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Michael Jackson Made Out of Butter

Written by PETA | July 9, 2009 / CC
Michael Jackson

While people around the globe are trying to find appropriate ways to honor the late “King of Pop,” the state of Iowa has come up with one of the lamest ways we’ve seen so far.

Believe it or not, the organizers of this year’s Iowa State Fair are considering erecting a statue of M.J. made out of butter. While we can definitely appreciate the creativity of their suggestion, we think that they are going about it all wrong. Michael devoted much of his life and fortune to children’s health charities, and the notion of promoting artery-clogging butter to young passersby is quite the opposite of “healing the world”—and enough to make Mike roll over in his golden casket.

We do respect Iowans’ right to honor the late icon, so we’ve come up with a solution—one that’s good for children, cows, and Michael’s legacy. We’re suggesting that the fair make the statue out of Earth Balance, a dairy-free natural “buttery” spread, instead. By keeping their tribute to Mr. Jackson dairy-free, they’d be honoring his memory in a (cholesterol-free) way that’s fit for a king.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Melodie says:

    Just announced they got so many complaints not for using butter but for his questionable past history that they are doing the moon landing this year instead of michael jackson moonwalking. not really a win i guess

  • Home grown Iowan says:

    The Iowa State fair has a very long tradition of making sculptures out of butter. Last year was Shawn Johnson and the year before was Harry Potter. This isn’t just some ‘Hey Jackson’s dead! Since we’re from Iowa lets make him out of cholesterolclogging butter!’ It’s a long standing tradition. You wouldn’t believe how many people stand in line to see the famous “butter cow” every year. The Iowa state fair is the country’s second largest state fair.

  • Abigail Peck says:

    They should have built it out of recycled tins You get more colour and its good for the enviroment. D

  • yahel guzman says:


  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Build a statue out of metal thats a replica of the one in the promo video for his canceled This is It tour put it in Gary Indiana and let it be the end of all this madness. If it worked for Freddie Mercury it will work for Michael Jackson.

  • Abby says:

    The Iowa state fair has a long tradition of doing sculptures of famous people in butter. I have no idea why but it’s not something they made up just now for Jackson. For example during the Olympics last year they showed a butter sculpture of Iowa native Shawn Johnson the gymnast. It’s a bizarre medium and an icky thing to scuplt but they aren’t using butter because they think it’s related to Michael Jackson in some way.

  • Joe says:

    You can vote this down at their website Voting ends at 3 p.m. on July 16.

  • Becky C says:

    Sounds like a good alrenative to me. A statue made of butter probably sends the wrong message for MJ.

  • lynda downie says:

    Why butter Iowa! If you want to honor MJ Iowa style why not someting with your state flower the wild roseor some other symbol that doesn’t involve the exploitation of cows?