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Michael Jackson Is ‘Bad’ With Animals

Written by PETA | March 26, 2009


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Michael Jackson

Update: Michael Jackson has announced that he will not be using any live animals in his concert series at London’s O2 arena. Click here for more info.

The King of Pop has a sordid past when it comes to the way he treats animals, but we were still shocked by Michael Jackson’s reported plans to ride an African elephant and use other exotic animals during his upcoming 30-day stint at The O2 arena in London.

PETA Europe wrote a letter to The O2 to let officials there know about Michael’s sketchy track record of animal neglect. The letter included some basic information about how exotic animals actually don’t want to perform stupid tricks on a stage surrounded by screaming people, bright lights, and stage explosions.

So come on, Michael, pull a “Britney” and leave exotic animals out of your performances.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Coray says:

    Michael Jackson wouldn’t have harmed an animal in his life he would cut his children before he did that!!! PETA I look up to you you should be ashamed of claiming that this great man would abuse any animal! Listen and watch Earth Song!!!

  • Emily says:

    Michael loved animals and would never harm one. All he wanted to do was make the world a better place. Before you go accusing him i suggest PETA takes a look at his video to Earth Song.You should be ashamed of yourselves. Rest in Peace Michael 3

  • Shauna says:

    I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was a teenager. I still am. But this upsets me greatly. I hope we can all write and try to send the message that this is not ok. If it is even true that is. For those of you that are blasting MJ please don’t. It does nothing to help the situation. The man obviously needs to be taught andor enlightened that this is incredibly wrong …if the rumor is true in any way. I do not believe MJ has a “track record” of abandoningabusing animals. There have been “mistakes” yes but we all make them …and eventually learn from them. It saddens me that Peta would stoop that low you guys are better than that. Take care everyone.

  • Dolly Austin says:

    57 and have never been to a circus and don’t feel like I missed anything as a child or an adult..but it is a known fact that they do not treat their animals well..seems from what I have heard and seen on tv the circus has plenty of acts to offer without animals..think that should be banned altogether!!

  • Coral says:

    Wake up Michael. You are not the celebrity you think you are. You are busted ass’d broke have a reputation for being a foolish prat and have no concept of compassion. Get over yourself and perform as the “singer” you would have your fans believe and leave the circus acts to the professionals.

  • clio serra caracciolo says:

    he is still alive??? ok let’ hope in GOD’ help!!!!

  • Renee says:

    It is evident that Michael loves animals but he is as responsible with them as a little boy would be.

  • Komal says:

    hey micheal what is this u r doing? treating animals this way! what if sm1 uses u the way u are using these animals to promote some show. these animals also feel pain. have some mercy on them or god is watching dude he will never forgive u and u will have to pay for it.

  • Andre Correia says:

    If he goes ahead with that idea we should ask people going to the gigs to whistle when the elephant comes on stage. He’ll hopefully get the message.

  • Beryl Jones says:

    I dont believe that animals should be used for public entertainment in any shape or form and Michael Jackson should really search his conscience on this issue. God help them if this elephant was to be spooked all hell would break loose and who would get it? yes..the elephant..

  • Shayne says:

    This man is so disgusting nothing surprises me.

  • maureen beach says:

    your far too talented to resort to this look at the words in some of your music

  • anne westerman says:

    micheal please dont do this

  • SF says:

    I don’t know wether to believe this or not. It doesn’t sound like him. I thought he was vegetarian. And I thought he loved animals. Anyway. He rules. I’m sure that if this is true he will make the right decision in the end.

  • rachbr says:

    ummmm…. think about it. don’t the people who lend out so called tamed but wild animals check records? and second of all why did someone say this was a good idea?

  • Christine says:

    Is there something we can do? Sign a petition or contact the O2 Arena?

  • Marco Stamazza says:

    My thoughts 1 Wild animals should not be used for entraitenment 2 Michael Jackson has serious mental problems and should see a team of psychoanalists daily 3Giorgio Piccinelli is abusing his dogs by forcing them to be vegetarian and should be tried for cruelty against animals in italian I would define him a “coglione”

  • giga says:

    i agree animals shouldn’t be used for this senseless show and attraction seeking audience. giorgio i’m also vegetarion for many yearsbut it never popped into my mind to feed my dogs and cats on a vegetarion diet.i don’t think it’s right to force a true carnivor like a dog or a cat to be vegetarian because its yr believe. to be honest i see that as a sort of abuse aswell feeding inappropriate nutrition. giga

  • Toni Hearn says:

    I don’t particularly like Michael Jackson and yes his track record with animals is shocking. How would Michael feel if the tables were turned I’m sure he wouldn’t like it at all. He should just disappear into the abyss and leave these beautiful animals alone.

