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Memorializing Cows Killed in Kansas Crash

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 30, 2012

Last month, a truck hauling more than 30 cows to a slaughterhouse crashed on a Kansas City highway, skidding down an embankment onto the street below. Some of the cows were killed in the accident, while other animals wandered away with broken limbs and other injuries before finally being caught and euthanized. To ensure that no one forgets the suffering that animals endure for meat, PETA has asked Kansas officials for permission to place a memorial marker near the crash site:

This sign would not only caution those responsible for transporting animals of the need to treat them as vulnerable passengers but also remind travelers that thousands of living, feeling beings have their throats cut and are hacked apart each day so that people can enjoy a fleeting taste of their flesh.

© Anonymous for Animal Rights, Israel

Of course, we can each memorialize the loss of these animals by choosing humane and life-affirming vegan foods, instead.

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  • maria ulian says:

    é por isso que o mundo no vai para frente,sempre tem um idiota que pensa igual esses carnivoros.

  • Christine says:

    Well said, Debby. Being a vegan rocks too!

  • Dawn Dawson says:

    Would be nice to have a standardized “Livestock” memorial and maybe it could be incorporated with “Adopt a Highway”. Perhaps local groups could support it to increase overall awareness. I live in the KC metro & a northern Missouri County driving both on the Kansas and Missouri side and these accidents happen more than they should, cattle, pigs etc. Very tragic, esp on the response side.

  • Kathleen Kennedy says:

    I feel that this accident was not as bad as having these poor cows actually get to the slaughter-house (I really HATE having to write that word!! – can’t believe they exist and are not being STOPPED) Anyway, my thought was that this accident probably saved these animals in a way…cuz at least it was completely by surprise. In a Slaughterhouse, they smell the blood and can feel the anguish and fear of the cows being killed before them (and this they are totally concious of)…whereas, this accident is an unexpected death. I think, this was better than what they where destined for…as awful as that was…Do they EVER win??? NO…no they don’t…And my heart breaks EVERYDAY for EVERY single ONE that feels pain because HUMANS see them as a commodity and not as a breathing, loving, being….

  • Tamra says:

    It is always a tragedy when animals suffer through the fear and pain of a travel accident..the sign is a great idea, to remind all who see it that their lives are equally valuable.

  • Debby says:

    Sonja, the animals that are killed for your food are generally speaking not old. They are sometimes sick (hamburger anyone?) and they are frequently injured and they are all young and they are all killed for the sake of your appetite. We use them, abuse them and then justify it by saying we ‘need them to survive’. In this day and age, we don’t ‘need’ them to survive but we ‘want’ to eat them. It is all about appetite and compassion or the lack thereof. I know where I fit on the pendulum of compassion (I’m a vegan). Where do you fit on that pendulum?

  • Lisa says:

    Humas do not need meat to survive if ou think that then all us vegetarians and vegans would be dead.

  • Clarissa says:

    RIP Angels you will be missed Deeply

  • Doc C says:

    Humans do not need meat to survive. Beans, whole grains, and other plants have all the proteins we need. I choose to eat meat at times, but I only buy meat from a company that is monitored and certified as providing humane treatment to their animals – both during their life and during the moments of their death. I looked into the company. For anyone else, “Free range” “enriched environment” “cage free” are a good place to start. Support the companies that are kind to food animals and more companies will join them. It’s economics.

  • Sonja says:

    I see your point but if these animals are not killed (they are not always killed just for the fun sometime its because they are very old nad unhealthy)then human race will not have meat to survive

  • Tammy says:

    R.I.P. – we will see you again some day. Tammy 🙂