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Matador Meets Karma: Graphic Goring Caught on Tape

Written by PETA | May 24, 2010

I would have liked to have titled this blog “Bull: 1, Matador: 0,” but unfortunately, in the world of bullfighting torturing, even when the bull wins, he loses. Even though he clearly won this “fight,” the bull in the below video was reportedly killed by other matadors after running a horn through one bullfighter’s throat.

Warning: Graphic video below.



You can see still photos on The Huffington Post.

The matador, Julio Aparicio, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but is expected to recover. Wish we could say the same for the bull.

Let this serve as a reminder: Never book a trip to Spain that includes tickets to a bullfight. Better yet, don’t book a trip to Spain at all until it abolishes this abomination (unless you plan to participate in an anti-bullfighting protest, of course).

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Gabe says:

    It’s not really a fight if one holds a sword it should be rename like bullcowaring.. Take on the bull without a sword and 10 clowns to help you. that sounds more like a fight.

  • Melodie says:

    Ummmmm I am shedding a tear………FOR THE BULL! BullSLAUGHTERINGfighting must STOP!

  • Kate says:

    I think the way in which bulls are treated in Spain is horrific and even if it is a tradition it is a stupid one. I hope that ‘Matador’ learned his lesson.

  • Belle says:

    Bullfighting is horribly disgusting. I usually avoid watching videos of people or animals getting killedinjured but in cases of ignorant cruel people being hurt… I must admit I kinda like to watch. It’s the irony the karma the person getting what they deserve…

  • diana says:

    as they say what goes around

  • sean says:

    we should avoid all countrys that legally torture animals and withdraw our economy if we all act 2gether we can make a difference no reason on this earth can excuse causing suffering cos if it was human there would be outrage animals suffer far worse than ppl. time 2 act!!

  • Gabriel says:

    Some of you are being terrible hypocrites! Of course bullfighting is cruel and wrong. Of course that man did a wrong thing. However for you to be happy about that man’s injury is cruel. Worse to get excited about WATCHING that man’s injury is exactly the same as the emotion felt by the fans watching the bullfight.

  • hannalize says:

    If only this was the outcome in every torturing. But every animal victory is a blessing.

  • Paola Lyon says:

    I totally agree with Maru’s comment. If we were to keep all our old traditions we’d still have slavery indentured servitude the rack and burning at the stake. Time to drop barbaric traditions if we want to be called “civilized”. I wish the outlawing of bullfighting had been a requirement for Spain’s entry into the EU. As for the matador he got what he deserved too bad it wasn’t worse.

  • Kim says:

    How do people think that its ok to sit watch such a BARBARIC act I for one think that the Bull Fighter got was coming to him. Kudos to the Bull!!Animal Cruelty NEEDS to STOP!!!!!How would you like it if you were constantly teased beaten this Needs to STOP!! if it takes my last dying breath I will make sure that ANIMAL CRUELTY STOPS!!

  • Julie van Niekerk says:

    Any nation that are cruel to animals due to tradition should have his mind read the little bit of mind that is still operating.

  • indycar01 says:

    if it wasnt for sports heroes like fernando alonso carmen jorda and other drivers from spain spain would be run by nazis there all SICK!.. thats why this contnues.

  • Domino says:

    This made my day I enjoyed that moment so much. I hate that the bull was killed the poor thing. I can’t believe how this ‘tradition’ is still going. I am from Mexico and we have it here too. I despise it. I wish all bullfighters got gored.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I heard on a quiz show on tv that Julius Caesar invented the bullfight during the Roman Empire days when Rome was above all else. I dont know how true this is but how did the bullfight get to be such a Spanish tradition if it was invented in Italy? Slavery was a tradition in the US for centuries and that was thankfully done away with so bullfighting could be done away with too.

  • Camila says:

    Good!!!!!! Its beautiful when animals reply back!!

  • shivani says:

    I feel so sorry for the poor bull….Y dont they end this stupid practice????? Do they have to harm the bull to prove they are superior???? huhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! so sick….I m very happy for the matador plight..wont feel sad even if he dies…

  • Marg Durrance says:

    Spain is a beautiful country I wouldn’t want to affect their economy by not travelling there because I do believe that a lot of the people are against this barbaric “sport” no more than I would want that to happen to Canada because of their seal hunt. Most Canadians are against that too. There has to be some other way.