  • Aurelys says:

    Estoy cansada de que se maltrate as a los animales! Deben de usarse ellos mismos hacerle lo mismo que le hacen a los animales a ver si es bueno! Ojal se mueran TODOS!!! Qu le hacen esos pobres animalitos para que abusen as de ellos? Los animales solo nos aman nos quieren nos protegen y cmo les pagamos? Maltratndolos matndolos y abusndolos

  • Felipe says:

    Michael Jackson can sing very well but has no right to mistreat animals. But no person is entitled to be abusing a defenseless. Michale please think about the future of children they want to see free animals in zoos not just locked up because the singers to make money with such use and abuse both to the point of hurt or even kill them. Sincerely Felipe Perez Colombia

  • V. Campbell says:

    Hi Michael I know you’ll remember me.Nova Scotia Canada….Real Estate.2003 Please do the show without the animals. Your better than that leave the animals in peace ok Michael. We all know you can pull off a good show as usual without any. Be a good sport for us all Michael. Look forward to seeing your show ! Take Care. Vin

  • christopher says:

    poor elephants

  • doru says:

    mike loves animals.PETA should search for information in other parts not in the british tabloids.shame on PETA.Is not the first time you acuse michael for nothing remeber NEVERLAND should be more careful.i am disipointed of you

  • Luli says:

    Esto es terrible!!!!!!!!!! Basta de usar a los animales!!! Basta de maltratarlossssssssssssss!!!! Por Favor!!!!

  • alina says:

    That isn’t fun !!!!Michael jackson is inocent!!!!!

  • MM says:

    It’s just a rumor that Michael Jackson is using exotic animals in his shows. He loves animals and would never do anyting to heart them. Dont believe everything you read.

  • Robert Vasquez says:

    Michael Jackson is a great human being and I pray that he reconsiders using any live animals as part of his entertaining concerts. Michael does not need to add animals to his showsMichaels’concerts are spectacularentertainingand the live music is extraordinary. Michael please have a heart. Jackson fan for life Robert Vasquez

  • susan tine says:

    I totally agree with one of the posted comments. Leave the animals alone to do their natural thing. Since they are animals they are not totally predictable and I can’t blame them when something goes wrong in a showcircus etc.

  • Sophie Craggs says:

    I agree in every way possible. I think that exotic animals shouldn’t be treated as pets and preforming animals! They are wild and living meant to be free. I think it is totally cruel to make animals preform for there is not ‘natural’ way to teach them these tricks. Force. purely force can teach them. So ask yourselves “Why? Why do we forceno hurt these animals when we love and pamper exotic pets?” It’s just wrong

  • Dee from DC says:

    Giorgio I commend you for being a vegetarian but when you say you don’t understand how people can use animals for food why not become a vegan? Anyways I love MJ til death do us part. But let’s all remember he’s insane and that he drove himself into bankruptcy by giving all his money to charity. He’s not a jerk just not all there.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Michael Jackson is a hedonistic sociopath who does not care about animal welfare issues. Conversely I do not think he would torture or kill animals for pleasure.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    If Michael Jackson is planning to perform in public again he must be in desperate need for money.

  • Joanna says:

    I think this would be the perfect setting for a huge mechanical stage elephant. Imagine the strange and dramatic explosions and antics the designers could program to make a wonderful and excieting stage performance. A live elephant shitting in fear on the stage seems like a waste of the poor creature’s sanity and the public’s attention. Leave the animals in Peace and go High Tech Michael. When he’s done with the elephant they can sell it to the Ringling Bros circus to replace their own live animals so those poor creatures can live in a sanctuary while the mechanical elephant travels to shows in a box.

  • Giorgio Picinelli says:

    I totally agree. I really really don’t understand how can some people can be entertained watching an elephant or a tiger doing a stupid me it is a complete non sense..I remember when I was a child my parents took me to the circus once..I cried all the time…where is the “educational” part? I’m a proud vegetarian with 3 beautiful VEGETARIAN dogs and I dfon’t really understand how can people consider animals like something you can eat wear or use for what they call entertainement. Thanks so much for your work and your effort. Giorgio from Miami