed and sickened to my stomach that they would continue to employ Michael Vick a person who has been caught with dog fighting tools and starving animals on HIS property. The “I didn’t know ” excuse is not sufficient at this point! The ATLANTA FALCONS organization are just as guilty as he is for allowing this type of repulsive behavior to continue within their organization! Animal lovers across the country are sick to their stomachs and we fully expect the Atlanta Falcons organization to take action immediately regarding Mr. Vick! Dog fighting is absolutely cruel and inhumane. It kills and maims innocent dogs some who are not even a year old! for life and has no place in a humane and civilized society! Pitbulls were originally bred for affection not fighting! I am urging the Atlanta Falcons Organization to please reconsider their ongoing relationship and any future employment with the Animal killing coward Michael Vick!

  • Jack says:

    Um yeah BROWN UMFG that’s a very wellreasoned argument you’ve got there. P.S. The president doesn’t have a son. P.P.S. The Caps Lock key is the one on the left side of most keyboards. You can use it to turn off capital letters so it doesn’t look like you’re shouting when you leave comments.

  • BROWM UMFG says:


  • Jame says:

    Jeez seems like I’m the only one seeing the irony in the situation considering that PETA has said that pit bulls should be euthanized since they’re violent by nature and cause a threat to all those around them. Now you’re trying to protect them. Have fun with that. And I’m glad that PETA gives venues “report cards” but what the hell does that mean? I said that the NFL probably doesn’t care that PETA is upset about Vick having dog and cock fights on his property. They care that he blatantly broke the law but I’m sure they’re not going to lose sleep about the thought that less vegetarians and vegans are going to go to games or follow their teams because you don’t bring them money. And I’m confident in everything that I’ve written considering I live in Norfolk just a couple of blocks away from the PETA house in Ghent and just a few minutes from their building and my roommate volunteers for PETA and agrees with me. So have fun with your little protests to save the lives of pit bulls the shittiest breed of dog on the planet. Oh and also since I’m not a complete dumbass that helps. I am an ignorant pig though I guess that means that I can look forward to some kind of support from PETA in the future.

  • concern mother says:

    Mr. Vick get your stuff together. You have young males that look up to you and want to be like you. Please start showing them that you are the type of guy they can be proud to say I want to be like VICK!

  • Danielle says:

    A class in caring for animals….? This is not a simple neglect or ignorance case. I think a ‘Caring For Your Puppy’ class would be a lost cause. And how exactly does someone NOT notice 60+ pit bulls when they come to visit? Please….

  • Michele says:

    Right on Phyllis that is an excellent idea for the team name!

  • Phyllis says:

    Don’t forget that Vick’s teammate Jonathan Babineaux was arrested for killing his girlfriend’s pit bull in February. The year and a half old dog died of blunt force trauma to his head. They really should change the name of the team from The Falcons to The Felons.

  • sunshine says:

    well if he had that many dogs and they were neglected and used for fighting he should be punished just as everyone else is and JAME fuck off you ignorant pig!!

  • nico says:

    don’t be stupid regardless if Vic owns the property or not PEOPLE KNOW WHAT GOES ON ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY FOLKS!!!!! he had to have visited at some point and knew what was going on!!! he’s just so rich he plain didn’t care about innocent animals being abused!!!! and there is no excuse for that at all!!!!! and stop downing PETA you fools if it were not for them all animals would be in big trouble as far as your ignorent comment GO BACK TO FUR PROTESTS obviousely you don’t know what all PETA does and they do a lot fool!!!!

  • J.Norman says:

    Dogs are not for cruelty. they are here for our companionship and love. If you can’t see or understand that maybe you have a problem. The situation on Vick’s property was funded by thousands and thousands of dollars. What is your IQ that you have to be drawn a picture?? Or do you just enjoy cruelty?