  • Carla* says:

    Couldn’t agree more Rita!! If more would die maybe they matadors would think twice before going in the ring or enrolling in classes!! They actually have a school for this sht!! NO simpathy for these guys whatsoever!! The bull did what comes naturally and you and I would have done the same!! Just too bad the bull wasn’t equipped with swords and new how to use them then these so called matadors would probably be going into the ring with guns!! Foolish men!! Sorry Spain will NEVER visit you knowing what is going on!! Untill this blood shed stops… Goodbye!!

  • Rita Joannou says:

    I never holiday in Spain and i refuse to contribute towards spending money in any region of the world that has such cruel blood sports regardless of the amount of Spanish that are against it there are more that are for it! The more mindless Bull fighters that die the better.

  • Maru Vigo says:

    I have been fighting against bullfighting for more than 30 years and I can tell you that it is true that most Spaniards and Latin Americans are against it but when their politicians and the Catholic Church continue the promotion of this barbaric show under the label of “tradition” we must come up with other effective strategies like a tourism boycott. Most of the time the economic blow is what matters the most. Now regarding the assassin yes he is a human being but this human being chose to get into a bullring to intentionally participate in a massacre. He was more than willing to inflict agonizing pain to an animal who after hours of torture would die drowning in his own blood. Would you be sorry for the painful death of a rapist who brutally killed a child? These bastards need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

  • Lacey says:

    As long as Spain has bullfights I would never be able to bring myself to go thereespecially since the fights seem to be held largely for tourists. Dry up the tourist trade and the bullfights dry up right? For the same reason I can’t bring myself to visit Alaska knowing that they support aerial wolf hunting and the dreadful Iditarod yet another archaic and cruel tourist attraction. As for Canada isn’t PETA urging people to “explore elsewhere” because of the seal hunt? I think tourism boycotts can be extremely effective. Money talks.

  • Kathy says:

    It’s not the bull’s fault the poor bull shouldn’t have been put in this situation to begin with! It’s wrong and this animal cruelty needs to stop! What the hell is wrong with people? Just let animals be. I am glad the gentleman will be okay but for god’s sake enough with the bull fighting already! It’s wrong!

  • John says:

    this is a cruel tradition from a nation that has demonstrated greater cruelty to it’s own kind. Spain is responsible for the massacre of uncounted humans during their days of conquest in the Americas. So why are we surprised that they continue this barbarism today. Too bad the bull didn’t do worse…maybe a few more matador deaths will bring an end to this blood sport.

  • Carly says:

    Those of you who commented this man “deserved” it are being extremist. People should be educated not brutalized. We all love animals but outright hatred of other humans and devaluing of human life is not going to achieve any meeting of the minds.

  • Rachel A says:

    Tragedies will continue to occur if mindless violence is championed in this way… there’s only one way it will ever change. Stop the killing! That bull would never have harmed anyone had he not been slated for torture and death. Cattle are gentle creatures in most situations but anyone will lash out if they fear for their life.

  • maureen says:

    Well may I say it is about time a bull won a fight!! If it was the last decent thing this bull had done in it’s lifetime. I know this sounds a bit harshI cannot feel sorry for the matador they have been slaying bulls for centuries. Spain has never been a place I wanted to go just for it’s ritual abuse. They also drop goats out of a window before a bullfight.Need I say the goat has 4 broken legs.Even in Roman times animals were captured starved and put into the ring with people doomed to death and if the person killed the socalled BEAST he lived another day to fight another animal. Animal torture has been going on since the beginning of time and occasionally the BEAST wins. It is a truly sadistic person that gets any amount of joy going against nature. The animal does not want trouble and when put in a firing line well all it can do is strike backsadly the animal dies for defending itself.I would much prefer to see 2 conscience willing participants fight to the death than man on animal because only the man wins to fight another day. This bullfighter will never forget that this bull got the best of himand that’s no BULL but of course he will be glorified when he heals and comes out to play again.Sad but true.