  • Michele says:

    Jame PETA and other activists DO care about the animals that were tortured to provide the leather shoes and balls that are used in the NFL and other sports that is just one campaign of theirs. And they do a survey every year of sports venues to give a “report card” on which ones have the healthiest vegetarianvegan options. And just because it “only” involved 60 animals does not make the situation less important for animal rights activists. PETA stands up for animals whether it is for 1 or 1 million that are being harmed. PETA is not going after Mike Vick because of the fact that he is a football player. They are going after him because he is someone who condoned serious animal abuse. Of COURSE he knew what was going on at that property. His explanation that he does not live there is LAME!

  • Kathy Garrey says:

    People don’t honestly believe that Mr. Michael “tough guy” Vick was ignorant as to what was going on at his property? Come on now don’t insult intelligence here. He’s a looser and should be jailed. And when he gets out of jail he should be forced to work at a shelter that rehabs disgarded and confiscated fighting dogs.

  • billymartinsrevenge says:

    I agree that animal abuse and dogfighting are utterly reprehensible and those who engage in it should be prosecuted. But at this point we can’t really say that Michael Vick is responsible for what took place on a property that was inhabited by his cousin and not by him. If he’s in any way responsible then he should be held accountable but at the moment there’s no evidence that he had anything to do with the crimes that allegedly took place on his property. Reserve your judgment PETA.

  • Joe says:

    Hell yeah Go Ron Mexico!!!

  • brian says:

    Mike has many rentals. He doesnt know whats happening at all of them they are mannaged by his financial adviser. he’s just trying to find a place for all his money. Remember if he DID know you couldnt prove it!!! Let it go.

  • Joan says:

    I laso suggest sending a letter to the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell. The address is National Football League 280 Park Ave New York NY 10017 2124502000phne My letter is in the mail today!

  • Alan says:

    I saw an article in the paper where the next door neighbor said she saw Vick on the property walking dogs. No way he knew nothing about this. If the Falcons do nothing the NFL will. Pacman Jones got a year suspension and this is lots worse. My guess is that Vick is done in pro football. No one with any sense would want him on the team.

  • Danny says:

    Does it matter who lives there ? Animal Abuse is animal abuse! PERIOD ! I have a rental property that my nephew rents from me trust me I know all that goes on at that property. Are you seriously thinking he had no idea 70 some dogs were on his property ??? OPEN your eyes people !

  • Lisa says:

    He had to know what was going on. If I visited my cousin two to three times a year and saw 60 Pit Bulls on the property and different dog fighting paraphernalia I do believe that would know what was going on….or are you saying that he is just that clueless???? There is NO reason to have 60 Pit Bulls unless you are a rescue or breeder…and even that is a bit much for either. I haven’t even mentioned the condition of the dogs…..or was he not wearing glasses those times and could tell that they didn’t look the way they should? I hope charges are brought against all and would love to see the property seized…..maybe even selldonate it to a true Pit Bull rescue.

  • Lauren says:

    Michael Vick has always been my favorite NFL player since he was drafted from Va Tech where I also followed his career. I stood behind him fervently when the ‘water bottle incident’ happened. I was immediately inclined not to blame Vick for this since his relative lives at the house. My nonvegetarian and even biggerfootballfanthanmyself father put it like this to me ‘You don’t own a house in your hometown where 80 dogs are being used for dogfighting and not know about it.’ So there are so wise words from Dad for all of you.

  • Lynne Sciole says:

    Who wrote the initial “Michael Vick Disgrace”? Perhaps reporting the facts would be fair…and just. Michael Vick should not be suspended. If he did have anything to do with dog fighting or the horrible treatment of these poor animals THEN he should be dismissed from the team. Until then be patient and don’t condemn because it only makes anything you write or post as anything but credible. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?


    I am a former Humane Officer. It is widely known that fighting dogs and the related equipment are contained in remote areas. The organizers and their dogs are never found to reside at the same place! And in these kinds of cases relatives habitually cover for other relatives. Then the routine is for all involved to play ignorant to the others’ involvement. There is NO doubt in my mind that Michael Vick was fully aware of what was contained in his home. And dog fighting participants are very clever in holding the dogs on or around properties where they are not daily residents. The injured malnourished dogs used for fighting are commonly held in vacant buildings vacant properties relative’s houses rural properties rental properties etc. Michael Vick’s property was found to have over 60 dogs including kennels and the crude equipment used in organized dog fighting and breeding. This was clearly a site involved in organized dogfighting! I find Michael Vick’s involvement to be abhorrent and he should be at the very least suspended. And the organization should make a public statement. After all they also employ Jonathon Babineaux who was charged with killing a 1 12 year old dog. So what exactly is the Atlanta Falcons organization willing to allow and at what moral cost? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Sarah says:

    Yeah…someone who owns that kind of property has no clue what is going on…come on get real. Its not like its a cheap rental property it is an expensive house with a large amount of property…he knew what was going on and don’t excuse him just because hes a football player he should be held accountable for all of his actions.

  • Matthew says:

    This is ridiculous. Calling for a player to be suspendedkicked off the team for this? Way to take it to the extreme like you people always seem to do. God forbid you suggest something a bit more moderate such as a class on caring for animals or something of that nature. Please for the sake of myself and many others go back to your ‘protests’ of fur.

  • Quwen says:

    GUYS! Stop buzzing on Jack! He’s just copying what he saw on the news reports! Blame “Wavy TV 10” not Jack! Sheesh he doesn’t have time to research every little thing that he posts.

  • Jame says:

    PFFFFFFFFFFFFT this is hilarious. PETA upset at a football player. Like the NFL gives a shit what anybody from PETA thinks I’m pretty sure that 95 of you aren’t in their target demographic of beer swilling meat eaters. But whatever get pissed at the NFL for allowing Mike Vick to play don’t worry about the leather balls that they use or the leather on every player’s shoes that they only use for one game 16 games in a year 34 more with playoffs or the hot dogs burgers and brats that they sell at the games. Games that have upwards of 30000 people attending each Sunday for 5 months. Yeah get pissed off that one QB had 60 malnourished PIT BULLS on his property. It’s a shame that those dogs didn’t kill each other between meals.

  • VegRealtor says:

    Regardless of who occupies the property the owner is ultimately responsible for what happens on his property. This is disgusting and horrifying and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Natalie Andreine says:

    Oh come on. Open up your eyes everyone. You mean to tell me that Vick never visited the property??? Even if the dogs were his cousin’s Vick is not blind.

  • Concerned Dog Owner says:

    Nice idea with the letter to the Falcon’s ownership but there is little Arthur Blank can do about suspending Vick long term. A letter should be directed to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He is the man who has the power to dump Vick from the league. This case is absolutely disgusting. Even if his role is determined to be limited ANY involvement in such severe animal cruelty cannot go unpunished.

  • Tamy says:

    I am tired of people making excuses for Mike and making it look like he is always set uprace card anyone? People make mistakes but this is is like the 3rd time this week he has been in the news.How long does it take to build a collection of 70 dogs plus all the runskennelsconcrete padsetc.I can’t wait for football seasonwhen the birds drop enough gameswe can try another QB…..Go DJ Shockley!!!

  • Jerry says:

    Follow the moneywho paid for the facilities at the location? lots of cages in the pictures. Who paid for the dogs? It is time to find out the truth on Mike Vick. It has been covered up so far and backed by Art Blank Falcons owner.

  • Tonyc says:

    well he doesnt even live there his nephew does. But make sure you leave that part out

  • Caroline says:

    People who attempt making money through primtive sports as pitbull fighting cock fighting bull fighting seriously need to know there is nothing manly about it. Its high time the law officials open their eyes ban these cruel games forever and put these jerks behind bars. Caroline

  • FalconFan says:

    You failed to mention that while Vick does indeed own the property where the dogs were found his cousin lives there and the police have stated that Vick is rarely there. Suspend a guy and kick him down because he tried to help out a foolish family member…yep good idea.

  • Ryan says:

    It’s used to hold the females in place while the male dogs impregnate them. Basically used for forceimpregnating animals take note dairy consumers…

  • schiff says:

    what the heck is this ‘rape stand’ ?