  • lulu says:

    Does an injury like that smart if the injured is an idiot?

  • Cyndi Smith says:

    Good for the bull!!!!!!!!!!! Its a shame the bullfighter wasnt hurt worse!

  • Pam says:

    The bastard got what he deserved!

  • paul davenport says:

    There are cruel people in all countries fortunately their in the minority its a matter of what governing bodies in each country regard as exessive cruelty and some are more lax than others. Im vegan and hate cruelty and dont think this man got even nearly what he deserved.

  • Johanna says:

    whose to say it wont stop if we dont support the Spanish economy? I refuse to go to canada until they stop butchering seals japan until they stop slaughtering dolphins so I can easily add spain to my list.

  • Bunny says:

    its hardly a fight more like a one sided torture regime

  • Bren says:

    I think to word this in such a way dat says d matador deserves what he got is wrong. If I believe and choose to b vegetarian so dat I am not hurting any then how can I say. Matador going through this is “bull 1 matador 0” as u say u wished u could have titled this. I will never condone hurting an animal in any way but I will never even thjnk to say a human being hurt or dying d hand of an animal is deserving. It is not my place to pass judgement on anyone person or any one animal but to pray for them equally and hope for d day an animal i no tortured at d hands of a human being or dat a human us hurt by an animal because his need to defend himherself.

  • fathma shifa says:


  • Bex says:

    i grew up in Spain and would return in a heartbeat to live. not all Spanish people believe in this ‘tradition’ and critising the country as a whole is wrong.. do go to Spain an see the wonder they have to offer aside from this particular nasty ‘sport’ just dont go to a bullfight!! would you say dont go to america cos they have seaworld there..?

  • catherine says:

    I just cannot understand what people get out of this bull fighting thing its humans vs animals… and animals have limited understanding compared to humans… so why have a fight? does this bullfighters and their patrons rate themselves lower than animals?

  • Tommie says:

    He soooooo deserved that i can’t stand that crap

  • Patricia says:

    We are not primitive and brutal. I’m Spanish and I’m against bullfighting. The problem is that politicians don’t listen to what the rest of Spaniards say. We don’t want bullfighting anymore!!! I love animals I’m vegan I don’t buy products tested on animals… and I’m Spanish yeah believe it? What about seal slaughter in Canada?

  • Maude Duncan says:

    He doesn’t seem too badly hurt unfortunately

  • Aneliese says:

    I’m not a cruel person but I feel absolutely no pity for the human. Hopefully this will keep him from doing something this inhumane and stupid again.

  • Lucia says:

    Spain is more than this! Everyone who wanna come is welcome there is more things to do here beach sun mountains good food music beautiful cities museums and many different people. I’m against bullfighting and I’m spanish AND I enjoy many other things. I think everyone has something to be embarrassed in their own country but people knows that there are more things that are worth fighting. xx

  • Rebeca says:

    I think that we shouldent be glad that This matador is injured after all he Is a person but I also think that everyone Is responsable for their own acts and Decitions I guess this is a way for Nature to ‘teach’ them a lesson sadly People see bullfighting as a tradition Rather than torture and they will Allways blame the bull and even if The bull kills a matador he will allways Get the worst part

  • Gunilla Bjorkegren, Sverige says:

    Do I feel sorry for the matador? NO never in my whole life.

  • Lacey says:

    It appears Spain hasn’t reached modern times yet …how can they be so primitive and brutal?!?

  • Lori Vigil says:

    It looks like the bull got his revenge this time and im glad it did. But dam that looks painfull

  • Cash Brown says:

    Im sorry but he kinda deserved that. now the bull has to die. at least he got that “one last hurrah”

  • Anamari says:

    The bull was killed? I read he wasn’t and that he was gonna have to suffer the same torture again with another matador. But if he was killed…why?! Was it his fault? Why can’t they just get rid of this cruel tradition…

  • Jamie Bevia says:

    I am from Spain and MOST Spaniards DO NOT condone this sport including myself. Many tourists attend this because of tradition. Please don’t try to hurt the spanish economy because of something that will never stop no matter how much we protest it.

  • deniz says:

    He had it coming.